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Benefit concert for children

Dear List, Beware this is a long list!

Many of you requested a compilation of the resources sent to me as
suggestions for the Benefit Concert on behalf of children we are planning.
What follows is a list I prepared for our committee. You sent most of the
ideas. Others I have gathered from colleagues, my library and my music
supplier. As you can see, there is a wealth of good literature available -
proof that we are all hard at work trying to make sense out of senseless

Anyone game for picking and choosing and crafting the choices into a concert?
Sorry, no prizes for the best program!

Thank you for your interest and suggestions!


In no particular order. . .

1. Crying For a Dream - Rene Clausen 3 SATB Choirs, Children's Choir, 2
pianos, Flute, Narrator MV 476 (Score) MF 476C (Children's score) - Mark
>From Frances Densmore "Teton Sioux Music"
2. I Am His Child - Moses Hogan SATB with Keyboard AMP 0110 (Alliance Music)
3. Bui-doi (Miss Saigon) -
4. We, The Children (A Prayer for Peace) Noe Goemanne Unison/2 pt. Kjos
publisher ED.GC139
5. Pie Jesu Mary Lynn Lightfoot 2pt. Heritage Choral 15/1227H
In memory of children who perished in the April, 1995 Oklahoma City bombing
and for all children of the world who are the innocent victims of senseless
6. Come Sunday - Duke Ellington, arr. Alice Parker SATB, Piano G.
7. God Our Maker, Give Us Peace - Dorothy Christopherson Unison/2pt.
handbells or C treble instrument and opt. Congregation Chorister's Guild
8. Prayer For Today - Margaret R. Tucker Unison, keyboard, opt. Flute
Chorister's Guild CGA-358
9. Hunger Cries - John Horman SATB Opt. C Instr. Sacred Music Press
10. Train Up a Child - Pepper Choplin SATB, piano Glory Sound D 5454
11. Inscription of Hope - Z. Randall Stroope SATB (SAB/2 Equal voices)
Narrated paragraph read before or during intro. Heritage Choral 15/1316H
>From an inscription on cellar walls in Cologne, Germany where Jews were
hiding from Nazis during W W II.
12. Prayer of St. Francis - Allen Pote SATB - Opt. Sop or Tenor solo,
keyboard, Hinshaw Music HMC-888
13. Prayer of the Children - Kurt Bestor SATB a cappella, Warner Bros.
Inspired by conflict in Bosnia in 1995
14. I Dream of Peace - Robert Jager 2-pt children - Hal Leonard 08741831
Based on writings by chidlren of former Yugoslavia, 19:30 minutes
15. Who Is Crying? Llatvian Folk Tune arr. Mack Wilberg From 3 European
Folk Tunes - SSATB(Div.) A Cappella Hinshaw HMC-757
16. Hope - John Paulson (Winning composition 1995 Iowa CDA Composition Contest
SATB a cappella, 3:00, Text by Emily Dickinson Santa Barbara Music, SBMP 117
17. Hope is Alive - Mac Huff, SATB (SAB, 2 pt) pts. Available for Trumpet I
& II, Trmbone, Tenor Sax, Synthesizer, Guitar, Bass and Drums
18. Hope & Freedom! - Nancy Price and Don Besig, SATB, piano, 2:40, Shawnee
Press A 2055
19. God Help the Outcasts - Menken & Schwartz - The Hunchback of Notre Dame,
3 pt treble - Hal Leonard 08740669 (the whole Medley)

20. In Memory of Yitzhak Rabin, We Miss You, Shalom - Srul Irving Glick,
SATB, piano, Gordon V. Thompsonn Music (Warner Bros.) Ve.I.1168, Dedicated
with sorrow to the memory of Yitzhak Rabin with the hope that his vision of
peace will become a reality for Israel and the whole world. Includes
excerpts by Noa Ben-Artzi - the tribute to her grandfather and an address by
Pres. Clinton
21. We Are Here - Songs of the Holocaust, compiled by Eleanor Mlotek and
Malke Gottlieb, foreward by Elie Wiesel - unison tunes in Hebrew with
singable translations

22. To the Children - Rachmaninoff
23. Agape - Marti Haugen - GIA
24. Noel Des Enfants Qui N'ont Plus de Maisons - Debussy, Unison/2pt.
Christmas Carol of the Homeless children - sometimes translated "Carol for
the Refugee Children"
25. Save the Child - Paul McCartney, Liverpool Mass,
26. Every Child's a Promise - Lloyd & Marci Larson
27. I Am Just a Small Voice - Roger Whitaker - SAB
28. Hope for Resolution - Paul Caldwell & Sean Ivory
29. Bless the Beasts and the Children - pop song from soundtrack of 70's
movie of same name. J. W. Pepper publishing
30. God Made Colors - Mark Gresham mgresham(a)
31. The Hungry Angels - Robert Harris
32. When Quiet Peace is Shattered - John Horman SATB, Hinshaw
33. The Paint Box, Oshrat/Allaway - SSA, piano, Hinshaw Text by 12 yr. Old
Isaeli girl at time of Sadat's first visit to Israel
34. Freedom Come - Allaway, SATB, TTBB, SSAA a cappella/conga drum, Santa
Barbara Music - used in many inspiration settings including National AIDS
memorial service at National Cathedral with Hillary Clinton - relevant to
Children's issues.
35. From this House - Allaway SATB double choir. A capella with conga drum,
Santa Barabara Music, south Africal Syle - Sequel to Freedom Come "From this
house, to the world, we will go hand in hand" Second choir is in swahili - a
"self-translating piece.
36. Sahaytah - choir soloist and congregation. Call and response has the
audience singing in 10 languages, all about unity and peace. Easy and fun.
LMNOP Pulbications at banlmnop(a) or 1.51.5288.8883
37. BANDARI:Inside these Walls, Allaway, Santa Barbara Music - 22 minutes a
cappella with percussion. Freedom Come is the closing movement.
38. Hymn of Peace, Ben Allaway, LMNOP Publications (see above)
39. Inscription for a Wayside Spring, Allaway, Santa Barbara Music Poem by
Frances Comford, granddaughter of Charles Darwin. A cappella, english
cathedral sytle similar to Rutter's God Be in My Head. SBMP10
40. These Wings Are My Eyes, Allaway from Tallgrass Canticles, Soloist and 3
pt canon, opt. String quintet, harmonica and mandolin, or organ, or piano.
LMNOP Publis. (see above)
(Ben Allaway has a web site - benlmnop(a)
41. Benedicite, Andrew Carter children SATB - title of the separate
collection of these choruses is "Bless the Lord", Oxford
42. Birdsong - Paul Read - Boosey and Hawkes, Written to words by a young
child in the Czechoslovak concentration camp at Terezin during WW II. An
amazingly upbeat poem about beauty and life. The song is beautifully written
in a jazz style.
43. Sarajevo - Scott Nathan - Oxford - written for the Children's Festival
Chorus of Pittsburgh when the Bosnian crises first started. A fascinating
story to text and composition.
44. An Evening Falls, Gordon Binkerd; B & H Sets an evocative poem about
children and animals returning to their mothers at the end of the day.
Children or adults, unison over a great slow blues piano part.

Whew! What an inspiration this should be.
Ruth Becker
St George's UMC
Fairfax, VA

on September 11, 2003 10:00pm
Piece written to be performed in a community setting and as a choral video or in collaboration with visual arts. SATB and piano, longer work that celebrates and exonerates the child in all of us. To preview the piece, go to or e-mail for a .pdf file of the score.
on February 27, 2007 10:00pm
Could I get the words to Inscription of Hope- Z.Randall Stroope? This is your #11 above. Thank You.
Pearl Bacote