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TTBB: with soprano solo

Here you are! Thanks for your help. Here's to southern Italy!


John Delorey
Director of Choral Activities
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Worcester, Massachusetts 01609

Monteverdi's "Non havea febo ancora." It's edited by Ken Fulton and
published by Alliance. Great piece!
Vocalise - Chenoweth
I guess Schubert's Standchen (Serenade) is mezzo and men?
Hi How do I Love Thee by James Q. Mulholland is and excellent piece.
You will also need a French Horn.
There's the Vocalise by Wilbur Chenoweth; some Schubert (Die Allmacht, arr.
by Liszt; Staendchen and an Ave Maria arrangement published by Yelton
Rhodes); I've done the Debussy Invocation with sop. instead of tenor;
and I
have an old manuscript arrangement of Summertime that's for men and sop.
solo that I could send if you'd like to have it. Some of these are a
cappella, but not that hard to pull off.
La vergine degli angeli, from Verdi's La Forza del Destino

You must look at Wilber Chenoweths "Vocalise" for TTBB and Soprano solo, w/
piano. Its gorgeous, and fun to sing. Great way to show off a diva
Mack Wilberg's arrangement of "The King of Love My
Shepherd Is" has a solo for tenor, but it could easily
be a soprano. It has a relatively easy chorus part too.

If the soprano is a mezzo, how about the Alto Rhapsody of Johannes

>From Broadway, there is a men's quartet with Marian the Librarian in
"76 Trombones"
If you want something fun, how about "The Italian Street Song" from
Naughty Marietta?
Consider Schubert's Standchen, which is intended, I believe, for either
men's or women's voices and solo. The solo is mid-range, not high --
really a mezzo or higher alto range.

Victor Herbert's "Italian Street Song" from Naughty Marietta is a
show-stopper, if your soprano has "killer" coloratura chops. I highly
recommend it! Also, check out some of the men's choruses from
Donizetti's The Daughter of the Regiment. There's a lot to consider
when you start digging into the opera and theater repertoire. Good luck.