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Retreat ideas for a church choir

Dear Listers:

I just inherited a choir at a small local church and naturally I'm in search
of ways to build and improve the program. One of the things I'd like to do
is a choir retreat, but since I've never done one before I'd like to consult
the greater wisdom of the List.

Some of my questions would be: The best time to schedule such a retreat and
for how long? What sort of activities to plan? How much new repertoire to
introduce? Are there good technique-building activities you've used to
boost their overall sound? This isn't a church with an exuberant bank
account, so what are some good ways to do it on a budget? What am I leaving
out that's important?

This is a group with a perfectly competent sound and ambitions to grow
beyond their present size and abilities, which I find to be a very good
place to start. Any advice you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Many thank in advance for your thoughtful replies.

Daniel McGarvey

Music Director

Mayflower Congregational UCC

Englewood, CO


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