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A Second Grammy Announcement

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I have tried to send this out since Monday, but my hotel phone connection to
AOL in NYC just wouldn't send it. It is probably "old news" for many of you,
but I hope, better late than never. Here is the announcement:

I am very pleased and proud to announce that the world premiere recording CD
production of Sir John Tavener's "Lamentations and Praises" performed by
Chanticleer and a select chamber orchestra from the Handel and Haydn Society
of Boston, all under the direction of Joseph Jennings, Music Director of
Chanticleer, received a Grammy award at the ceremony Sunday in the category
of "Best Small Ensemble Performance with or without a Conductor." I produced
this recording for Warner's classical label Teldec and for Chanticleer (I
have been their recording producer for 16 years). The recording and mastering
engineer was my dear friend and colleague Preston Smith. The CD was recorded
at George Lucas's studio Skywalker Sound, north of San Francisco. And, in
addition, Sir John won a Grammy for himself, as "Lamentations and Praises"
received a separate Grammy for best contemporary classical composition.

Jeanie and I were able to attend the awards ceremony this time (I was editing
another Chanticleer CD under deadline [as usual] when we won for "Colors of
Love" in 2000, and could not attend the ceremony), and Joe and I went onstage
to receive the Grammy. Joe gave a beautiful acceptance speech and we went off
to "meet the media." Because a majority of the Grammys (including the
classical Grammys) are presented in the non-televised portion of the show,
you had to look very quickly just before the international TV broadcast went
to commercial to see the still picture of Joe and me on stage and the
announcement of the award superimposed below the picture. It was pretty
astounding to see the photo on the jumbo TVs in Madison Square Garden, and to
realize how many people would be watching the awards worldwide.

I stayed on in New York for another two days to produce a new Saint Paul
Sunday broadcast for Minnesota Public Radio and Public Radio International
with the superb violinist Midori and former Isaac Stern accompanist Robert
MacDonald, and returned home late Tuesday night.

I'm still floating as you can imagine.

Best wishes,

Steve Barnett
Barnett Music Productions

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