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Guido Haazen Passes Away...

I am sad to report that Guido Haazen, creator of Missa Luba, passed away this past Friday (August 20) at his
home in Bonheiden, Belgium. Mr. Haazen (b. September 27, 1921) was a priest in the Belgian Congo from
1953-1960. Haazen organized and conducted a choir of men and boys called "Les Troubadours du Roi
Baudouin" at the Catholic mission and school in Kamina. In 1958, he together with the men and boys of the
choir improvised the text of the Ordinary of the Mass to local folk melodies. The choir traveled in 1958 to the
World’s Fair in Brussels, Belgium and recorded Missa Luba along with many other songs. The songs have
been released in many different albums through the years and was released most recently in 1990 by Philips
(426 836-2). Mr. Haazen wrote out in 1964 the manuscript version in print today, published by Lawson-

Since the 1958 World’s Fair, Missa Luba has become a popular piece of music performed all over the world
each year. Guido Haazen and the men and boys of Les Troubadours du Roi Baudouin created a unique piece
of sacred music history.

Since leaving the Order of Franciscans in 1965, Haazen had become an accomplished painter, photographer,
and ceramicist and together with his wife Liesje, raised seven foster children. He was a gentle man with a
giant spirit and will be sorely missed. For more information on Guido Haazen or Missa Luba feel free to
contact me at marcafoster(a)

Marc A. Foster
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