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Menopause and the singing voice

Recently, an interesting discussion arose on "theVocalist" e-mail list
prompted by a question from a female
chorister. ACDA's own Kirin Nielsen shared the question with theVocalist,
and it concerned how to cope with the changes of menopause that affect a
singer's voice. Different list members pursued various aspects of the
research questions, and Erik Johanson from the Univ of Toledo (Ohio)
provided the following bibliography. I'm providing this to Choralist as a
resource to community and worship choral directors who deal with aging
voices on a regular basis.

Deborrah Thurston

= = = = = = = = =
The Effects of Menopause on the Singing Voice
By: Emerich, Kate A.; Hoover, Cheryl; and Sataloff,
Robert T
Journal of Singing
Volume: 52
Date: March, 1996
Starting on Page Number: 39

he Aging Voice
By: Sataloff, Robert T
Volume: 43
Date: January, 1987
Starting on Page Number: 20

Silver Threads Among the Gold
By: Edwin, Robert
Volume: 44
Date: September, 1987
Starting on Page Number: 32
Comments: A perceptive article that encourages the
older person to study singing; also encourages the
teacher to work with the senior voice.

On Voice and Age
By: Gregg, Jean Westerman
Volume: 47
Date: November, 1990
Starting on Page Number: 32
Comments: After some depressing facts on the aging
process, the author provides some helpful exercises
designed to increase vital capacity and to promote
retention of good muscle tone.

Critical Periods of Vocal Change: Advanced Age
By: Titze, Ingo R
Volume: 49
Date: March, 1993
Starting on Page Number: 27

A Few Thoughts About Longevity in Singing
By: Titze, Ingo R
Volume: 50
Date: May, 1994
Starting on Page Number: 35

Vocal Aging and Its Medical Implications: What
Singing Teachers Should Know, Part I
By: Sataloff, Robert T
Volume: 57
Date: September, 2000
Starting on Page Number: 29
Comments: It is helpful for singing teachers to
understand current concepts of the aging process in
order to recognize correctable problems early, make
appropriate referrals, and begin optimal strategies for
building healthier, more beautiful voices.


Erik Johanson
Associate Professor of Music
Department of Music
Mail Stop 605
University of Toledo
Toledo, Ohio 43606-3390
419/530-8483 Fax
on March 10, 2009 10:00pm
Thank you so much for the Bibliography. Does anyone have articles they could post or send on the topic of the aging singing voice? BL