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Various voicings: with Oboe

Date: Fri, 09 May 1997 09:02:13 -0500 (CDT)
From: Cliff Ganus III
Subject: oboe/chorus survey results

Thanks for all of the responses to my question regarding an accessible
work for chorus with oboe accompaniment. Here are the suggestions.

Four pastorales - Cecil Effinger (suggested 14 times)
The Lord is my shepherd (from Requiem) - John Rutter (suggested 10 times)
There is sweet music here - Stephen Chatman (suggested 5 times, and
probably my choice)
How still he rests - Brent Pierce (suggested twice)
Jesu, joy of man's desiring - Bach (with oboe obligato)
Suscepit Israel (from Magnificat) - Bach (SSA)
two carols by R. Vaughan Williams
Don't be weary, traveler
La lune blanche - Brent Pierce
What wondrous love & Sometimes I feel - Edwin Childs (Woodland Press)
Earthsongs - David Brunner (SSA, piano, oboe)
There will be rest - Z. Randall Stroope
A Savior from on high - Stephen Paulus (oboe and keyboard)
A sprig of time - John Rutter
My life goes on - Alice Parker (oboe and keyboard)
You, rose of my heart - Jas. Mulholland (Plymouth JM-104, oboe & piano)
Out on the Mira - Allistair MacGillivray (oboe and piano)
The shepherds had an angel - Maurice Besly (english horn)
Here's one - Mark Hayes (oboe and piano)


Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 12:46:57 -0400
From: Lanny McManus
Subject: Music for Choir & Solo Instrument

During the weeks leading up to the regional ACDA conventions we asked
Choralist members for help in compiling a list of favorite works for one
solo instrument and choir with or without keyboard. At the same time we
had contacted all the publishers we could find and asked for music that fit
our topic and used the Musica database to compile as comprhensive a list as
possible of these works.

Those listed as highly recommended are works of high artistic merit while
Those listed as recommended are works that are good but might best be used
in a specific situation, most often in a church setting.

Larry D. Wyatt
Lanny R. McManus

Music for Solo Instruments and Choir
* Denotes Choralist Favorite

Composer, Choir, Title, Pub., Pub. #.

Oboe Total Received 61
Highly Recommended

*Avshalomov, Jacob, Mixed, Tom o'Bedlam, E.C. Schirmer, 2442.
*Chatman, Stephen, Mixed, Thou Whose Harmony Is the Music, Jaymar Music, 02.365
Chatman, Stephen, Mixed, Music, When Soft Voices Die, Jaymar Music, 02.307.
*Chatman, Stephen, Mixed, There Is Sweet Music Here, Jaymar Music, 02.305.
Chatman, Stephen, Mixed, Piping Down the Valleys Wild, Jaymar Music, 02.308.
Chatman, Stephen, Mixed, Song of the Laughing Green, Jaymar Music, 02.306.
*Effinger, Cecil, Mixed, Four Pastorales, G. Schirmer.
Neswick, Bruce, Mixed, Peace Be with You, Augsburg, 12-101.
Strategier, Herman, Mixed, Psalm 148, Harmonia-Uitgrave, H.U. 3281.
Stroope, Z. Randall, Mixed, There Will Be Rest, Mark Foster, MF 3012.
Van, Jeffery, Treble, The Journey of Mary, Boosey & Hawkes, OCTB6890.


Arr. Cherwien, David M., Mixed, My Dancing Day, Lorenz, CGA-608.
Arr. Ferko, Frank, Mixed, Lord of All Hopefulness, Augsburg, 11-10304.
Gustafson, Dwight, Mixed, Spirit of God Descend upon My Heart, Theodore
Presser, 392-41802.
Arr. Hall, William, Mixed, All the Pretty Little Horses, National Music,
Arr. Hopson, Hal H., Treble, Oh, Sleep Now, Holy Baby, MorningStar,
Kemp, Helen, Treble, Prayer Litany, Lorenz, CGA747.
Arr. Leavitt, John Jr., Mixed, Amazing Grace, Hope, F 986.
Leavitt, John, Mixed, In the Shadow of Your Wings, GIA, G-3345.
Maisner, Benjamin Z., Arr. Robinovitch, Sid, Mixed, B'tal'lei Orah,
Transcontinental Music, 991372.
Arr. McCray, James, Treble, Cold Blows the Wind, Mark Foster Music, MF 849.
McCray, James, Mixed, A Child Said, National Music, NMP-151.
*Rutter, John, Mixed, The Lord Is My Shepherd, Oxford Univ., 94.216.
Arr. Schoenfeld, William, Mixed, Alas! and Did My Savior Bleed, Theodore
Presser, 392-41438.
Sheppard, Mark, Mixed, Shepherd Play Your Pipes Tonight, Augsburg, 11-10728.
Arr. White, David Ashley, Treble, Come, Ye Sinners, Augsburg, 11-10362.
Arr. Williams-Wimberly, Lou, Mixed, Noel, Let Us Sing Noel, Alliance Music,

Choralist Favorites Not On List

Butler, Eugene, Mixed, How Long, O Lord, Bourne, B205799-385.
Hardyk, Joel, Treble, I Never Saw Another Buterfly.
MacGillivray, , Arr. Calvert, , ,Song for the Mira, Oxford, VE.I.1080.
Mullholand, James, Mixed, You Rose of My Heart, Plymouth, JM-104.
Pelz, Walter, Mixed, Show Me Thy Ways, Augsburg.
Pierce, Brent, , How Still He Rests.
Arr. Warland, Dale, Mixed, Catalonian Carol.

on August 21, 2002 10:00pm
At The RCCO 2002 Conference the Bel Canto Singers performed Genesis, a work of mine for SATB,ST SOli9From Choir) Organ or Piano, Optional strings.
The work lasts about 28mins and is supported throughout with a solo oboe
Perusal scores available from me
on August 7, 2007 10:00pm
Arr. Warland, Dale, Mixed, Catalonian Carol.

Does anyone know where to get the music for Warland's Catalonian Carol? His other 2 arrangements with oboe (Huron Carol, and What Is This Fragrance?) are lovely.

The only refs to Catalonian Carol are Jenson Publications, Inc. which doesn't seem to exist any more, and Hal Leonard, which does not have this piece currently listed at their website.

Thanks for any info,
on December 1, 2008 10:00pm
Yes, I hope that by now you have found it is published by Colla Voce. I recently purchased copies for my church choir. Great piece! Lovely oboe part. Best wishes. B.K. Ferruzza 12/2/08