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Wedding: SATB accompanied

Date: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 17:46:24 -0300
From: "Sonia Berriel"
Subject: Repertoire for wedding ceremonies COMPILATION (Long)

Dear Fellow Listers,

I am so much grateful to all of you who responded to my request for
suggestions of "repertoire for wedding ceremonies, mixed voices,

Here is the compilation, starting with a list of all the 37 suggested
pieces followed by the private responses.

Thanks forever !

Sonia Berriel

=================================================LIST OF THE SUGGESTED PIECES

The titles are in alphabetical order. Inside the square brackets, is the
number of quotes.

[1] Alleluia (Will James / Ralph Manuel / Randall Thompson)
[1] As The Bridegroom To His Chosen (John Rutter)
[1] Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod / Schubert)
[1] Beati Quorum Via (Stanford)
[1] Behold You Are Beautiful (Grieg)
[2] Call, The (from Five Mystical Songs) (R. V. Williams)
[1] Canon In D (a choral setting of the Pachelbel)
[1] Come Into My Garden (Billings)
[1] Concord (from Gloriana) (Britten)
[1] Dieu! Qui La Fait Bon Regarder! (Debussy)
[1] Dona Nobis Pacem (B minor Mass) (Bach)
[1] Erev Shel Shoshanim (WMPress publication #03)
[2] For The Beauty Of The Earth (John Rutter)
[1] Gaelic Blessing, A (John Rutter)
[1] Gift Of Love, The (Two-Part) (Hopson)
[1] God Be In My Head (Davies / John Rutter)
[2] I Am The Rose Of Sharon (Billings)
[2] I Beheld Her, Beautiful As A Dove (Healy Willan)
[1] It Is My Well-Beloved's Voice (Thomas Tomkins)
[2] Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring (J. S. Bach)
[1] Lord Bless You And Keep You, The (John Rutter)
[1] Lord Is My Shepherd, The (Alan Pote)
[1] Lord Most Holy (arr. Mark Hayes)
[1] Meine Schwester, Liebe Braut (Melchior Franck)
[1] Quam Pulchra Es (Dunstable)
[1] Quick, Away, Dispatch (William Byrd)
[3] Rise Up, My Love And Come Away (Healy Willan)
[1] Sanctus (Faure / Gilpin)
[4] Set Me As A Seal (Rene Clausen / Robert Young /
/ William Walton / David Conte)
[1] They Shall Be As Happy (from Purcell's Fairy Queen)
[1] Though I Speak With The Tongues Of Men (Bairstow)
[1] Thy Perfect Love (John Rutter)
[5] Ubi Caritas (Durufle)
[1] Vox Dilecti Mei (Martin de Rivafrecha)
[2] We Wait For Thy Loving Kindness, O God (William McKie)
[1] Wedding Anthem, A (Benjamin Britten)
[3] Wedding Cantata, The (Daniel Pinkham)

===========================================From: David Griggs-Janower

Rutter's Thy Perfect Love can be done a cappella. Other pieces include
settings of Ubi Caritas (eg Durufle), Set Me as a Seal (Robert Young,
Rene Clausen, Walton, David Conte), I am the Rose of Sharon (Billings)
and Come into my Garden (Billings), Britten's Concord from Gloriana,
Willan I Beheld Her or his Rise Up, My Love.

I think there is a very long list on the choralnet resource site. If not,
let me know and I'll send you more suggestions.

David Griggs-Janower
Albany Pro Musica
228 Placid Drive
Schenectady, NY 12303-5118
I suggest 'They shall be as happy..' from Purcell's Fairy Queen: wonderful
and easy score, with a twist of a dance.

You'll love it


member of "TheVoiceCareNetwork"
The Call from Vaughan William's Five Mystical Songs is a suggestion for
your wedding choir. Also, the much requested Ave Maria by Bach-Gounod and
by Schubert are both available in a SATB setting.

Ruth McKendree Treen (rtreen(a)
===========================================From: John & Beth Pineo

We're a quartet and we use...

John Rutter: As the Bridegroom to his Chosen
For the Beauty of the Earth
Alan Pote: The Lord is My Shepherd
Healy Willan: Rise Up! My Love

.....and we're seeking a singable Bach/Gounod or Schubert setting of Ave

Beth Pineo,
Bridgetown, Nova Scotia
Daniel Pinkham: Wedding Cantata

Bill McConnell

*William McConnell Tulsa, OK *
*Home: 918-660-8995 Office: 918-492-7140 *
* mcconnwt(a) *
===========================================From: Eportrgal(a)

How about Rutter: For the Beauty of the Earth?

Hopson: The Gift of Love (Two-part)

Eloise Porter (Gallardo)
ENCORE Children's Chorus
I know you said accompanied, but I couldn't help putting in a plug for
Durufle's *Ubi Caritas*. We had it sung by an octet from my choir at our
wedding and it was exquisite. *Where there is charity and love God is
there. Let us dwell in love.*
Judith Higbee
Our chamber singers have using at several of our own members' weddings.
from memory, we have done the following - and enjoyed them very much.

Canon in D - a very nice choral setting of the Pachelbel. (sorry I don't
details, but try a *good* music store)
Set Me As A Seal (Hymn) Rene Clausen - a capella - beautiful romantic
Lord Most Holy (arr. Mark Hayes) - very easy, good wedding text, acc.
Alleluia (Will James or Ralph Manuel or Randall Thompson)
Sanctus (Faure or Gilpin (easy and acc.)
Ubi Caritas - Durufle
Many general praise anthems work..

Dan Wagner
The Crystal Chorale
Minneapolis, Minnesota
From: James Laster

I'm very fond of THE WEDDING CANTATA by Daniel Pinkham - - all
or part are very useable and appropriate. jlaster>
From: DanRatelle(a)

You might check Daniel Pinkham's Wedding Cantata (Organ, or strings and
horns, I think). Dan Ratelle

Set me as a seal--(I can't remember the composer, but its the one that
starts with a baritone solo) Charles Stanford?

Rise up my love and come away--Healy Willan

The Call--RV Williams (another baritone solo)

Ubi Caritas --- Durufle

Behold you are beautiful-- Grieg. This is really cool, but it sounds best
Norwegian, not the English or German of the Peters Edition. You need to
contact Bruce Tammen at the University of Virginia, who has words and
pronunciation. This one also has a Baritone solo.

Sorry these are acap. but you could have the keyboardist play parts.
From: Vivian Adelberg Rudow

I have some love songs I composed for my sons weddings which are lovely,
but they are just for voice & piano.

Vivian Adelberg Rudow
While working on MM at Kansas Univ., James Ralston, the Choral Director at
the time was married. The KU Chamber Choir performed at his wedding, and
it was wonderful!

We sang: I Beheld Her, Beautiful as a Dove - Willan
Dieu! qui la fait bon regarder! - Debussy, both unaccompanied, and
Dona Nobis Pacem - Bach (B minor Mass) for the recessional.

My choir performed for a wedding of two choir alums:
Ubi caritas - Durufle and
Beati quorum via - Stanford

Good luck

|\ Martin Hook
| \ Director of Choral Activities
| ) Hickman High School
__| Columbia, MO 65202
(__) mhook01(a)

"Work is what you do for others . . .
Art is what you do for yourself."
--- Stephen Sondheim
One of our publications, Erev Shel Shoshanim, (#03, $1.50) is a terrific
arrangement of this lovely Israeli piece...SATB plus amazingly moving

Judith Cook Tucker, Publisher
World Music Press
Intercultural Understanding through Music
From: Kathryn Smith Bowers

Benjamin Britten, A Wedding Anthem, Boosey & Hawkes, difficult sop & ten

William McKie, We wait for Thy loving kindness, O God; an antiphon for
tenor solo, chorus and organ. Oxford U Press. This was composed for Queen
Elizabeth's wedding in 1947.

We used these at our wedding in January in addition to other non-wedding
music by Byrd, Victoria, and Messiaen.

Kathy Bowers, St. Louis MO

Anything setting texts from the Songs of Song. But I can only think of
unaccompanied pieces:

I Am the Rose of Sharon - Billings - SATB
Meine Schwester, Liebe Braut - Melchior Franck - SSATBB
Quam pulchra es - Dunstable - ATB
Vox Dilecti Mei - Martin de Rivafrecha - SATB
It is My Well-Beloved's Voice - Thomas Tomkins

and there are many more..

There is also a pretty madrigal by William Byrd, "Quick, away, dispatch"
which mentions a marriage.

Jo Scheier
From: David McCormick

Does it HAVE to be accompanied? Some of these aren't, but you can
always support with instrument if necessary:

Set me as a Seal - Rene Clausen Mark Foster MF 2047
Set Me as a Seal - William Walton Oxford A 86
We Wait for thy Loving Kindness - McKie Oxford A 124

These from New Church Anthem Book (Oxford):
A Gaelic Blessing - Rutter (copyright listed as RSCM)
God Be in My Head - Davies
God Be in My Head - Rutter
Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring - Bach
Though I speak with the Tongues of Men - Bairstow

David McCormick
You've probably had this suggestion many times, but a favourite of a
small mixed choir I sing with at weddings (and funerals) is "Jesu, Joy
of Man's Desiring" by J.S.Bach. It is well-known and loved by many of
our patrons and has the advantage of a fairly simple accompaniment if
you have to rely on another organist/accompanist.

We have also recently added John Rutter's "The Lord Bless You and Keep
You" which is quite delightful, but for which the accompanist would
probably appreciate some notice - I know, because I had to do it two
weeks ago - it's in 6 flats! Well worth the effort, though.


Nigel A. Wallington, Reading, England. nigel(a)
The Herald Singers

"I can't believe it's not Rutter"

Date: Mon, 20 Oct 1997 13:44:52 -0200
From: "Sonia Berriel"
Subject: Repertoire for wedding ceremonies - Compilation Appendix

Dear Listers,

I am sending you two more contributions which I received after posting
my *Repertoire for wedding ceremonies Compilation*, dated 10/12/97.

Best wishes !

Sonia Berriel


I have a good sugestion for SATB choir and organ:
Benjamin Britten 'Wedding-anthem' Boosey & Hawkes
(This piece is very beatiful, but can be difficult for both choir and
Nils Lindberg 'Shall I compare Thee to a summers day' SATB Warner/Chapell
Nils Lindberg 'As you are' SATB
There are lots pieces good for wedding, it's depending on the text! If you
want more suggestions keep in touch. (Nils Lindberg is a Swedish composer
and arranger)

Best regards & good luck!

Johan Hammmarström

From: RobertamR(a)

I'm surprised no one mentioned Randall Thompson's *Felices Ter* (SATB a
from his *Odes of Horace* (ECS), nor the Flor Peeters *Wedding Song* on the
Song of Ruth (S solo, SATB, org) (CF Peters).

Robert Ross, Artistic Director
Voces Novae et Antiquae
Philadelphia, PA

Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 17:53:02 -0500 (EST)
From: BrassTenor(a)
Subject: Wedding music - compilation

Thanks again to all who sent responses! As promised, here is my compilation
of different wedding music for processionals/recessionals....


Promenade from Moussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition"
Second movement (Largo) from J.S. Bach's keyboard concerto no. 5 in F minor
(BWV 1056).
Psalm XIX -- Benedetto Marcello
"A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" (from Disney's Cinderella)
"Once Upon a Dream" (from Disney's Sleeping Beauty)
Debussy's Clair de lune
MacDowell "To a Wild Rose"
Schumann "Träumerei"
Gymnopedie #1, by Eric Satie
2nd movement from Beethoven's "Pathetique"
Processional music from the wedding scene in "Sound of Music."
Bach, Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring
Trumpet Tune - David N. Johnson (circa 1971)
Horn Pipe from the Water Music - Handel


Chopin's Polonaises (A major, in particular)
Liszt's "Liebestraum"
Grieg's Piano Concerto in a minor
Benny Goodman version of "You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me".
"Spring" from Vivaldi's The Four Seasons
"Arrival of the Queen of Sheba" from Handel's "Solomon"
Renaissance Dances (5th movement) - by Tylman Susato (for BRASS)
"Achieved is the Glorious Work" from Haydn's "Creation"
"Flintstones" theme (!!!!!)

Many thanks to all who suggested choral pieces for my upcoming wedding!
As you can see below, I received quite a variety of suggestions. Some
pieces received multiple nominations, and some pieces suggested I had
not even thought of. A few people sent me copies of pieces they
themselves had composed for weddings, and a few more offered their
services in writing a piece for us!

Some who offered suggestions or asked for a compilation wanted to know
which piece I chose. Unfortunately, the jury's still out on that one,
for as you can see, I have quite a bit of music to get through.

Once again, thanks to all who took the time to help me out. Compilation

Alexa Johnson

Set Me as a Seal - Rene Clausen
Wedding Cantata - Daniel Pinkham
Rise Up My Love - James McCray
Set me as a Seal - William Walton
As a Bridegroom to his Chosen - John Rutter
Ubi Caritas - Maurice Durufle
Rise Up My Love - Healy Willan
Wedding Anthem - Benjamin Britten
Love Divine All Loves Excelling - Ned Rorem
O Come Ye Servants of the Lord - Tye
Thy Perfect Love - John Rutter
May God Smile on You - J.S. Bach (from a wedding cantata)
(this may be "Der Herr Segne Euch")
Alleluia from Cantata 142 - J.S. Bach
Nigra Sum - Pablo Casals
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring - J.S. Bach
Gaelic Blessing - John Rutter
The Lord Bless You and Keep You - John Rutter
Set Me as a Seal - John Leavitt
Wedding motet - Orlando di Lasso
If Ye Love Me - Thomas Tallis
Set Me as a Seal - David Childs
O Taste and See - Ralph Vaughan Williams
Beati Quorum Via - C. V. Stanford
Tune Thy Music to Thy Heart - Alex Rowley
Arise, My Love - Jack Noble White
Wedding Song - Heinrich Schutz (solo song?)
Felices ter - Randall Thompson
Wedding Song - Flor Peeters
I Sat Down Under His Shadow - Bairstow
The Father's Love - Lole
Alleluia, O Come Praise the Lord - J.S. Bach (from a wedding cantata)
Wedding Cantata #196 - J.S. Bach
We Will Remember Thy Name/Alleluia, Amen (Wedding anthem for Princess
Anne) - G. F. Handel
The Gift of Love (arrangement of "O Waly Waly" tune)
The Lord's Prayer (arr. for choir) - Malotte
Ave Maria - Biebl

> [1] Alleluia (Will James / Ralph Manuel / Randall Thompson)
> [1] As The Bridegroom To His Chosen (John Rutter)
> [1] Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod / Schubert)
> [1] Beati Quorum Via (Stanford)
> [1] Behold You Are Beautiful (Grieg)
> [2] Call, The (from Five Mystical Songs) (R. V. Williams)
> [1] Canon In D (a choral setting of the Pachelbel)
> [1] Come Into My Garden (Billings)
> [1] Concord (from Gloriana) (Britten)
> [1] Dieu! Qui La Fait Bon Regarder! (Debussy)
> [1] Dona Nobis Pacem (B minor Mass) (Bach)
> [1] Erev Shel Shoshanim (WMPress publication #03)
> [2] For The Beauty Of The Earth (John Rutter)
> [1] Gaelic Blessing, A (John Rutter)
> [1] Gift Of Love, The (Two-Part) (Hopson)
> [1] God Be In My Head (Davies / John Rutter)
> [2] I Am The Rose Of Sharon (Billings)
> [2] I Beheld Her, Beautiful As A Dove (Healy Willan)
> [1] It Is My Well-Beloved's Voice (Thomas Tomkins)
> [2] Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring (J. S. Bach)
> [1] Lord Bless You And Keep You, The (John Rutter)
> [1] Lord Is My Shepherd, The (Alan Pote)
> [1] Lord Most Holy (arr. Mark Hayes)
> [1] Meine Schwester, Liebe Braut (Melchior Franck)
> [1] Quam Pulchra Es (Dunstable)
> [1] Quick, Away, Dispatch (William Byrd)
> [3] Rise Up, My Love And Come Away (Healy Willan)
> [1] Sanctus (Faure / Gilpin)
> [4] Set Me As A Seal (Rene Clausen / Robert Young /
> / William Walton / David Conte)
> [1] They Shall Be As Happy (from Purcell's Fairy Queen)
> [1] Though I Speak With The Tongues Of Men (Bairstow)
> [1] Thy Perfect Love (John Rutter)
> [5] Ubi Caritas (Durufle)
> [1] Vox Dilecti Mei (Martin de Rivafrecha)
> [2] We Wait For Thy Loving Kindness, O God (William McKie)
> [1] Wedding Anthem, A (Benjamin Britten)
> [3] Wedding Cantata, The (Daniel Pinkham)

> Composer: LASSO (LASSUS)
> Work: Wedding motet (New Edition)
> Composer: MARENZIO
> Work: To love, my lady
> Composer: TALLIS
> Work: If ye love me
> Composer: WILBYE
> Work: Lady, when I beheld the roses
> Composer: WARD
> Work: O Divine love
> Composer: TRAD
> Work: Drink to me only with thine eyes
> Composer: SMART
> Work: My true love hath my heart
> Composer: SULLIVAN
> Work: Brightly dawns our wedding day
> Composer: WILDE
> Work: Epithalamion

Thank you so much to all the people (over 40!) who responded with repertoire
suggestions for a choir to sing at a wedding! Your support and
encouragement are very much appreciated.

A compilation follows below, and I found this very helpful.
Here is a short summary of the most popular ones:
11 Rene Clausen's Set Me as a Seal
9 Daniel Pinkham Wedding Cantata
6 Hal Hopson Gift of Love
6 William Walton Set Me as a Seal Upon Thy Heart
3 John Rutter Gaelic Blessing
3 Bach Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring
4 Durufle Ubi Caritas

Two other compilations were also sent to me, and I'll send those in the next
posting as a P.S. in case you might already have saved those before. Even
though this type of survey had been done before, I find it very informative to
compare new suggestions with previous ones - so Thank You All once again!!

Judy Greenhill
Director, Nashua Choral Ensemble

Wedding Repertoire for Choirs

Our church choir has done Rene Clausen's settting of Set Me as a Seal and
the Daniel Pinkham Wedding Cantata recently.

One of my favorites is the Wedding Cantata by Pinkham.

Randall Thompson: *Felices ter* (Thrice Happy They) SATB a capp (ECS)
Peeters: *Wedding Song* (on the Song of Ruth) S solo, SATB, org (Peters)
Walton: *Set Me as a Seal* SATB div., a capp (OUP) Pinkham: *Wedding
Cantata* SB soli, SATB div,. acc. (Peters) Billings: *I Am the Rose of
Sharon*; *I Am Come Into My Garden* (one other on the Song of Songs; title
escapes me) Various pub., but check Broude Bros. under the *Western
series Eleanor Daley: *Set Me as a Seal* SATB a capp (Alliance) Raphaela
Aleotta: *Ego Flos Campi* SAT + SATB a capp (Hildegard Pub.)

Although not particularly "sacred"any of the movements of the Pinkahm
Wedding Cantata would work. Esp. "Set Me As A Seal" and "Many Waters".

Lutkin: Lord Bless You and Keep You
Malotte: Lord's Prayer
Dungan: Prayer of St. Francis (Lord, Make Me an Instrument...)

I have a friend who is including "Bogoroditse Devo" by Rachmaninnov. It is
so beautiful.

Daniel Pinkham's Wedding Cantata is really nice.

aniel Pinkham Wedding Cantata
Set Me As a Seal Upon Thy Heart - settings by William Walton, Rene
Claussen Rise Up, My Love - Healy Willan (a cappella motet) How Can I
>From Singing - Edward Tyler (a cappella) Greater Love Hath No Man - John
Ireland (big organ accompaniment)

Ubi Caritas - Durufle
Dieu, Quit La Fait Bon Rergarder - Debussy from the 3 Chansons
Oh My Luvs Like A Red Red Rose - Rene Clauson

I have done several weddings with various choirs. The following come to
mind: JSB, "Jesu Joy"; Rutter, "As the Bridegroom to his chosen";
Purcell, "Come Ye Sons (Children) of Art" R. Vaughan Williams, "Let all
the world" (from 5 Mystical Songs); Handel, "May no rash intruder"
(Solomon); any number of blessings - Rutter, Lutkin. etc. Bascially,
anything goes - ask the bride (bridegroom) for suggestions.

I was just asked to put together a proposal for choral music for a wedding
that Martha Stewart plans to film! The clients want something joyous,
grand, and celebratory, but no organ (!) and nothing too churchy (?).
Here are some of my suggestions for them. I'd be most interested in a
compilation. They also requested the Wagner Wedding March be sung, in
German. Does the list have any idea where one could get that?

1. Set me as a Seal upon Thine Heart: Two settings, by William
Walton, with tenor solo, or Rene
Clausen, choral version.

both beautiful, with the most appropriate text imaginable.

2. Rejoice in the Lord, Alway Henry Purcell (English, 1659-1695)
good introductory/background music; ceremonial, for guests being shown
their seats. begins quietly and builds to a joyous climax. Known in
England as The Bell Anthem, as the string accompaniment evokes the
of bells.

Rejoice in the Lord alway; and again, I say rejoice.
Let your moderation be known unto all men; the Lord is at hand…
And the peace of God which passes all understanding
shall keep your hearts and minds through Jesus Christ our Lord.

3. A Gaelic Blessing John Rutter (English, b. 1945) [2’]
a good choice for a second piece in the prelude; reflective, gentle
by contemporary English composer John Rutter

Deep peace of the running wave to you;
Deep peace of the flowing air to you;
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you,
Deep peace of the shining stars to you, etc.

4. My Spirit Sang all Day [2’] Gerald Finzi (English, 1901-1956)

This is a beautiful a cappella song with joyous words; I like it because
it is not "sacred" but expresses love and since it uses the words "spirit,
thy, and thou," it sounds appropriate for a chuch wedding.

My spirit sang all day, O my Joy.
Nothing my tongue could say—only my Joy!
My heart an echo caught-
and spake, Tell me thy thought,
Hide not thy joy.
My eyes ‘gan peer around, O my Joy
What beauty hast thou found? Show us thy joy…
She also came and heard, O my Joy
What, said she, is this word, What is thy Joy?
And I replied, O see, O my joy
‘Tis thee, I cried, ‘tis thee: Thou art my joy!
--Robert Bridges

5. Wedding Cantata (First movement) [3’] Daniel Pinkham,
(American, b. 1923)
Sophisticated, twentieth century music; I like this very much,
it may not be as immediately appealing as the previous selections.

Rise up, my love my fair one and come away! For lo the winter is past and
the rain is over and gone…from Song of Solomon

6. Sanctus [3’] Gabriel Fauré ( French, 1845-1924)
Another option would be to have harp accompaniment on something like
this—it is from the Requiem, but could be simply listed as Sanctus, by
gorgeous music which begins softly and builds to a grand climax.

Holy, holy, holy Lord God of Hosts, Heaven and earth are full of your
glory. Hosanna in the highest. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the
Lord; Hosanna in the highest!

7. Oh My Love’s Like a Red, Red Rose [3 1/2’] ( James Mullholland,
contemporary American)

A very effective setting of Robert Burns’ great love poem;

8. Dirait-on Morten Lauridsen (contemporary American)

The only selection in French; a love poem by Rainier Maria Rilke.
Gorgeous, very appealing, composed in 1994.

There is a lovely simple (not simplistic) arrangement of Gift of Love by
Hal Hopson - you'll find the hymn tune in 2 places in the United Methodist
Hymnal - #643 and #408.

I would think a variety of praise/thanksgiving anthems would be suitable -

Look at the Wedding Cantata by Pinkham published by Peters. Also, any
setting of "Set me as a seal upon thine heart". The ones by Walton and G.
Near are great.

We recently sangt at a wedding of two of our members. We did Rutter's "O
Clap Your Hands," Peter Yarrow's "Wedding Song," the Malotte "Lord's
Prayer" and ended with Rutter's "Gaelic Blessing."

I'm sure that you will receive lots of "Set Me As a Seal"'s, Pinkham,
Clausen, Etc. Other things from the Song of Songs ("Rise up my love") Jesu
Joy of Man's Desiring (Bach), Lord who at Cana's wedding Feast" Buxtehude
w/ 2 instuments). A movement from the Bach "Wedding Cantata". There are
lots of Song of Ruth settings, "Whither thou goest".

For my own wedding, I used various movements of things that my choir had
been working on ("Sanctus" from a Mozart Mass for example).

i have been pondering the same question as i am getting married in october
and will have my church choir singing. we want to have the choir sing the
processional and recessional as well as some music duing the service
itself. i would be most interested to recieve your results. some things
that we have already thought of for the wedding is to have the choir
process before my fiancee to "praise my soul the king of heaven", also the
carol of beauty is very pretty ( the tune is "what is this lovely
fragrance"). we have also thought about using a stanford jubilate setting
(perhaps in b flat). hope this is of some help.

Bach--Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
Rutter--Gaelic Blessing
Holst--O God Beyond All Praising (the "Jupiter" tune; the 2nd verse is
very appropriate for weddings. It makes a good choral bridal procession);
It is in our hymnal.

one suggestion would be "jesu, joy of man's desiring" and perhaps "sheep
may safely graze" or (to the same tune) "god, my shepherd walks beside
me" all by bach.

Palestrina: Sicut Cervus
Stanford: Beati Quorum via
Durufle: Ubi Caritas

My Chamber Choir just performed for a wedding yesterday.
Three numbers: Panic Angelicus--Franck (available from CPDL free);
Laudate Dominum, Mozart; and Ode To Joy --Beethoven, arr. by Ruth
Artman (Beckenhorst). They all worked nicely. Ode to Joy was the
Fortunately, we could work from a balconey unobserved.
Other weddings we have done used Rutter's "God Be in My Head" + his
"Amen" (written for his own wedding)and his "May the Lord Bless You and
Keep You".

Set Me As A Seal - Rene Clausen
If Ye Love Me - Phillip Wilby
If Ye Love Me - Tallis
The Gift of Love - Hopson

Intro O Taste and See -Vaughn Williams
Wedding party entrance Jesu Dulcis Memoria - Vittoria Tatiana's
Entrance Lohengrin Bridal Chorus - Wagner (welcome) (1st
reading) Psalm Jubilate Deo (Ps 100) -
Lassus (2nd reading) Hymn Thou Knowest Lord
- Purcell Gospel Homily Vows Hymn Set Me As
a Seal - Claussen| | | Closing Hymn If Ye Love Me -

Hal Hopson's The Gift of Love, in both choral and solo arrangements, has
always been a favorite of mine. It's a simple, yet lovely arrangement of a
folk song.

The Lord Bless You, J. S. Bach
As the Father Loves Me, K. Lee Scott (CPH)
And the Father Will Dance, Mark Hayes
Nothing Can Come Between Us, Jeremy Young (AFP)

I think we may have done "I believe"

Any setting of the Lord's Prayer would be suitable, I think. Also Hal
Hopson's "The Gift of Love" -- 1 Corinthians 13 set to the O Waly Waly
folk song tune. Just 2 that I have used/heard in weddings.

Set Me as a Seal - René Clausen (Mark Foster, I think)

There's another good setting of same text in the Oxford Anthem Book IV, I
think, and I think it's by William Walton (I'm in the process of moving,
and don't have it at hand.

Set Me as a Seal - Rene Clausen
Pilgrim's Hymn-Stephen Paulus
Set Me as a Seal- Robert Scholz

As a quartet we often use:

Rutter: For the Beauty of the Earth
Rutter: As the Bride groom to his CHosen
Pote: 23rd Psalm

all wonderful choral pieces!

As for my wedding, I had a small choir perform Durufle's "Ubi caritas."

my choral groups sing at weddings all the time. A part from the fact that
this very Sunday we have been asked to sing "I believe I can fly" -
backing up the solists from TAKE 6 group !!!! at a very snazzy wedding
(Jesse Jackson presiding, Spielberg walking the bride down the aisle,
Whitney Houston singing etc etc) !!!!here in Florence, NORMALLY we sing
choral repertory such as: Chorale from Bach's Cantata 147 Ave Verum by
Mozart Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's Messiah Panis Angelicus by Franck
in 2 part canon

There are a couple of arrangements of an Alleluia text and other English
words based on Pachelbel's famous canon.

We have also done some wonderful hymns straight out of the hymnal, with
organ solo interludes inserted between one verse and another. There are
themes on commitment, eternal love, special moment etc.

"Set Me As A Seal" - Rene Clausen
"Without Love, It Will All Pass Away" - Craig Courtney
"The Gift Of Love" - (now available in SATB) - Hal Hopson
"The Lord's Prayer" - Rene Clausen

"See the Chariot At Hand" by RVW uses a Ben Jonson poem and can be
in the composer's suite "In Windsor Forest." Uses piano; a most beautiful

Also, if it's an outstanding choir you might select "Set Me As a Seal Upon
Thine Heart" by William Walton. There is no more expressive choral
wedding piece than this; it is unaccompanied, and has a lovely, somewhat
brief tenor solo which never goes above the staff.

I've done John Rutter's "The Lord Bless You and Keep You" with organ.

If you can manage the Latin in terms of acceptability, the Durufle "Ubi
Caritas" works well. Also, Hal Hopson's arrangement of the English
folksong OWaly Waly entitled "The Gift of Love" works also. Also, John
Ireland's "No Greater Love".

Hi, I'm Matthew Harris, and I have a Wedding Chorus that was just
published by G. Schirmer/A.M.P. It's from my opera, TESS,. (You might
recall about two weeks ago I posted information of a reading of excerpts
of it by the New York City Opera.)
It's SATB, about two minutes long and has a brief piano part that you
could play on organ (in the opera the music is played by strings) or leave
It's called "Come Let Us Chime (Wedding Song)" It's distributed by Hal
Leonard, order no. HL50483651, and costs $1.50

I suppose I will be one among many who
recommends "Set Me As A Seal" by René
Clausen. It is breathtaking and so
appropriate for a wedding service.

My True Love Hath My Heart by Jean Berger is absolutely gorgeous. Its
accapella and great for a small group like you have.

Rise up my love--James McCray SATB w/flute

My choir (a cappella) usually sings some of the following songs in
weddings. I hope this helps.

Laudate Dominum - Haendel
Joy of the world - Haendel
Allelluia - Haendel
Ave Verum Corpus - Mozart
Ave María - T. L. de Victoria
Ave María - Mons. Barbieri
Ave María - F. P. Neglia
Dadme albricias hijos d'Eva - Cancionero de Upsala
Cantantibus Organis - P. Gonzalez.
Gloria - Vivaldi (1st. part)

My favourite wedding anthem is Blessed be the God and Father by S S
Wesley. It is quite long and has various solo sections within it. The
organ part needs preparation but is not particularly difficult.

Judy L. Greenhill, Londonderry, NH, judy(a)

Thank you all for the many lovely suggestions for choral wedding songs
that you have shared. Several of you suggested that the first stop
would be to check the reperrtoire lists at the choralnet site
(repertoire to lists to other occasions). Several lists are already on
this site. Because some of you sent copies of repertoire lists which
appear to be duplications of what is already on choralnet, I may have
omited a title or two. If so, I apologize. The response was

By the way, when I tried to order copies of a few of the titles that I
did not know (through Pepper) , I was not able to find the following
that I would really be interested in seeing. If you know where I could
find a copy, I'd be grateful: Behold, You Are Beautiful - Grieg, Come
Live With Me - Bennett, The Greatest of These - Mark Hayes.

Here's the list.

Set Me As a Seal ? several composers: Clausen, Walton, Nance, Childs,
Leavitt, Bairstow, Daley
The Gift of Love - Hopson
Wedding Cantata- Pinkham
Rise Up, My Love, My Fair One ? McCray
Rise Up My Love, My Fair One - Willan
I Am the Rose of Sharon ? Billings (also I Am Come Into My Garden ?
Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring ? Bach
Sicut Servus ? Palestrina
Ubi Caritas ? Durufle
Gaelic Blessing ? Rutter
The Lord Bless You and Keep You ? Rutter—also Lutkin
In This Very Room
Shine On Us
Beati Quorum Via - Sanford
Wedding Song ? Flor Peters
Wedding Song (There Is Love) ? Yarrow
My Spirit Sang All Day ? Finzi
The Lord’s Prayer ? Malotte
Canon in D ? Pachelbel
For the Beauty of the Earth ? Rutter
Love Never Fails ? Redford
As the Bridegroom To His Chosen - Rutter
Ave Maria ? Bach/Gounod also Parsons (Oxford Tudor Anthems)
Choral Amen ? Rutter (written for his own wedding)
Faithful Friend ? Twila Paris
Draw Us In the Spirit’s Tether - Friedell
Greater Love Has No Man - Ireland
Erev Shel Shoshanim ? arr. Jack Klebanow SATB
Come Let Us Chime ? Michael Harris
Ave Verum ? Mozart
If Ye Love Me ? Tallis
Sheep May Safely Graze ? Bach
Let the People Praise Thee, O God ? Mathias
Come Live With Me ? William Sternsdale Bennett (Handlo music)
Love Is.. ? Brandvik (Alliance)
One Hand, One Heart and Somewhere ? Bernstein (West Side Story)
All I Ask of You ? Webber (Phantom of the Opera)
The Rose
May God Smile On You ? Bach
Cantique de Jean Racine - Faure
My True Love Hath My Heart ? Berger
O My Love’s Like a Red, Red Rose ? Mulholland
Dirait-on ? Lauridsen
Prayer of St. Francis ? Dungan
Felices Ter ? Randall Thompson
Write Your Blessed Name Upon My Heart ? Grotenhuis
Old Irish Blessing
Offertory ? John ness Beck
The Greatest of These Is Love ? Mark Hayes
Eternal Love ? Sjolund
God Be In My Head
Alleluia ? Hummel and Randall Thompson
Entreat Me Not to Leave You ? Gounod
Surge, propera amica mea ? Palestrina
Sound the Trumpet ? Purcell
Wedding Cantata ? Handel
Brightly Dawns the Wedding Day ? Sullivan (Mikado)
The Greatest of These ? Marshall
Thou Who Art Over Us ? Amy Scurria

Lynne Bradley