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Double choir: with recorder

Many thanks to all of you that responded to my request for Double Choir
literature for choir & recorder ensemble. I am also very appreciative for
the advice some of you gave re: balance, etc. with this project.

I saw an interesting dbl choir piece by Pachebel. I believe it was a
Dixit Dominus - Antonio Vivaldi RV 594 (moderately difficult) for double
choir, orchestra and soloists its a wonderful piece.
Have you looked at the Victoria Misse Salve Regina? Bel Canto singers in
Columbus performed it last year and it was great--it's double choir with
doubling from recorders (and viols, if you can get them).
Yes! Just about any triple choir Venetian style
piece. Go into MUSICA and look up whatever will
suit the voicing you'll have. There are SSAA-SATB-SATB
pieces and many other combinations.
Echo Song - diLasso (I think) is easy. One choir mimicks the other ...
I think there must be lots of double chorus renaissance and early
Baroque that would work. Schutz's Psalm 100 comes to mind. If you
look through HAM (HIst. Anthology of Music) from the period of
Josquin to Monteverdi/Schutz, I'll bet you'll find some double chorus
pieces. Another: Gabrieli's Lieto Godea, a lovely double chorus
I've done double-choir repertoire, using recorders to double one choir and
strings the other. However, I have serious doubts that a recorder ensemble
(functioning as one choir) can sufficiently balance 85 voices. Rather than
oppose voices and recorders, I'd suggest splitting the voices into 2
groups, have one doubled by recorders and the other either a cappella or
doubled by keyboard strings.

on April 25, 2007 10:00pm
Hello everyone. We are trying to find an appropriate choral selection that calls for three choirs, top high school level, middle school and 4-5 grade level. We are doing a combined concert and would like to come together for one piece. Any suggestions?
on June 26, 2007 10:00pm
Freedom Trilogy - Paul Halley Perfect for what you're doing - it's easy to be successful with this piece in your situation!