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National Anthems of the World

Thanks to Ginny Allen, John Crowell, Judith Cook Tucker, Kathy Boyce, Tom
Lumb, Gene Morlan, David Griggs-Janower, Pat Marovich, for their quick
responses to my query. Here is a sampling of their suggestions.

Check out
National Anthems of the World
Ed.: W. L. Reed & M. J. Barstow
Blandford Press
There is a book called National Anthems of the World, available through
Walton, I believe (you might try Pepper). Perhaps you'll find them there.
I found the South African Anthem by doing an Altavista search - they
even had a sound clip!
You should be able to get Ghana's N/A at:

This is a site with links to many N/As - but not Senegal :-)

The Ghana N/A server was down when I tried just now, so I don't know how
good it is. Try, anyway.
Try the following site

At the place provided, type in National Anthems, and you will find all
kinds of information about national antems. Also, click on the 37 Engines
panel on the left and there are 37 different search engines to select from,
many of them have information about national anthems. I found at least two
which permits you to select a specific country and then you can hear the
national anthem. I found both Senegal and Ghana. I would guess that if you
searched enough you could find the texts as well. Good luck.
There's a wonderful book titled "National Anthems of the World,"
edited by Reed and Bristow, Blandford Press.
I hope that included everyone.

Thanks again,
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on December 25, 2005 10:00pm
I'm looking for a crowd pleasing arrangement of the Star Spangled Banner. Any Suggestions.