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results of survey of bell choir names

Dear Listers-

I posted a request for names for handbell choirs/groups recently, and
here are the results

Apparently there is a hunger for this info, because just as many or more
people asked to have the list sent to them as contributed info

I have divided the list into ACTUAL NAMES and "CREATIVE" SUGGESTIONS

Thanks for your contributions, and your humor

John Helgen



We call them the "Bell Tones"

Saw your post on the board. Here are the names of our bell choirs:
CAROL RINGERS (Grades 3-5)
UNITED BELLS (adult group)

Long before I arrived, the creative minds at work decided to play on the
French heritage inherent in the church's name (Bonhomme) and name the
bell choirs accordinly. Our two youth bell choirs and adult bell choir
are then named "Chansons", Les Cloches, and Bonhomme Belles.

For our children choir we have The Malletts. Our advanced bell choir was
called The Midnight Bells (this choir was made up of musicians who were
in the singing choir, we rehearsed after the choir ended, and often went
to midnight.) Our beginning adult choir is just called The St. Michael's
Adult Bell Choir (I know, not very imaginative).

Our Jr High bell group at the school where I teach is called RESONARÉ
("with a ringing sound") (There is a diacritical mark over the second e)

We went through a similar search a couple of years ago when we started
up our handbell choir. We finally settled on someone's suggestion of
Alleluia Ringers

I have used titles such as Exultate Ringers / Alethia Ringers / Chapel
Bells / Concert Bell Choir / Lakeside (community name) Ringers . . .
most of these I inherited when I came to a new position.

There are several Handbell sites on the Web. Some of the names of
touring and/or semi-professional groups include: Raleigh Ringers
(Raleigh, NC) , Dallas Handbell Ensemble, Sonos

Contact the American Guild of English Handbell Ringers for further help.

I would love to know what people send you as I am tired of the United
Methodist Ringers.

Bells Angels is the name of a group – they have a website

We are thinking of "Bell Esprit"



Perhaps, "Celestial Chimes"?

how 'bout: One Ringy Dingy

How about "Dingdongagongers"

How about The Dingalings?


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