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SATB: with Harp

Date: Sun, 19 Mar 1995 14:08:17 -0700
From: Robert Prowse
Subject: SATB and harp (summary)

Greetings, Choralisters!

A while back, I requested help in finding something to complement the Faure
Requiem, with Rutter orchestration, perhaps something that uses harp. I
promised to compile a list of replies and here it is. Let me say that I
decided to go with the Rutter arrangement of the Cantique de Jean Racine,
for harp and low strings, partly because it can be done using the same
instruments as the Requiem. I *have* been warned that I may want to modify
the viola parts somewhat. This arrangement is available on rental only,
through Hinshaw. Thanks to all who sent replies. Here are the rest of the
suggestions: (all pieces for SATB and harp)

J.S. Bach - Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (I assume the harp plays from the
keyboard part)

L. Bernstein - Chichester Psalms - version for organ, harp, and percussion

B. Britten - Choral Dances from Gloriana (with solo tenor) - arranged by
Britten himself. Boosey & Hawkes

Rene Claussen - Communion (SATB div.) - with alto solo and horn - Mark
Foster 2075

G. Dufay - Je ne vis oncques la pareille - with bassoon, viola, and cello -
Huegel (Paris)

G. Faure - Cantique de Jean Racine - Broude Brothers publishes a very
inexpensive harp part, which is different than the keyboard part. Rutter
has arranged this for harp and low strings (Hinshaw, rental)

Dan Gawthrop - Night, Sleep, Death and the Stars - Dunstan House

G. Holst - Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda (?)

L. Janacek - Otcenas (The Lord's Prayer) - in Czech - with organ - Roberton
(distributed by Theodore Presser)

James McCray - Remembrances of Love - with recorder or flute - Mark Foster

Ron Nelson (arranged by Robert Harris at Northwestern U.) - Three Mountain
Ballads - with woodwinds

Paul Parthun - Four Haiku - with flute - Mark Foster 3047

Stephen Paulus - (someone simply suggested there might be something here)

Greg Scheer - Ave Verum Corpus (actually for piano, but he thinks it would
work beautifully with harp)

F. Schubert - Ave Maria (french text) - with soprano solo, violin and organ
- arranged and published by Huguenin (Switzerland)

Leopold Senghor - Ne t'etonne pas mon amie - with tam-tam - Huegel (Paris)

Salomon Sulzer - Psalm 111 (Halleluyah) - in Hebrew or English - baritone
or tenor solo - HaZamir Publications, Newton MA (Sulzer was a friend of

Anton Zeman - MIC POEM - MIC POEM - SSSSAAAATTTTBB - Editura Musicala -
with various percussion

Anton Zeman - MIC POEM - Cintec deLeagan - SATB div. with soprano solo and
various percussion - Editura Musicala

Anton Zeman - MIC POEM - Am Ajuns Sa Stiu - SATB div. with soprano solo,
speaker, and various percussion - Editura Musicala

Bob Prowse

Date: Fri, 24 Mar 1995 03:12:07 -0700
From: "DIAZ KNORR, Alfonso"
Subject: RE: SATB and harp (summary)

I'm spanish, so worry my poor english. I have song Faure's Cantique de Jean
Racine, with Piano of course. I have listened it with organ and it's worse
enough. Cantique was composed for piano and with piano the Impresionism
bright in all its sihing. If you need some orchestation piece look for it but
not change a piano piece.

Alfonso Diaz
Universidad de Navarra
Pamplona, Espana

Date: 29 Jan 96 03:56:29 EST
From: Tom Cunningham
Subject: Choir, organ, harp: results

Thank you Jean Sturm, David Otis Castonguay, SL Hettinger, John Drotleff,
Charles Hausmann, Dan Gawthrop, jrj4859(a), Peter J. Martin,
S.Scott Leaman, Frederic H. Ford, Robert A.M. Ross, Mike Fullington and
Rodney Wynkoop for responding to my question about music for choir,
organ and harp. Nina Gilbert said she asked a similar question about 5
moths ago which should be in the archives.

Here are the replies I received:

Bernstein wrote a version of the "Chichester Psalms" accompanied by organ,
harp and 2 percussionists (limited equipment needs).

You might try a movement or two from Faure's REQUIEM.

I recently did the Faure "Cantique de Jean Racine" with harp...very

Salomon Sulzer's Psalm 111 (he was the chief cantor in Vienna for most of the
19th century, a contemporary and friend of F. Schubert) Hebrew, about 8
monites long, medium difficulty. Publ. by HaZamir Publications, 35 Garland
Road, Newton, MA 02159.

Also a nice setting of Psalm 122 by Jacques Halevy, in Hebrew, 3 minutes,
fairly easy, quite operatic. HaZamir Publications.

I seem to have suggested this to several people now, but you might have a
look at Alice Parker's "An Easter Rejoicing", published by ECS. Thirteen
short movements, SATB, various soli, organ, harp and simple percussion.

There is a set of three psalm settings for this combination by Kevin Oldham,
available from Kjos.

If this is for Easter, check out the old barn-burner for this combination,
*Christ our Passover* by Will Macfarlane (Presser).

An advent, Christmas or Epiphany piece is "This Child, This King" by Daniel
Gawthrop. Primarily harp acc. with organ support. Beautiful!

More information from Dan Gawthrop himself:
My own Christmas cantata (he humbly mentioned) is scored for chorus,
organ, harp and timpani. The work is called THIS CHILD, THIS KING and
lasts about 22 minutes. It is published by Dunstan House (catalog number
DH9506 -- $7.95) and has been recorded on a CD called Sing Me to Heaven
(Integra -- IMCD951) by the Utah State University Chamber Singers. Both
the scores and the recordings are available through your local retailer
(tell them that distribution is through Intrada; 1-800-INTRADA)or you
may contact the distributor directly.

>From Peter J. Martin, President, Jaymar Music Limited:
We have a published a work by Jon Washburn, "Lamb of God" for SATB choir and
Harp - Cat. No. 02.256 (a) $1.50. Jaymar Music Limited has now become a "Mail
Order Publisher" and all orders in the United States receive a discount of 20%
payable in U.S. funds. We can be reached through the Internet or Toll Free
(800) 680-0031.

and last but not least, Jean Sturm's contribution:



Le Kleebach, F-68140 MUNSTER (France)
(+33) 89 77 33 00 / FAX (+33) 89 77 51 94 /
e-mail: 100451.700(a)Compuserve.Com,
(+32) 81 73 57 96 / FAX (+32) 81 73 78 72 /
e-mail: 100256.3252(a)Compuserve.Com

with the collaboration of several partners around the world
(list on request).

Access by MINITEL: (+33) 36 43 1515 MUSICA or entry nod of your area
or by "Minitel-Internet" (information for access on


Liszt, Franz (1811-1886) [Hungary]
Publisher: Miami: USA: Belwin Mills
Ref. : 9385 ; 36 p.; "Kalmus Miniature Scores"
Genre/Style/FORM : Hymntune, Sacred, Romantic
Choir Type : SATB (4 mixed voices)
Instruments : harpe (1), orgue (1), harmonium (1), piano a 4 mains (1)
Diff. CHOIR (from 1 to 5) : 3 Diff.CONDUCTOR (from A to E): C
Tonality : D major Duration : 12 mn
Text in Latin
Availability in library of CAPA: 1

Gal, Hans (1890-1987) [Austria]
Publisher: Vienne: Austria: Universal
Genre/Style/FORM : Contemporary, Romantic
Choir Type : SSAA (4 women voices)
Soloists : SSAA (4 soloist(s))
Instruments : orgue (1), harpes (2)
Duration : 30 mn
Text in German

3. Ecce Panis [op.66]
Guilmant, Alexandre (1837-1911) [France]
; arrgt: Leupold, Wayne (-)
Publisher: Miami: USA: Belwin Mills, 1984
Ref. : DMC8182
Genre/Style/FORM : Motet, Sacred
Choir Type : SATB (4 mixed voices)
Instruments : violon (1), harp (1), organ (1)
Text in English; adapted in Latin
Source of text: Liber Usualis

4. Fils de Marie/Ave Maria (Fils de Marie, O divin roi)
Schubert, Franz (1797-1828) [Austria]
Arrgt: Huguenin, Charles Andre (-)
Text : Saillens, R. (-)
Publisher: Fleurier: Switzerland: Huguenin, 1980
Ref. : CH 2024 ; 2 p.
Genre/Style/FORM : Sacred, Christmas carol
Choir Type : SATB (4 mixed voices)
Soloists : S (1 soloist(s))
Instr.: ensemble instrumental (3
Instruments : violon (1), harpe (1), orgue (1)
Diff. CHOIR (from 1 to 5) : 1 Diff.CONDUCTOR (from A to E): B
Tonality : C major Duration : 4.50 mn
Text in French # of Verses: 3
Country or region : Austria

Thanks again to you all,

Tom Cunningham
embryonic web page on

Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 18:53:39 EDT
From: DonBarrows
Subject: Choir with harp up-date


Oops: So many e-mails pasted together I gave credit to the wrong person, "It
was news to him" for the following composition:

A Hymn on the Nativity of My Savior by Robert Ross (words by George Herbert)
to be published soon.
Also I've added Brahms op.17 after a number of people noted its absence from
the list.


These three numbers were named over 12 times. Makes you think they should be
considered for a concert!

Little Tree" text by ee.cummings and music by Steven Heitzig (CD- December
Stillnes Dale Warland Singers)
Dancing Day" by Rutter (Suite for Women's Chorus w/harp)
Carols and Lullabies: Christmas in the Southwest" by Conrad Susa (ECS) (Harp,
marimba, guitar… very lovely)

Other Christmas w/Harp (some are keybd., but work w/harp)

This Child, This King by Dan Gawthrop (w/organ, harp, tympani)
Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind by Rutter
Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day by Rutter
Angel's Carol by Rutter (works with harp)
Before the Marvel of This Night by Carl Schalk (harp part avail from
Still, Still, Still by Luboff (it's piano, but works w/harp)
Silent Night by Jackson Berkey
Jesu Carols by Stephen Paulus
Sing Hallelu by Paulus
A Savior From on High by Paulus
In the Bleak Midwinter" by Paulus
Southwestern Carol by Wayland Rogers (self-published
Anniversary Carols by Jackson Berkey
Sussex Carol by Martin Dicke (Walton) w/opt. Handbells)
O Be joyful by Jeffrey Van
A Cradle Song by Craig Carnahan
Wassail piece written to be performed w/ "Ceremony of Carols" see Boosey-
Friendly Beasts by Lee Kesselman (Plymouth Music) SSA now w/SATB this Fall
A Christmas Hymn by Lee Kesselman (Manuscript)
Sir Christemas by Thomas Yeakle (multi-movements w/baritone solo and harp)
Could be staged w/costumes as well.
The Sunne of Grace by Leonard Enns (six movements w/Sop. Solo & harp)
unpublished as of now
A Hymn on the Nativity of My Savior by Jon Veenker (words by George Herbert)
to be published soon.

Other General w/Harp, etc.
Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross by Franck
Lamb of God by Jon Washburn (Jaymar 02.256)
Christ, Our Passover by Will MacFarlane (Presser)
An Easter Rejoicing by Alice Parker (ECS) 13 short movements w/organ, harp,
Ps. 111 by Salamon Sulzer (Hazimir Pub.) a contemp. Of F.Schubert in Hebrew, 8
Ps. 122 by Jacques Halevy (Hazimir) Hebrew, 3 minutes.
Cantique de Jean Racine by Faure (Hinshaw)
Chichester Psalms by L.Bernstein (organ, harp, 2 percussion)
What Sweeter Music - Michael Fink (SATB - ME) E C Schirmer
Come Love We God - Daniel Pinkham (SATB - M) E C Schirmer
Octe Nas (Lord's Prayer) by Janacek with Harp & organ
Choral Dances from Gloriana (with solo tenor) - by Britten . Boosey & Hawkes
Communion (SATB div.) by Rene Clausen (M.Foster 2075) - with alto solo and
G. Dufay - Je ne vis oncques la pareille by Dufay (Huegel, Paris)- with
bassoon, viola, and cello -
John Rutter: What Sweeter Music (OUP) (Yes, it works superbly with harp
Reger/arr. R. Ross: Virgin's Slumber Song (w/flute) (Coronet/Theodore Presser)
Conrad Susa: Carols & Lullabies (w/ gui; marimba) (ECS)
Thomas Pasatieri: Alleluia (Theodore Presser)
Greg Scheer - Ave Verum Corpus (actually for piano, but he thinks it would
work beautifully with harp)
Cesar Franck: Mass in A (organ, cello, harp)
F. Schubert - Ave Maria (french text) w/sop. Solo, violin and organ
Just did it three weeks ago for a church service. Nice harp and cello parts.
(SATB, STB solos, organ, cello, harp)

Dear list ,
Here is a compilation of chorus and harp pieces. I realized today that I
made this compilation weeks ago, saved it as a draft but did not send it. I
apologize. Sorry for the long delay and thank you all so much for the
information. As you can see, the list is wonderfully abundant with ideas.

Jan Thomas

How about Dubois' Seven Last Words of Christ. An old church music warhorse,
this piece has a part for harp and timpani and organ (piano if you had to).
You could do any of the movements - most have solos.

Also, of course don't forget the ceremony of carols by Britten. It's not
the season for it, but you could try it for December.

Try Mack Wilberg's My Shepherd Will Supply My Needs
and I think it's Faure's Cantique de Racine. Both
great pieces.

There are several things for 'Christmas'.
Rutter - Angel Carol
Mecham - 7 Joys of Christmas
Britten - Ceremony of Carols
Berlioz - L'Enfance du Christ (or just 'the Shepherd's Farewell').

But I wonder if you could use something like 'My Gentle Harp' arr. by
The tune is 'Londonderry Aire' and as I recall the piano accompaniment is
very spare - It wasn't written in harp notation as I remember, but could be

"Feast of Praise" A three-section piece by Randall Thompson (G. Shirmer, I
believe) features harp, SATB, with brass quintet. A nice 15-18 minute work,
challenging yet attainable for a good choir. I did it with a HS Choir
several years ago.

I can recommend Schubert's Ave Maria arranged by Richard Proulx from GIA
Publications. Very beautiful arrangement for choir and harp

Britten's Gloriana choruses can be performed with harp -

Alice Parker has a lovely arrangement of the Irish Tune "Humors of
Ballymaguiry" called "Sing, Sing" where the text is by Thomas Moore
(Lawson-Gould/Alfred #51345). It is SATB. Text Refrain: "Sing, Sing,
music was given to brighten the gay and kindle the loving; souls here,
like planets in heaven, by harmony's laws alone are kept moving.
Beauty may boast of her eyes and her cheeks, but Love from the lips his
true archery wings; he who bet feathers the dart when she speaks--At
once sends it home to the heart when she sings." A lyrical 6/8 ballad
with Parker's excellent arranging.

In the same vein, Parker has "My Gentle Harp" (Lawson-Gould/Alfred
#51409) that uses a text by Thomas Moore set the "Londonderry Air." A
well-written, sensitive arrangement of a well-known tune.

Another Irish Traditional story and tune by Parker is "The Croppy Boy"
(Lawson-Gould/Alfred #51410). An old Irish patriotism ballad.

Broude Bros. publishes a harp arrangement for Gabriel Fauré's "Cantique
de Jean Racine" that works very well. It can be used in lieu of the
piano accompaniment in the score.

Very different, but worth a look is a set called "Four Haiku" by Paul
Parthum (Mark Foster 3017--Shawnee now handles Mark Foster
publications, so check for availability). Four very short, contrasting
movements (as one might expect) using harp and flute. Very expressive;
many "tone-color" type techniques; accessible contemporary sound. More
challenging than it looks at first!

You could do a movement, or two of the SATB version of Britten's A Ceremony
of Carols. I highly recommend the "Deo Gracias." You can also do almost
any simple piano accompaniment if the harpist can play it.

Depending on her skill level, Randall Thomson's The Lord is my Shepherd is
It's about 10 minutes long, scored for SATB with Piano, Organ, or Harp. As
typical with Thompson, the chromatics could give a harpist some exercise
her pedals.

Faure's Cantique de Jean Racine is shorter, and the Rutter or Broude' Bros.
edition works well with harp.

HUSH, MY BABE - Appalachian Christmas Carol for Sop solo, SATB and Harp,
Arranged by Wayland Rogers. Published by Boosey and Hawkes

You will have great luck with anything arranged or written by Stephen
Paulus, an arranger for the Dale Warland Singers.

The Saint-Saëns Christmas Oratorio is for harp, organ and strings. There
are two movements which can easily be done with harp and organ, or harp
piano. My edition of the work (Plymouth Music/Colla Voce Press) includes
a version for harp, organ, and piano.

Let me know if you want further information.

Lee G. Barrow
Professor & Head, Fine Arts
North Georgia College & State University
Dahlonega, GA 30597

Stephen Paulus'r arrangement of "The Water is Wide" is for SATB and harp or
piano. A very nice piece.

Yes, I have a piece for choir and harp; however, it is for
Christmas...which is coming soon! Please see "One Little Light..."
under the Christmas category on my web site. When you visit the
site, you will find MANY ideas.


Wallace De Pue
Picardie Court Pub.

If singing sacred music is not an issue, I recommend Alice Parker's An
Easter Rejoicing, scored for organ, harp (or piano) and simple percussion.
It is in English, has 13 movements and rhythmic challenges.

There are three hymns arranged by John Rutter and published by Hinshaw Music
for chorus and harp. The first is "Amazing Grace" (gorgeous setting) the
second is "We Plow the Fields and Scatter." The third escapes me at the
moment, but I'm sure you could easily find out from Hinshaw what it is.

This doesn't necessarily fit your request, but there is a great set of
pieces called "Three Lullabies" by Daniel Kallman. The works are for SSA
(not SATB) chorus and harp and are published by Dan.

John Rutter's Requiem uses harp along with orchestra. I've done the Requiem
with my choir and they adored it. Even if you don't do all, just a part of
it would be nice. However, I more strongly recommend John Rutter's
"Tomorrow Shall/Will Be My dancing Day." I've done it with my girls choir
and harp and it is wonderful! Everyone was crazy about it and it really lets
the harp shine. I don't know if the work comes in a mixed setting or not but
if not, you could do it with the treble voices and love it!

First and foremost, there's Julius
Harrison's arrangement of Benjamin Britten's "Ceremony of Carols" (although
I'm sure you've already considered it). Secondly, I once heard a reference
to a mixed chorus version of Holst's "Choral Hymns from the Rig-Veda" (orig.
for SSAA & harp) but can't find it anywhere (so I don't have much hope for
that one). Thirdly, you might look at some early 17th century English lute
songs such as Dowland's little works for lute, soloist, and optional
madrigal group. Lastly, see if you can get in touch with Andrew
Lawrence-King (director and founder of the world-famous "Harp Consort") as
he is no stranger to music for harp and voices.

Choral Dances from "Gloriana", for SATB unaccompanied alternating with Tenor
solos accompanied by harp. "Gloriana" is an opera composed to celebrate the
coronation of Queen Elilzabeth II, and the choral dances are taken from

Black Is the Color of My True Loves Hair as arranged by Stuart Churchill,
published by Shawnee Press was done by Fred Waring and Pennsylvanians with
harp accompaniment.

I did an arrangement of 'Silent Night' for Flute, Harp, Soprano solo and
Choir some years ago now for a church in St Louis, Mo which proved very
popular for the Christmas Eve Service. If you have access to Sibelius or
Scorch I can send you the file by e-mail. If not let me have you address and
I will send you one from here in England.
Stuart McIntosh

Here's "next to," not "with": "The Shepherds' Farewell" from Berlioz's
"L'Enfance du Christ" is followed by a lovely (and lively) interlude for
and two flutes.
Mary Lycan

There's a little Patapan by Batastini, I think it is, perhaps GIA, for
harp and chorus.
David Griggs-Janower

I believe Stephen Paulus has several excellent Christmas octavos which
include flute and/or harp that you will like a great deal. And yes, the harp
parts are written for harp! not piano, but can be played on piano quite
There is an excellent recording available of many of his Christmas octavos
by the Dales Warland Singers; info about that should be on the website as
well. You can find out which pieces have flute and/or harp and how to obtain
them at:
Although not specific to Christmas, we (Lux Nova Press) publish Karl Henning
"Alleluia in D" in several voicings, including SA, SAA, and SATB. Although
it was originally unaccompanied, last year Karl wrote an optional harp part
at the request of a conductor in Europe; but you have to know to ask about
that (luxnova(a), as it does not appear in the online catalog.
Karl also has an arrangement of "'Tis Winter Now" ("Danby") which includes
flute, chorus and organ (the one in the current catalog is for violin,
and organ - but the flute version exists). Lux Nova Press handles all of
Karl's arrangements of DANBY, of which there are many versions for solo
voice, instruments alone, and chorus with instruments, although not all are
listed yet as some are still in production. (It is also possible Karl would
be willing to write a harp part to replace the organ part for your specific
situation.).........â€_..I did communicate with Karl Henning, and he thinks
choir/flute/harp version of Danby would be quite possible.
Lux Nova Press
LNP Retail Webstore

Three Spanish Christmas Carols, arr. by Ben Allaway, for harp, flute, hand
drum and choir. Riu, riu chiu; Dadme albricias hijos d'Eva; Dansaron (E la
don, don). See them on-line at (publisher website of Santa Barbara
Music Publishing).
Ben Allaway
Des Moines, IA

Boosey and Hawkes has just released a work of mine for SATB, Soprano soloist
and harp, "Hush, My Babe" is an arrangement of a beautiful Appalachian
No flute alas. I also have, self-published, "Duermete, Nino Lindo", a Latin
American/Southwestern USA carol for SATB, soprano soloist and harp. I would
be happy to send you a comp copy.
wayland rogers

I have arrangements of Reger's *Virgin's Slumber Song* for fl, hp, & SATB,
SSA, SAB, ot 2-pt mx published by Coronet Press (dist. Presser)--and
orchestrations (str. with the fl & hp) are now available as well. The SATB &
SSA versions both have the original German text as well as my own singing
Robert Ross, Artistic Director
Voces Novae et Antiquae
Philadelphia, PA

You might check out the Vaughan Williams Magnificat for women's voices,
and flute. I don't know if anyone has put the piano orchestral reduction to

1. Please check the repertoire on a Paul Winter Christmas/Winter Solstice
CD. He has given numerous concerts at St. John the Divine, NYC.
2. Benjamin Britten's "A Ceremony of Carols" for SSA and harp...
also has been arranged for SATB and harp.. I prefer the SSA version
3. flute and (2) harp(s)? to give the chorus a break -
Trio from "L'Enfance du Christ" by Hector Berlioz
Pat Maimone
Post Chapel
West Point, NY

You may be interested to review my piece, MIRACLE of LIGHT, commissioned and
premiered by the Dale Warland Singers, for these forces. (It is a Chanukah
piece, and was broadcast on their Christmas season concerts in 1997.) The
text also is original. It is published by Sounds Alive! Query
and .
More info is at my website: .
Judith Lang Zaimont

Frank Ferko: Two Irish Carol Settings, (1995) for mixed chorus, flute,
violoncello and harp; commissioned by the Schola Cantorum of St. Peter's
Church in the Loop, Chicago

I publish an exquisite song called "Carol" by Australian composer Suzanne
Palmer - Holton. It is scored for SSA choir, descant recorder (which works
well on flute) and harp. My choir has recorded it and it is very beautiful,
original and accessible. I'm happy to fax/send a copy to you for perusal.
Mark O'Leary
Young Voices of Melbourne

Look at Kirke Mechem's "The Seven Joys of Christmas" for women's chorus
(original), available in SATB w/ Harp and/ or Chamber Orchestra parts
available for rental.
Nancy Fontana
The Rocky Mountain Woman

We have a fine piece by John Biggs called A SONG FOR CHANUKAH (SATB, fl,
Easy piano-harp transcription. You may see it listed at
Let us know if you'd like a perusal copy.
Paul Mark

I have an arrangement of "On Christmas Night" (The Sussex Carol) for SATB
and piano or harp.
Would be glad to send you a free Finale perusal score.
Paul Ayres
electronic mail paulayres(a)

Dear all,

I had issued a request for repertoire suggestions for pieces for my church choir to
present, accompanied by the harp. I received several appealing suggestions which are
below. Following those will be a list, sent in by an extremely kind harpist, of
pieces which are either for choir + harp, or where the piano accompaniment parts may
be easily adapted or played directly by a harpist. I am most grateful to Barb
Fackler for these suggestions, and for Edwin Childs for having forwarded to her my
request. As always, I am very grateful to all of you who also sent in your


Cherwyn Ambuter
Senior Choir Director
Calvary Baptist Church
Warwick, NY



The Britten "Ceremony of Carols" also exists in SATB version. It's often performed
that way.

Also, Bernstein "Chichester Psalms" with organ and percussion.

I have performed a few movement of the SATB movements but I did not like the effect.
It really is for Trebles while the guys kind of doo-wop in the

(a couple of people whom I greatly respect, wrote in to share this opinion -
that the bass line has the appearance of being a last-minute, added but superfluous
part which diminishes the effectiveness of the treble tone cluster-type sounds)

There are quite a few pieces, you'll be glad to know - I have a file
(somewhere) a number of Christmas pieces recommended to me by a
harpist - I don't have much time to respond at the moment but let me
know if you don't get adequate response from the list group and I could
find my file

Two I can think of are "The Christ Child Lay in Mary's Lap" by Craig
Carnahan, published Augsburg Fortress and "My Heart is Longing to
Praise My Saviour" arr. by Bradley Elllingboe, published by Kjos Music -
the composer Stephen Paulus has also done a number of choral pieces
with harp accompaniment

Best of luck!


I. Janácek - Otcenas (The Lord's Prayer) - in Czech - with organ - Roberton
(distributed by Theodore Presser)

Ray Klemchuk

Actually, as I think about it, I suspect that experienced harpists
would have a better idea of such repertoire than choral conductors.
Could you ask your daughter's teacher?



The Christmas Oratorio of Saint-Saens has a wonderful harp part. But it needs also a
few strings and the organ.

Also go to Musica database ( and search for : (use preferably the
detailed mode)
- Word of title or keyword or ... : christmas
- Instrumentation : harp

You will get about 30 answers!


I hope you will consider my carol, The Shepherd and the King. Poem by Eleanor
Farjeon. It is published by Thorpe. Go to This carol won the Welcome Christmas! carol
contest a few years ago; it was premiered by the Plymouth Music Series (now
VocalEssence) under Philip Brunelle.

By the way, the year that I won the contest, all the submissions were for mixed
chorus and harp. I bet if you contacted Philip Brunelle through the American
composers forum or through VocalEssence, you could get a listing of the submissions
and an estimate of which may be worth performing. There was a second winner the
year I won.
(*I haven't yet written to Mr. Brunelle, but I will, and when I do and if he
sends the rep list, I will send it out to ChoraList.)
A local harpist has commissioned me to write an extended piece for chorus and harp;
but that is a couple of years in the future, alas.

I googled on harp and chorus and found this

Brian Holmes


John Rutter's, "the Angel's Carol" for SATB is written for harp or piano. I've played
it on both, so know it works :-) This is a very beautiful work which I'm sure your
group would love. Published by Oxford University Press, licensed in the US to
Hinshaw Music

Good luck with your search.


"Angels Did Sing" is really a lovely piece for women or children or both. I have had
to do it with piano, but I can tell the harp would add a lot.

There's actually more out there than you think, between stuff that actually will play
well on harp, and larger works that are more difficult than the *Ceremony*. I know
because my professional chorus has done most of what's out there: the Britten 2 or 3
times, Stephen Paulus' *Jesu Carols*, Frank Ferko's *A Festival of Carols*, Conrad
Susa's *Carols & Lullabies* (hp, gui, mallet insts), Rutter's *Dancing Day*, et al. . .


If you have any specific pieces in mind I'd be happy to do an arrangement for your
daughter. Of course only if they are acceptable would I expect any compensation. I
would leave that completely up to the two of you (and your church).


"On Christmas Night (Sussex Carol) arr for SATB and harp by Paul Ayres - see for details"


Mack Wilberg has an arrangement of My Shepherd Will Supply My Need, with harp/piano,
flute and oboe obbligato. The choir parts have some divisi, but could be redone so
it wouldn't be to hard. I had a soloist sing the part and divided the women when I
worked on it with a choir. It's available in SATB and SSAA

Also, the Cantique de Jean Racine can be accompanied with harp.

Also, a few of John Rutter's Christmas anthems are with harp.

Hope this helps


I am a harp player from Nova Scotia, and I play folk harp, but I have been asked to
play with choirs on occasion, and was introduced to an awesome version of Faure's
Requiem, which was arranged by John Rutter for a chamber orchestra consisting of
harp, french horn, timpani, bass and flute (I think). The harp part is gorgeous. VERY
tricky to play on a folk harp because of all the accidentals, but beautiful.

I have also played a lovely version of Pachelbel's Canon for four part choir and harp.


Some of John Rutter's Christmas Carols can be done with Harp. The one that comes
immediately to mind is "Angel's Carol." I used several with a boychoir a few
years ago, but Rutter's music is also SATB. I believe I used harp once in Robert
Shaw's Many Moods of Christmas orchestration.

another thought is the Rutter Requiem and Saint-Saens Christmas Oratorio. Gorgeous
harp parts with a few other instruments. However the trio (STB uses only harp).

Also, Mack Wilberg's arrangement of "My Sheperd will supply my need." Also uses flute.


Your email was forwarded to me by Edwin Childs, a dear friend. I'm getting
ready to go out for two engagements now, but will address your question at
length when I have music in front of me.

Off the top of my head, let me suggest Jackson Berkey's "Anniversary
Carols". They are a wonderful set intended to serve as lessons and carols.
There are transcriptions of all 9 for organ, two of which include the harp
part that accompanies the choir as part of a harp/organ duo. Some have been
arranged for handbells and two can be done as harp solos instead of choral
arrangements so they are very flexible. Visit for more info
directly from Jackson's website.

I keep a list of pieces that have transcribed well for harp from piano as
well as a list of which compositions for harp really work and which don't.
I'll get that to you in a couple of days when I can dig it out and
thoughtfully respond.

You are right! Piano and harp are nothing alike.

Barbara Fackler


I will probably think of others, but one is a beautiful arrangement of What Child Is
This? (SATB w/ guitar or harp) found in The Western Wind Songbook, Vol. I, Lawrence
Bennett, ed., Pub. Flammer.

Also , Angels Did Sing, not sure of composer (music is at church) Henry Leck series, SSA

Please post list. I have a harpist in my choir who occasionally can be persuades to


I have an arrangement of "O Holy Night" for harp & organ (unpublished), based on the
PD William Stickles/Presser arrangement, which can be had in C, Db, D, or Eb,
depending on the capabilities of your soloist.

The arrangement is also available in orchestral and/or wind ensemble versions, also
w/harp. Please let me know if this would be of interest. . .

Robert A.M. Ross
Now on the Web!

Artistic Director
Voces Novae et Antiquae
Philadelphia, PA (USA)

Do any of you have any suggestions/knowledge of sacred Christian music (any branch of
Christianity) specifically written for SATB/SAB choir with harp accompaniment?

Wish I'd seen this before I sent off the 1st reply. . .

I have 3 published pieces that may be of interest:

Max Reger; arr. RAMR: *Virgin's Slumber Song* fl, hp, available SSA, SATB, SAB, or
2-pt mixed, Coronet Press/Presser

*Images of Christmas* SATB, opt 2-pt junior choir, hp & organ (but playable on harp
alone) Thomas House/Hal Leonard

*The Angel Gabriel* SATB, mz & tenor soli, harp; also SSAA, S solo, hp, both
available from Oxford

Also: Rutter's *What Sweeter Music* works beautifully w/harp alone

Hope this helps,
Robert A.M. Ross
Now on the Web!

Artistic Director
Voces Novae et Antiquae
Philadelphia, PA (USA)

Last Christmas I did an arrangement of "O Holy Night" which is for soprano solo with
the SATB choir joining on the refrain. Harp can double the piano part easily for
added tone and color.
If you'd like to see it, I'd be happy to send it to you.
all the best.....

Kevin Riehle
artistic director, CANTARE Houston

OK, folks, here's the tremendous list of suggestions from the *real harpist*!!! Get
ready! --


Your email was forwarded to me by Edwin Childs, a dear friend. I'm getting ready to
go out for two engagements now, but will address your question at length when I have
music in front of me.

Off the top of my head, let me suggest Jackson Berkey's "Anniversary Carols". They
are a wonderful set intended to serve as lessons and carols. There are transcriptions
of all 9 for organ, two of which include the harp part that accompanies the choir as
part of a harp/organ duo. Some have been arranged for handbells and two can be done
as harp solos instead of choral
arrangements so they are very flexible. Visit for more info directly
from Jackson's website.

I keep a list of pieces that have transcribed well for harp from piano as well as a
list of which compositions for harp really work and which don't. I'll get that to you
in a couple of days when I can dig it out and thoughtfully respond.

You are right! Piano and harp are nothing alike.

Barbara Fackler

(here are her later suggestions)

The Faure Requiem can be done with only harp and organ. Just have the organist leave
out anything that doubles the harp part. Also, the St. Saens Christmas Oratorio can
be done the same way.

Rutter's setting of "O Holy Night" has a harp part so extensive that the orchestra
part is also suitable as the only accompaniment for the choir. (If I remember right,
it's been over a decade since I played it).

Faure's "Cantique de St. Jean Racine" is lovely, but beware: when Rutter put out his
version, he changed some chords. If the harpist knows the original that was published
under Faure's name, it cannot be used with what Rutter put together. It's important
to know the two are NOT interchangable.

There are some arrangements of Christmas carols and I think some other hymn that use
the Pachelbel Canon as the accompaniment. One of them combines "The First Noel" with
the Pachelbel. It's set up for two pianists, but one harpist can really cover it
easily. It's a bit quirky to read, but it's so similar to the arrangements we all
play anyway that it should work.

Have you checked the catalogs of harp vendors for ideas?

Vanderbilt Music

Melody's Traditional Music and Harp Shoppe

Michigan Harp Center
89 West Fourteen Mile Road
Clawson MI 48017 USA

I'll assume you've got the "usual" suggestions like Rutter's Dancing Day, and the
other Rutter things that use harp. There are a few that can be adapted to harp alone
that unless you're a harpist you might not know. I know there are more than one, but
the only one I can think of now is the Angel's Carol. The piano/vocal part isn't the
same notes as the orchestral harp part, but it's the same chords. The orchestra harp
part is missing a few measures, so you take the missing measures from the piano
reduction and you're left with a playable accompaniment that gives you a version for
harp/chorus. Don't try to use the piano part. It's just frustrating. Your harpist
should be able to look over your possibilities and let you know what works and what

Look over Jackson Berkey's site for other pieces in which he uses harp. He works with
a harpist in CO who edits well and I think that Jackson understands the instrument
remarkably well for a keyboard player. I've yet to play one of his pieces that I
don't like. He sent me a pre-publication copy of a new setting he did of "The First
Noel' for harp, choir and oboe that simmers. I think you can search his site by
instrument but I can't remember how I figured out how to do it. Start with choral
works, I think, then I searched for the word "harp". The pieces are hidden
throughout the catalog.

Here's the list I keep handy for myself. This does not include the list of things I
didn't like. These are things that I recommend when I'm asked to play with organ, or
with a choir or soloist. Some were composed with the piano in mind, but all lay well
in the hands for the harpist.

Harp and Organ repertoire

Bach, C.P.E. Menuet I and Menuet II

Dickinson, Clarence Old Dutch Lullaby

Saint-Säens/Phillips Rhapsodie #3 on a Breton Melody

Schubert, Franz/Federlein Dream Song
(Organ, Harp and Cello or French Horn)

Dubois, Théodore Hymne Nuptial
harp, organ, violin, viola, cello
copyright: Heugel % Co. 1892

Pachelbel Canon in D

Rousseau, Samuel Epithalame
(Cello or French Horn, Harp and Organ)

Mahler, Gustav/Dorfmüller Adagietto from Symphony Number 5

English Folk Song/Wood, Dale Pastoral on Forest Green For Harp and Organ

Vox C¦lestis, Five pieces for Harp and Organ, arranged by Samuel Milligan

Alfonso X "El Sabio" Rosa das Rosas-Cantiga
Michael Praetorius Spagnoletta
Jean-Baptiste Besard Campana Parisienses
Jacob Arcadelt Ave Maria-Motet
Traditional Carols:
Il es né, Lulajze Jezuniu, Dzisiaj w Betlejem

Vox Angelica, organ and harp, arranged by Samuel Milligan
Meditation on the First Prelude of JS Bach
Harp preluded on Mozart's Ave Verum
Prelude et Berceuse from "Le Goq d'Or"
Yon-Gesu Bamcinom (Rimsky-Korsakov)

Richter, Arnold Intermezzo on "Crimond" for Harp and Organ

American Folk Hymn Suite by Dale Wood for harp, handbells and organ
This uses 4 early American hymn tunes including Pisgah

Harp and Voice repertoire

Bradbury/Michael T. Smith Jesus Loves Me

Childs, Edwin O For a Heart to Praise My God
(Harp, high voice & French Horn)
See for a little more info.
Available from harp vendors like Vanderbilt Music or Pepper.

Berkey, Jackson View Me Lord, a Work of Thine
(Harp, high voice & French Horn or Harp and high voice)

Schubert Ave Maria

Smith, Michael W. The Wedding

Bach/Gounod Ave Maria

Bradbury/Michael T. Smith Jesus Loves Me
high voice and harp

Malotte The Lord¹s Prayer

Choral music with harp accompaniment (sometimes including other instruments)

Berkey, Jackson Anniversary Carols, including these titles with harp:
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
Still, Still Night (Silent Night)
Jesu, Son Most Sweet and Dear
Come, Thou Long-expected Jesus
Il est né le divine enfant
(percussion parts available for loan)
See for full descriptions. This collection forms a service of
Lessons and Carols with no additional music, using chorus, harp, optional percussion
and optional organ.

Jackson Berkey's newest composition that includes harp, a setting of "Blest Be
the Tie" for mixed chorus, low voice and harp, arrived at my home by today's mail. It
is really very nice. There is a separate harp part which by all means should be
purchased for your harpist. It makes for no bad page turns. It's laid out easy to
read for the harpist and isn't terrible to learn. Within 5 min. at the harp I was
able to play most of it through, slowly and it would work up to tempo in no time.
It's a wonderfully "Berkey" kind of setting, very different from most other sacred
choral music. The title of it is "The Tie that Binds Our Hearts" and it should be at
the printer by midsummer. Watch for it in his catalog by fall. Be sure to add this
to your list of things to consider. I highly recommend it and you may pass my
recommendation along if you wish.

Binkerd, Gordon The Christ-child
SATB (Oct.5982) and SA (Oct. 5987) 1978, Boosey & Hawkes, Inc.
text from ³A Christmas Carol² by Gilbert K. Chesterton

Brahms, Johannes German Requiem

Britten, Benjamin Ceremony of Carols

Comini, Raiberto and Simeone, Harry Sweet Baby King
medium solo voice or SATB or SSA
choral edition from Shawnee Press

Churchill, Stuart arranger Black is the Color of My True Love¹s Hair
medium low solo voice or SATB choral edition from Shawnee Press

Fauré, Gabriel Requiem

Gooding, Cynthia & Zaninelli, Luigi The Water is Wide
medium solo voice, SATB, SSA, TTBB, SAB or SA
choral editions from Shawnee Press

Hanniaian, Raymond R. Movin¹ On
high solo voice or SATB, SSA, TTBB, SAB, or SA
choral editions from Shawnee Press

Hobson, Hal The Gift of Love
the accompaniment is piano, but it lays well enough for harp I've never minded
playing it. Once learned, it stays pretty well for years. There is a version for solo
voice with optional obligato and I think one exists for SATB, not sure.

Hopkins, John/Paulus, Stephen We Three Kings of Orient Are;
SATB with Harp and Oboe: Augsburg Publishing House

Ives, Charles A Christmas Carol
unison or SATB (not for harp but adapts well) ;
Merion Music, Inc. Theodore Presser 342-40116

Kirby, Lewis M. & Cook, Joseph S. Gentle Mary
high solo voice or SATB, or SAB or SA
choral editions from Harold Flammer, Inc.

Mitchell, Tom Carol of the Children
unison with keyboard, optional glockenspiel (adapts well for harp)
Choristers Guild CGA-473

Nelson, Ron He Came Here for Me
SSAA, SATB Boosey and Hawkes, Inc. 5371

Posegate, Maxcine Woodbridge The Gift of Love
medium solo voice or SATB or SSA
choral edition from Shawnee Press

Powell, Rick and Sylvia Peace, Peace
Three Voices, accompanied or SATB (adapts for harp); Fred Bock Music

Purvis, Richard A Cradle Carol
unison, two part, or mixed choir with organ and optional harp; J. Fischer & Bro.

Rogers, Sharon Elery, arranged by Ades, Hawley Born in a Manger
medium solo voice or SATB or SAB or SA
choral editions from Harold Flammer, Inc.

Rutter, John
Angel¹s Carol
The Angel Gabriel
For the Beauty of the Earth
All Things Bright and Beautiful
O Holy Night
Go Tell It On the Mountain
Good Christian Men, Rejoice
I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes
Dancing Day

St-Saëns, C. Christmas Oratorio

Schalk/Ferguson Before the Marvel of this Night
SATB, handbells and harp, Augsburg Choral Music 11-2005

Shaw/Bennet The Many Mood of Christmas

Stuart, Hugh M. Ayre for Eventide (Three Ayres from Glousceter)
high solo voice or SATB
choral edition from Shawnee Press

Wood, Dale Sussex Carol
The Sacred Music Press SATB AM 139 & SAB 10/2650S

Yon, Pierto/Fackler Gesu Bambino
accompaniment for high voice

I found another Christmas cantata that uses harp, SATB chorus and organ.
This one sounds easier for the choir than the Berkey, but I still like the
Berkey a whole lot better.

"Glad Tidings of Great Joy"
Robert Hebble
SATB, narrator, harp and organ
Sacred Music Press 65/19525.

I bought the harp part but not the vocal part. What Pepper has posted is the
entire work(!) so there's no need to buy the CD at this point, you can hear
it free. The sound file on the Pepper site includes all the narration as
well as all the music in its entirety.

Re: Good Tidings of Great Joy, you can download the entire sound file and burn a CD
that you can listen to off line.

Re: Melody's Traditional Music, Mary Radspinner, the owner, is a harpist, and writes
wonderfully descriptive evaluations as part of her catalog. It's the only harp
catalog I know that does this for pedal harp music. There is an online version that
is bigger than the print version. If you order a print copy, please let her know that
I suggested you look at it.

As a rule, harpists are good at sharing amongst themselves. For example, I know that
the two versions of the Cantique are different because a friend of my teacher's, one
of the former Angelaires (harp ensemble that toured under Columbia Artists in the
50s) let everyone know. We all warn each other about quirks like that and if someone
rewrites a badly written part, we share the work. Most things written by Daniel
Pinkham for example are well edited by Carol Baum, as are things written by John La
Fontaine. Both composer wrote quite difficult works for harp and chorus. They were in
the pile of music my teacher had. I went through them and decided that since she had
owned them since publication, all in the 1970-1980s and had never played them, they
probably weren't worth hanging on to. A friend kept them, so I can always get copies
if they are out of print.

By next March there should be another piece by Edwin Childs for harp, horn and solo
voice, this a setting of St. Patrick's Breastplate. Check my website under
publications to see when it is publiished and available.

Thank you for your kind words. If I think of other options, I'll shoot them your
direction and you can post to the choral people.
These anthem recommendations were sent in since the time of my original compilation.


I think I was away when your original request appeared, but you
should take a look at "Winter Calling" by Rebekah Griffin, published
by Santa Barbara Music Press.

SATB and harp, quite a refreshing style.


contact info for Jonathan Chenette
Department of Music
Grinnell College
Grinnell, Iowa 50112-1690
Jon Chenette

Strings in the Earth arranged by Jonathan Chenette
text by James Joyce
SSA choir and harp

Dear Harp of My Country arranged by Jonathan Chenette
text by Thomas Moore
SSA choir and harp

The Harp that Once arranged by Jonathan Chenette
text by Thomas Moore
SSA choir and harp

The Minstrel Boy arranged by Jonathan Chenette
text by Thomas Moore


one more not yet mentioned, not choral, but vocal:

This Son So Young
A Solo Cantata for High Voice, Harp and Organ
music: Louie White
text: Frederick H. Meisel

published, 1954 by The H. W. Gray Co., Inc.


printed music:


(dated 7?26?05) The American Harp Journal that arrived in my mailbox today has a compilation
of harp/choral music, much of which is Christmas. Each is reviewed in
a way that tells you difficulty for both the choir and the harpist and
whether or not a separate harp part is available.

Cherwyn Ambuter

SSA choir and harp
on January 20, 2007 10:00pm
Do you have an orchestral score and parts available for Faure Requiem available for June 2007?