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Syllabus for graduate choral literature

Eastern Michigan University
MUS 561 Studies in Literature:Choral
Dr. Leonard L. Riccinto
107 Alexander Music Building

Text: Ulrich, Homer. A Survey of Choral Music. New York:
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1973.

Purpose: This course has been designed to give an overview of
choral literature both from an historical perspective (musical
period, genre, composers, practice, style) and a more practical
review of pieces suggested for performance at the elementary,
middle school/junior high school, senior high school, and adult

The literature will be studied by reading through packets of
music on each level and listening to recording of significant
works. Guest lecturers will present ideas and music for
successful programming and appropriate selection of literature
for specific levels.

Other activities will include learning how to select repertoire,
discovering sources for choral music of excellent quality, and
designing programs for immediate application on the job.

Requirements: All students are expected to attend ALL class
sessions, purchase the text, complete the readings, prepare
the projects on time and according to the guidelines provided
by the instructor, and to write the final examination at the
appointed time.

Grades:Grades are based upon written assignments, in-class
activities, two major projects, a final examination, and attendance.

Percentages:Attendance/Class Participation20%
Written Assignments20%
Project I20%
Project II20%
Final Examination20%
TOTAL 100%

*A fieldtrip to a music dealer in Toledo: Music Resources
is planned for week 7. Please allow for this activity in your
calendar of events.

Weekly Schedule

Week 1.Orientation: Review of the Syllabus,
Schedule, assignments, tour of EMU
Music Library, Selecting Quality
Literature: An Overview

Week 2.Music for the Elementary Chorus
(Guest Presenter TBA)

Week 3.Music for the Select Children's Chorus
(Guest Presenter TBA)

Week 4.Music for the Middle School/Jr. High Chorus:
Evaluation of a packet (sing, read, write, discuss)

Week 5.Music for the Middle School/Jr. High School
(Guest Presenter TBA)

Week 6.PROJECT ONE: In-class presentation of a half-hour
program for either the elementary or middle school
level. (Annotated with music)

Week 7.Field trip to: MUSICAL RESOURCES, Toledo, OH

Week 8.Music for the High School SSA(A)
Chorus: Evaluation of a packet & recommended works.

Week 9.Music for the High School TTTB
Chorus: Evaluation of a packet & recommended works.

Week 10.Music for the High School SATB.
Chorus: Evaluation of a packer & recommended works.

Week 11.The African-American Spiritual and Related Genre

Week 12.PROJECT TWO: In-Class Presentation of a one-hour
program for the high school level: SATB and SSA or TTBB
(Annotated with music)

Week 13.Thanksgiving Holiday Recess

Week 14.Music for High School/College Choirs
Cantatas, masses, Oratorios

Week 15.Music for High School/College Choirs
Madrigals, motets, folksongs

Written Book Reviews of materials on
reserve at the EMU Library are DUE TODAY!


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