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Nature: Solstice

Date: Tue, 1 Nov 1994 18:31:24 -0700
Subject: Re: winter solstice

This was a subject discussed in depth on EARLYM-L(a)BROWNVM.BITNET

Here is the summary of my request for Medieval and Renaissance Music
that deals with Winter Solstace and Winter. Thanks to all below who
so generously shared. Gene Griswold (e7m7gri(a)

Gene Griswold (e7m7gri(a)

Caspar Othmayr - Es ist ein Schnee gefallen - 3 parts

Heinrich von Veldeke -
Der winter waere mir ein zit ("The Winter Such a Time Would Be")
Si die sonne her liechten skin ("When the Summer Sun is Chill")
Walther von der Vogelweide
Uns hat der winter geschat ("Now Has the Winter Brought Harm")
Neidhart von Reuenthal
Kint, bereitet iuch der sliten uf daz is! ("Children, Ice is Here, So
Ready Up a Sleigh")
Winter, diniu meil ("Winter's Evil Art")
Winder wie ist nudein Kraft ("Winter, now your end is near")

Valerie Horst (HORST(a)

There are all the Dufay New Year Chansons. Also, if you need instrumental
there's an untexted piece by Dufay titled "Den Haghel ende die Calde Snee" which
I am told means the hail and the cold snow in old Flemish.

Olivier Bettens (bettens(a)

I know three Dufay's songs about New Year :

- Ce jour de l'an voudray joye mener (3 voices)
- Estrines moy, je vous estrineray (3 voices)
- Bon jour, bon mois, bon an et bonne estraine (3 voices)

In Dufay complete Work, Corpus mensurabils musicae, I/6

Marc B. Vilain (mbv(a)

Orlando di Lasso, "La nuict froide et sombre," in four parts. Poem by
Joaquin dy Bellay. Recorded by Ens. Clement Janequin on their Lassus chansons

Jean de Castro, "Quand je dors," in five parts. Poem by Ronsard, and
also recorded by Ens. Clement Janeqquuuin on their new Ronsard

Eric Wilde

David Monrow did Colin Muset's "Quant je voy yver" on his "Pleasures
of the Royal Courts" recording oh-so-long-ago. You should have very little
trouble finding songs of these sorts on collections of troubador-period
o7 3
Sheila Beardslee

Senfl: Enlaubet ist der walde
David Klausner (klausner(a)epas.utoronto.+ ca)
Lochamer Liederbuch: on the text "Der Winter will hinweichen" - there's also
an untexted 3pt piece "Der Summer", just to even things out. There
are plenty of English winter madrigals, which you can assemble easily
enough, and of course the ballad "To drive the cold winter away".
There may be more ballads, but a quick look at Simpson's _British
Broadside Ballad_ would turn them up.

Joel Kramme (jkramme(a) and Greg Martin

Bateson - 1618 #VII Live not, poor bloom, but perish,
Byrd - 1611 #III In Winter cold when tree and bush was bare,
#IV Whereat an ant with long experience wise,
And frost and snow had many Winters seen,
East - 1618 #VIII Farewell, sweet woods and mountains,
Gibbons - 1612 #XIII Lais now old, that erst attempting lass,
Hilton - 1627 #XI Leave off, sad Philomel, to sing
Jones - 1607 #VII Sing, merry birds, your cheerful notes,
Morley - #III Now is the month of maying,
Pilkington - 1613 #X The messenger of the delightful Spring,
1624 #VIII Coy Daphne fled from Phoebus' hot pursuit,
Ravenscroft - Pammelia (?) #LXVIII Come, drink to me
Tomkins - 1622 #XXII Adieu, ye city-prisoning towers'
Weelkes - 1597 #I Sit down and sing.
1598 #II To shorten Winter's sadness,
1608 #VIII The gods have heard my bows,
? #I Cold winter's ice is fled and gone,
Yonge - 1588 #LII Zephyrus brings the time that sweetly scenteth

Tom Permutt (permuttt(a)

Do you have, "Hiver, vous n'estes qu'un vilain"? The setting I know is
by Debussy, but it is certainly an old lyric. There should also be
something appropriate in Britten's "Sacred and Profane," I think.