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Catholic Book of Worship II--Canada's Hymn Book

(Note: this was sent out over ChoralTalk previously, but wasn't met with an
adequate response, so is now being posted to Choralist.)

Just before Christmas I started a new parish choir. For almost 10 years no
choir existed at this church, only an organist, so there has been little
congregational singing. The parish still uses the 1980 Catholic Book of
Worship II published by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. This
book is fine for another few years as they only recycled about 20 hymns in
total. I don't want to invest in CBW III anticipating that the words for
many of the mass settings will be changing next year with the new ICEL
translations (its about time...should have got it right 30 years ago!). I
anticipate that there would need to be a CBW IV to follow??

So, over the years many of these hymn books seemed to have found new of the reasons why there is not a lot of singing!

I am on the search to supplement what we have.

Ideally I am looking for 20 CBWII Choir Editions and up to 100 or more Pew
Editions. If you have any or know of anyone who does that would like to part
with them at a reasonable cost rather then having them become pulp then
please write...

Thanks so much,

David A. Domet
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