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Nature: Flower-related texts

Date: Tue, 24 Oct 1995 11:50:18 -0400
From: WmSword(a)
Subject: Results of FLOWER Repertoire request

Many thanks to Dennis Wallisch, Bonnie Sneed, Anne-Lise Pasch, Kirin, W.Scott
Ponzani, Gary Weidenaar, Mark Lucas, Carl Stam, Joel Pressman, Leonard Enns,
Lee Kesselman, Mark Gresham, Leigh Kron, James Laster,Steve Zopfi, Paul
Sinasohn, John & Susie Howell, Dean Estabrook, David Buley, Leonard Ratzlaff,
Vern Sanders, David Bauguess and Joel Kramme for supplying titles to the

Edwin Fissinger, "On Flowers and Love" (ROSEBUD)
R. Rodney Bennett, "Flower Carol (UE 14657L)
Machaut, "Rose liz"
John Wilby, "Flora gave me fairest flowers" and "Sweet Honey-sucking bees"
J. Harbison, "Lilacs" ?
Halsey Stevens, "Go lovely rose"
William Billings, "Rose of Sharon"
Felix Mendelssohn, "Die Primul"
Bateson, "The sweet delightful lilies"
Benjamin Britten, "Sweet Flag" (GLORIANA)
Irving Fine, "Have you seen the white lily grow (HOURGLASS)
Morten Lauridsen, "Le Chanson des Roses" (Peer/Southern)
Paul Hindemith, "Verger" (SIX CHANSON)
Libby Larson, "Primrose"
Max Reger, "Flowers may bloom in the Spring"
Mulholland, "A Red, Red, Rose"
Eric Thiman, Go Lovely Rose" and "She is my slender small love."
Leonard Enns, "Music when soft voices die" (Thomas House Publ.)
Vincent Persichetti, "Flower Songs" ?
Lee Kesselman, "When Daffodils begin to peer"
Mark Gresham, "A Garland for Easter"
R. Vaughan Williams, "I got me flowers" (MYSTICAL SONGS)
Mark Henddrson, "Go Lovely Rose"
Jean Berger, "A Rose touched by ...")
John Paynter, "The Rose"
Gerald Finzi, "I praise thee tender flower"
Crawford Gates, "Oh, my luv's like a red, red rose"
Kirke Mechem, "Five Centuries of Spring"
Richard Allison, "There's a garden in her face
Henry Youll, "Of sweet dainty flow'rs"
Thomas Morley, "Those daity daffadillies", "The fields abroad", "Now is the
gentle season freshly flowering" and I saw my lovely Phillis"
John Farmer, "You blessed bowers"
John Clements, "Flower of Beauty"
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 1998 17:42:21 +1300
From: Mark Leicester
Subject: Flower Arrangements

Happy New Year!

Last December I posted the following request for Choral music of the Floral
Many thanks to all who responded.

Floral & Choral

My mixed choir of 40-50 will be performing a service early next year as a
part of a flower festival. The service is to combine the seemingly
disparate themes of flowers and "Romance and Revolution" (the latter being
the theme of Wellington, New Zealand's 1998 Festival of the Arts -
exemplified by the festival's centrepiece "Fidelio").

I would like to collect together a list of choral repertoire with flowers
as subject matter. Additionally, if you can find repertoire that sensibly
combines flowers and the French revolution I will be most impressed - but
this is not essential.

Britten's "Five Flower Songs" spring to mind immediately, but I'm sure that
there must be more. Speaking of Britten: I am a blossoming (irresistable)
Britten fan, but I find his "Flower Songs" just a little ungrateful to
perform - any comments?

I'm after roughly four pieces of 3-5 minutes each - anthems etc.

Dave Singer
Thu 18/12/97 10:31

from a concert I did once "carnations and reincarnations":
Finzi: I praise the tender flower
Finzi: I have loved flowers that fade

Pearsall: Lay a garland on her hearse
Billings: I am the rose of Sharon and the lily of the valley
Effinger: Basket (from the 4 pastorales, chorus and solo oboe)

Es ist ein ros, and all the 'rose/mary' stuff

you're gonna have to set something from the scarlet pimpernel (know those
stories of derring-do in the french revolution?)

Mari Eleanor
Tue 16/12/97 09:31

Couldn't do much re flowers and the French revolution, but...

'A rose touched by the sun's warm rays' is one of a set of three by
(French born, I think) composer Jean Berger. It's for SATB a
cappella, and is lovely. It's only short (say 2mins), and is
basically being repeated with a second time bar to end on. It has
text in German and English. I've only got a copy of the one song,
published here by Ausburg Publishing House in 1962. He has a page at
Composers Bureau
although unfortunatley this set of three doesn't appear in their
listing) if you're interested. I could fax you my score if you want
to take a look. I've done it with my moderately endowed church
choir, and they did it well.

Mari Eleanor
Honours student
Department of Music
Monash University
Victoria, Australia
Email: Mari.Eleanor(a)
"We speak the wisdom of God in a mystery" - 1 Cor 2:7

Bill Paisner
Mon 15/12/97 09:17

If you want something offbeat, I have an unpublished arrangement of a
SWEDISH folk song, SATB, totally homophonic, very easy, together with
translation. "In the meadow, flowers bloom.." Chorus: Come Lilies,
Roses, Chrysanthemums, etc.

If interested reply by email & I'll send you a copy in exchange for an
interesting New Zealand choral work that I can perform.

Bill Paisner, Director
Temecula Vintage Singers
Temecula, California

Tom Lumb
Mon 15/12/97 09:17

For what it is worth, I just came upon the following piece of info,
purely by chance while trying to find something about the Festival of
the 9 Lessons and Carols.

Back in 1966 there was a service for the dedication of a Festival of
Flowers at Guildford Cathedral in the UK. The one piece listed that the
choir sang is: Benedicite in B-flat by Herbert Sumsion. I know nothing
about the piece (or the composer, for that matter - although I see, from
Sing! that one or two NZ choirs must have sung some of his music) - but,
presumably they had some reasonf for choosing it?

Tom Lumb
Music Librarian
Festival Singers of Wellington

May the road rise before you and the wind ever be at your back

Mon 15/12/97 09:14

Here is a program I have planned for this season with the Wagner Ensemble.

May 3, 1998

Poets' Garden

Flora gave me fairest flowers John Wilbye

Flower Songs Benjamin Britten

1. To Daffodils (Robert Herrick)
2. The Succession of the Four Sweet Months (Robert Herrick)
3. Marsh Flowers (George Crabbe)
4. The Evenng Primrose (John Clare)
5. Ballad of Green Broom (Anonymous)


Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme ad. and arr. John Coates, Jr.
(Old English Song)

Two Madrigals Paul Reale
I. Spring and Fall (Gerard Manley Hopkins)
II. What Is Life? (Anonymous, 16th Century)

Flower Songs (e.e. cummings) Vincent Persichetti
I. Flowers of Stone
II. Spouting Violets
III. Early Flowers
IV. Is There a Flower
V. A Yellow Flower
VI. The Rose Is Dying
VII. Lily has a Rose

Thu 11/12/97 16:56

John Clement - Flower of Beauty, SATB a capella. Lovely, not difficult.

Frederic H. Ford
East Brunswick, NJ

Sagan Donna
Thu 11/12/97 10:13

Mark, look for Morten Lauritsen, a composer living in Californina. He has
set of 'flower songs' in French, using text by Rilke. They are gorgeous
challenging. I have done "Contre Qui, Rose", and "Dirait-on". They each
with a different sort of flower. Try them out.

Donna Sagan

James Green
Thu 11/12/97 09:47

You asked ChoralTalk this week about choral works that might deal with
flowers, and mentioned Britten's Flower Songs as an example.
A couple of thoughts.
1) There is a set of "Four Pastorales" by Cecil Effinger for choir and
written in memory of someone killed piloting a plane (I think in WW2). The
last two of those, "Basket" and "Wood" might be worth looking at.
2) Deems Taylor's arrangement of "May Day Carol" might serve.
Good luck! Jim Green

Ken Langer
Thu 11/12/97 09:47

I am a composer. I read your note about wanting pieces for flowers. I
have two pieces with that theme. One is entitled "There Are Flowers" for
piano and chorus. It deals with how there are many types, sizes, and
colors of flowers that live beside one another and is an analogy for us.
The other is a brand new piece entitled "A Sweet Perfume" which is for
SATB unaccomapnied. It deals with the smell of a sweet perfume like
those created by flowers but is really the essence of an inner beauty.
If you would like to review either of those works, I would be glad to
send you copies.

Ken Langer
Music Department
Lyndon State College
Lyndonville VT 05851
e-mail: LangerK(a)
home page:

Kelly Schmidt
Thu 11/12/97 09:46

You might want to consider "Flora gave me fairest flowers", a
madrigal for five voices (SSATB) by John Wilbye.

Kelly Schmidt

Miguel Galperin
Wed 10/12/97 17:49

I have just conducted Britten s Flower Songs (a couple
of weeks ago), I d be happy to discuss some
especific problems, if you may.

Miguel Galperin
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
E-mail: galper(a)
Buenos Aires - Argentina

Jenny Lowe
Wed 10/12/97 17:06

Britten fan, but I find his "Flower Songs" just a little ungrateful to
perform - any comments? >>

Amen! I love him quite a bit myself (I think I've bloomed!), but I'm
up a set of his Irish/English folk songs for a recital. He's not an easy
no. The trouble with that stuff is, he sounds easy. I'll just have to hope
that some of the audience members know the truth. I can't help you with
flower question, sorry.

Jenny Lowe
Junior in Music Education
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Karen Weaver
Wed 10/12/97 13:09

I just recently discovered Morten Lauridsen's Les Chansons des Roses,
five settings of French poems by Rilke, published by Peermusic. I've
only seen a copy of one of the five, but I was impressed enough to seek
out the others. The cycle was composed for a professional chamber
chorus in Portland, Oregon called Choral Cross-Ties.

Karen Weaver, Director
Good Company: A Vocal Ensemble
Cleveland, Ohio

Karen P. Thomas
Wed 10/12/97 09:48

For your compilation of music on the subject of flowers:

1. There are dozens of English madrigals. A few which come to mind
immediately are "Flora gave me fairest flowers" by Wilbye and "Those sweet
delightful lilies" by Bateson.

2. I have a piece for a cappella choir on a Medieval English text,
by the rose". I'd be happy to send you a perusal copy.

Karen P. Thomas,
Artistic Director and Conductor,
The Seattle Pro Musica

Christopher Marshall
Wed 10/12/97 09:33

I'm a New Zealand composer at the Eastman School for the last 18 months on
a Fulbright grant. I'm leaving here on the 21st to return to NZ. My piece
'La Rose' is a setting of a 16th century sonnet by Ronsard (Comme on voit
sur la branche au mois de mai la rose....) for SATB (quite a few divisions)
and baritone and high soprano solos. It is about six minutes long. The
Eastman Chorale and soloists recently did it here to an overwhelmingly
enthusiastic response. It is highly passionate, Romantic music and is not
exactly easy.The soloists need to be particularly good. I am pretty sure
that the NZ Music Centre has a copy of the latest version (the one with the
Eastman address on the bottom). If you like the look of it contact me ASAP
and I can send you a tape.

165 Gibbs Street, Apt. 1
Rochester, NY 14605, USA
Email: marshall(a)
Fax: 1 716 454-0273, Ph: 1 716 325-4139

Eric Nelson
Wed 10/12/97 09:33

I'm sure many will suggest the set entitled "Les Chansons des Roses" by
Morten Lauridsen on Rilke texts (in French). Of the five pieces. the
first four are unaccompanied, the last, "Dirait-on" is with piano. All
are quite lovely, but "Dirait-on" is the most-often performed of the
set, appearing on many HS and University programs in the last several

Eric Nelson
Director of Choral Activities
Emory University
Atlanta, GA

Kesselman, Lee R
Wed 10/12/97 09:33

I must admit that I felt similarly about the Britten until I performed them
as a conductor. In performance I found them radiant and satisfying. Good
luck with your choices.

Patrick M. O'Shea
Wed 10/12/97 09:33

Here are a few titles from my personal and school choral libraries:

Go Lovely Rose - Halsey Stevens
A Red Red Rose - David Dickau
A Red Red Rose - Mulholland (from Robert Burns Ballads)
The Rose of Sharon - William Billings
Es ist ein Ros - Michael Praetorius
A Spotless Rose - Jonathan Wilcocks
A Spotless Rose - Herbert Howells
A Rose Touched by the Sun's Warm Rays - Jean Berger
There is no Rose of such Virtue - Robert Young
Autumn Flowers - Gordon Binkerd
Flowers that bloom in Spring - Ralph Hunter

Dr. Patrick M. O'Shea
Director of Choral Activities
Saint Mary's University
Winona, Minnesota, USA

Tel. (1) 507.457.1598
Fax: (1) 507.457.1633

Jena Dickey
Wed 10/12/97 09:32

An instant answer that popped into mind is "In Flanders Fields" by
Tilley, Leslie Music Supply, Box 471 Oakville, Ontario L6J 5A8. We did the
2-part treble arrangement, number HC-5028. Are you familiar with the
They were read in Mr. Holland's Opus at the funeral of the young black man
died in VietNam. When my community children's choir performed it for a
festival, it was their favorite piece!

"In Flanders fields the poppies blow between the crosses, row on row, that
mark our place; and in the sky the larks, still bravely singing, fly,
heard amid the guns below. We are the dead. Short days ago we lived, felt
dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie in Flanders
fields. Take up our quarrel with the foe: To you from failing hands we
the torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die, We
shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields."

Jena Dickey
Young Voices Of Colorado
P. O. Box 1234
Littleton, CO 80160-1234

Elizabeth H Pizer
Wed 10/12/97 09:32

You posted to Choralist:
>> My mixed choir of 40-50 will be performing a service early next
>> year as a part of a flower festival. The service is to combine the
>> seemingly disparate themes of flowers and "Romance and
>> Revolution" ...
>> I would like to collect together a list of choral repertoire with
>> as subject matter.

If it would be of interest, I would be pleased to offer my "Madrigals Anon"
for your consideration -- or at least, the first section from this suite of
3 pieces, which is entitled 'All Night by the Rose'. Scored for SSATB a
cappella voices, the Madrigals are settings of anonymous texts from the
13th-15th centuries.

The text for 'All Night by the Rose' is:
All night by the rose, rose --
All night by the rose I lay;
Dared I not the rose steal,
And yet I bore the flower away.

If you would care to examine perusal materials (score &/or tape), please
let me know. Also, if preliminarily you would like to view some sample
pages from the "Madrigals", I have prepared GIF files of the first page
from each section of the "Madrigals", & can e-mail these to you as file
attachments. There are 3 files, each one approximately 13KB in size,
requiring only a few seconds of downloading time.

Performances of the "Madrigals Anon" include those by the Gregg Smith
Singers, the San Francisco Chamber Singers, & by the Oakland-based chamber
choir, Sacred and Profane. Also, the work will be taken on tour in the
spring (1998) by the Kenyon College Chamber Singers (Ohio), & has been
scheduled for performance next year by the New Mexico Pro Coro (Santa Fe).
Amongst its composition awards is the Best Choral Work prize received in
the 1982 Delius Composition Competition.

Thank you for your kind consideration. Looking forward to hearing from you

With all best wishes,

Elizabeth Hayden Pizer
e-mail: Elizabeth_and_Charles_Pizer(a)
(note: 75317.1544(a) remains valid
for e-mail reception)

Norma Browning
Wed 10/12/97 09:32

You, Rose of My Heart - Mulholland - SATB piano/oboe
Good luck, Norma B.

J Nathan Patton
Wed 10/12/97 09:32

Saw your post about needing flowery material..
Thought I would pass these two anthems off to you...just a
thought, although, for sheer beauty, the will be hard to beat.
1. A Red, Red Rose....James Mulholland 4.00 minutes
2. O, My Luve's Like a Red, Red Rose.....David Dickau 4:10 minutes.

Our university chorale included these two pieces on a recent c.d.
that was made while on tour in England....
Murray State University....Murray, Ky....Dr. Bradley Almquist, Director.

These were just off the top of my head, and may or may not be what
you are looking for......if not, please disregard, and if so...

J Nathan Patton
St Peters of the lakes Episcopal Church
First United Methodist Church
Benton, Kentucky..42025 USA

Mrs Barbara Retzko
Tue 9/12/97 17:02

Flower of Beauty - SATB

David Griggs-Janower
Tue 9/12/97 16:41

I find the Flower Songs an uneven set, and often do only my two
favorites, Evening primrose and Succession of Four S. M.

A whole bunch of flower songs, not necessarily any help with
revolution! Some nature songs might slip in. Some of these from an
earlier choralist post, or from Musica, which you should try if you

Go, Lovely Rose - many settings - Eric Thiman a favorite. Halsey Stevens?
Lily of the Valley - Whalum arr.
Songs of Nature - Robert H. Young (Gentry)
Waldesnacht - brahms
Fissinger - On Flowers and Love (set of songs)
Rodney Bennett - Flower Carol
Machau - Rose liz
Wilbye - Flora gave me faire3st flowers
Harbison - Lilacs?
billings - Rose of Sharon; I am Come in to thy garden
Mendelssohn - Die Primul
Bateson - The sweet delightful lilies
Britten - Sweet Flag (Gloriana)
Bernstein - Make our garden grow
Hindemith - Verger (6 chansons)
Irving Fine - have you seen the white lily grow (gorgeous!)
Lauridsen - Le Chanson des Roses
Libby Larsen - Primrose
thiman - She is my slender small love
James Mulholland - A red red rose
Reger - Flowers may bloom in the spring
Persichetti - Flower songs??
Kesselman - When Dafodils being to peer
Berger - A Rose touched by the sun's warm rays
Paynter - The rose
Finzi - I prasie thee ender flower
Gates - Oh my luv is like a red red rose
Mecham - Five Centuries of Spring
Morley - Those dainty daffodils, The fiels aborad, etc. Springtime
mantlethe every bower...
Farmer - You blessed bowers
Clements - Flower of beauty
Fanny Hensel - Gartenlieder
Monteverdi - Zefiro torna
Distler/Praetrious -es ist ein rose entsprungen
Butler - Gather ye rosebuds
PDQ Bach - gather ye rosebuds
Lekberg - Weep, O Willow
Costeley - Mignonne, allons voir si laRose
Tchaikovsky - Crown of Thorns
Chatman - Due North (Trees, etc)
Jack jarrett - Go Lovely Rose
Lundvik - Nocturnes (Flowering Almond tree, Quiet Rain, Early Spring)
Sapieyevski - Six Chrouses from Songs of the Rose (Preser)
Saint Saewns - Les Fleurs et les arbres

Good luck.

Oh, if you search MUSICA, you can search under flower, blume, fleur,
etc, and you'll get hundreds of results, I'll bet.

David Griggs-Janower
Albany Pro Musica
228 Placid Drive
Schenectady, NY 12303-5118
SUNYA Music department fax: 518/442-4182

Tom Lumb
Tue 9/12/97 16:36

I shall await your compiliation with interest!

> if you can find repertoire that sensibly
> combines flowers and the French revolution I will be most impressed

A dying Eponine (Les Mis) sings "and the rain will make the flowers
grow" - but not choral, I'm afraid. The closest I get, chorally, is the
reference in the final chorus to "the garden of the Lord".

Revolutions apart, how about one of the (many) settings of "There is no
Rose of such virtue".

Tom Lumb
Music Librarian
Festival Singers of Wellington

May the road rise before you and the wind ever be at your back

Ruth Treen
Tue 9/12/97 16:35

Vincent Persichetti has a group of flower songs. I don't recall the title.
Hope that much helps.

Paul Sinasohn
Tue 9/12/97 13:55

First thing that springs to mind is "The Wearing of the green", which
isn't really about flowers, but the color is right.

Then there are the numerous arrangements of My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose
Good Luck!
Paul Sinasohn sinasohn(a) SF Native CAL '80
Editor, Academic Computers Magazine CASA Arrangements Librarian
Bass & Business manager: PRESS ANY KEY - Acappella At Your Fingertips
Motto: There's a fine line between a groove and a rut!! Member, AAG

Jeffrey Poland
Tue 9/12/97 13:55

I highly suggest/recommend th set of songs entitled "Chansons des Roses"
(in French) by Morton Lauridsen, composer at the University of Southern
California. I believe it is published by Peer International (Southern
Music in the U.S.), but do confirm that.
Good luck!

Dr. Jeffrey Poland Phone: 304-367-4118
Fairmont State College FAX: 304-367-4248
Fairmont, WV 26554 e-mail: apoland(a)

Tom Gear
Tue 9/12/97 12:21

There is a neat setting of a folksong called walking in the green grass.
Don't remember who its by but I think its Boosey and Hawkes

on September 4, 2004 10:00pm
How about a spiritual?

"The Lily of the Valley" by Wendall Whalum.
on August 26, 2006 10:00pm
WINTER ROSE, THE (SATB / optional piano or organ) The text is a conversation between two people:

on January 13, 2007 10:00pm
THE GIFT ('half-dozen delicate irises') is the second of Huub de Lange's Three Stuart Songs:
It is a capella SATB composition on a poem by Alice Stuart.

The direct link to the music is:

on February 2, 2007 10:00pm
Please...can anyone tell me the complete lyrics for Thiman/Bell song entitled "She is my slender, small love, my flower of beauty fair? I can find the music but it has no lyrics!!! Help.. Need for class reunion!!

on February 16, 2007 10:00pm
Maybe it's another song: "Flower of Beauty" music by John Clemens, words by Sydney Bell:
She is my slender small love, my flow'r of beauty fair
From the whiteness of her little feet to the shining of her hair
More fair she is than April rain on daffodil or tree
She is my slender small love my flow'r of beauty, she.

I know she walks in the evening down by the riverside
And the grasses lean to kiss her robes who soon will be my bride
More dear to me her little head than earth or sky or sea
She is my slender mall love, my flow'r of beauty, she.
on May 17, 2007 10:00pm
being a choir director in France,
I'm lookin' for this

now ,finished for edition

partition of

"Two madrigals" (on ben Johnson)

Richard Rodney Bennett,
previously edited by Mills Music in London (now closed)

Could you help me, please?

Thanks for that.

on September 6, 2007 10:00pm

text: William Wordsworth
music: Huub de Lange