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Nature: Winter

Date: Mon, 11 Mar 1996 11:30:22 -0500
From: jtute(a) (John Tute)
Subject: Final Summary: Winter Repertoire

Sorry. I left a few titles off the last posting. This is the
final summary. Thanks again. JT

Samuel Barber Twelfth Night
G. Schirmer
Hubert Bird The Hallowed Season
Theodore Presser
Dave Brubeck Four New England Songs Hinshaw.
Andrea Clearfield Nes Gadol Hayah Sham Hildegard
Publishing Andrea Clearfield
Winter Spirits unpublished
Craig Courtney I Miss you most at Christmastime
Edward Elgar The Snow (SSA)
Boston Music
John Gardiner Two Seasonal Songs
FJ Haydn The Seasons
Perry Jones In the Bleak Mid-Winter
Santa Barbara
Iris Levine Hiney Ma Tov
Mark Foster
Morten Lauridsen Midwinter Songs
Alex Murray The Family of Things
Yelton Rhodes

Vincent Persichetti Winter Cantata (SSA)
Ian Riddell Circle Around

Robert Ross Images of Christmas
Thomas House
John Rutter When Icicles Hang
Peter Schickele "Winter" from The Twelve Months

George Shearing Blow, Blow thou Winter Wind
Randall Thomson Frostiana
RVW Serenade to Music
Lana Walter Noel! Noel!
Warner Bros.

John Tute, Tenor

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Artistic Director, Rainbow Chorus, Guelph

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Hi List,

I've made a compilation of the suggestions and ideas received; thank you very very much. This is also my first time doing a compilation so please excuse me if there are any confusions. Some I copied the whole e-mail but some just the name of the pieces.


I once programmed a concert called O SNOW and it included lots of various holiday music but centered around songs with the word snow. The title obviously came from Edward Elgar's "O Snow." We also sang "Water Under Snow is Weary."

Two Latvian CarolsFairly Simple, a cappella

Ziemas Svetki Winterfest

Balts sniedzins snieg A gentle snow

Winter Cantata Flute and Marimba Persichetti

-Quite esoteric, dissonant, but yet beautiful and effectivve.

Winter Seclusion

Gentlest Fall of Snow

One Umbrella

Of Crimson Ice

The Branch is Black


for general fun and silliness:

PDQ Bach's Good King Kong Looked Out, or It's Christmas and We're

Pagans(Treble Clef Music?)

Mozart Canon, with new words "The Weather Song"

Cold and Fugue Season (based on Bach fugue)

for simplicity:

Black Snake Wind by Mary Goetze

for beauty:

Cloud Capped Towers by R. Vaughan Williams

49. Gesang der Geister Uber den Wassern by Schubert

Twilight Song by B. Ellingboe

LOVE SONGS IN THE ROUND by John Biggs (SSA & piano)

"A Long Winter's Night"

'Frozen Teardops Fall' published by Alliance Music Inc. (Houston, TX). (“The piece was written for a girl's chorus and her poetry is very evocative of the deep winter. The sentiment behind the poem is redolent of the Christmas period but is very definitely secular.” )
My question was....

Hi list,

My choir, a small women's choir around 20 voices, has
started looking for a theme for our coming winter concert
and would like suggestions. For this concert we would like
to do something not exactly Christmas, but rather something
wintery. Any suggestions would be very much apperciated.

Thanks once again.

Katie Tam

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on October 18, 2002 10:00pm
Another obvious possibility is "Solstice" by Randall Thompson.
on August 24, 2005 10:00pm
Three American Winter Settings by Greg Bartholomew (

A Country Boy in Winter, for unaccompanied TTBB men
on May 6, 2008 10:00pm
"Light up the Fire". SATB/piano. Upbeat winter song describing a journey through the snow to get back to a warm home filled with friends and family. order at
on June 18, 2013 8:52am
I recently performed Stephen Chatman's "Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind" -- gorgeous piece, and challenging, but worth it.
I did the following SAB pieces/arrangements with my MS Chorus:
  • Winter Alleluia by Jamie Gardner Cunningham and Julie Gardner Bray (nice piece)
  • Beautiful Snow by Ruth Elaine Schram (gorgeous; my students' favorite, and the best reception by parents of our entire program)
  • California Dreamin' (Arranged by Roger Emerson; students really liked this too)
  • Still, Still, Still (my own SSA adaptation for use with a pre-existing MS level orchestral arrangement)
​My HS group did:
  • Harold Darke's "In the Bleak Mid-Winter"
  • "Noel!" by Steven Sametz
  • "Thorty-Second Fa La La" by Donald Moore
  • Peirot Chamishah Asar (By Naomi Shemer. Arranged by Gil Aldema; in Hebrew. My personal favorite on the program. Secular, haunting, very well arranged. a cappella)
  • Let it Snow! (so many fine arrangements available)
  • Snow on the River (by Francis Baxter. We have a popular Chinese language program at my school, so I wanted to do something in Mandarin. Very unsual piece; quasi-Debussy tonal colors. Piano accompaniment.)
  • The Sleigh (By Richard Kountz and Ivor Tchervanow. There is a popular arrangment by Wallingford Riegger with an exciting piano part. We did an a cappella arrangement, but I wish we had done the Riegger arrangement instead.)
​My Elementary School Chorus performed:
  • Snow is Falling (Ruth Elaine Schram)
  • A partner song arrangement bu Greg Gilpin of "We'll Dress the House and Over the River and Through the Woods"