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Recording of "Seven Last Words" - Dubois

4 February 1999

There have been several requests for information concerning a recording
available of "The Seven Last Words of Christ" by Theodore Dubois. As far as we
can tell, there is no professional recording available at this time --- But ---

Exultate, a professional Choir and Orchestra form the Mpls/St. Paul area is
recording the work and it will be released this spring on CD and Cassette.

We are looking for any avenues of distribution of this CD which will also
include a Bach Cantata. We are also very happy to take advance orders or, if
you would like to receive word about when it is available, please e-mail us at
the address below.

Visit our website for more information.

Peace to all.

Exultate - Web site
rossin(a) - e-mail

Jim Keele wrote:

> We are in need of a recording of Dubois' "The Seven Last Words of Christ" to
> enhance our choir's rehearsals of the same. Does anyone have a recording
> you could share - a local choir's performance recording would be ideal. We
> look forward to hearing from someone who can help us.
> Thanks a bunch!
> Jim Keele
> mimmyk(a)
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