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SSA or SSAA: Evensong

Thank you so much for the many suggestions, both on- and off-list, of
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis written for women. I have passed them along to
my friend, and she is excited at the possibilities.
A compilation of responses is found below.
We appreciate your help!
Lea Ann Schramm, Choral Director
Yankton Children's Choir

There's a great one by David Hogan. Bairstow has a several unison ones.
Frances Slade
Princeton Pro Musica

The "Father Julius" canticles by Katherine Dienes, TC-195, published by
Treble Clef Music Press.
Best wishes,
Mary Lycan
Treble Clef Music Press

The Magnificat by Z. Randall Stroope is wonderful!
Cathy Pruitte
Marian High School
Omaha, NE

In my library, I have a few CDs from the Priory Records "Magnificat
and Nunc Dimittis" series and there do seem to be a number of
Mag/Nunc settings for "boys' voices". A spot check of a few finds
that they sound like soprano-only settings; these tend to have organ
accompaniment, which might not be what your friend is looking for.

A few that might be interesting are...

Herbert Sumsion in G (PRCD 494, Gloucester Cathedral).
Philip Moore "Canterbury" Service (PRCD 528, Bristol Cathedral)
Richard Shephard "Llandalf" Service (PRCD 551, LLandalf Cathedral)

Unfortunately, Priory's web site ( doesn't
seem to have audio clips, but some of the other Internet vendors
might have samples.
Romain Kang Disclaimer: I speak for myself
romain(a) except when indicated otherwise.

I think British composer Paul Ayres has one or possibly two settings - he
has a website...
Good luck
Andrea Webb

One I love is Sumsion's Mag & Nunc in D Major.
Best wishes,
Mark Gilgallon
Minister of Worship and the Arts
North United Methodist Church
3808 N. Meridian St.
Indianapolis, IN 46208
317.924.2612 (phone)
317.924.5161 (fax)

Derek Holman's set is SSA and organ. Alfred Lengnick and Co. is the

Arthur Wills wrote a set for solo soprano and SSAA and organ. Publisher is
Oecumuse in the UK.

Malcolm Archer wrote a pair for SSA (with a lot of unison) and organ --
Mayhew (Brodt) is the publisher.

Herbert Howells wrote a pair for TBB and organ which has the option for
SSA instead. I do them with women and girls - just girls would not be so
satisfactory, I think. Publisher is the Church Music Society, which I
believe you can get from the Royal School of Church Music (
Have fun!
Melva Treffinger Graham,
Director of Music,
Grace Church on-the-Hill
300 Lonsdale Road
Toronto, ON M4V 1X4
Phone: 416-488-7884 ext. 17
Fax: 416-4884770

There's a lovely Phillip Moore setting for three part women's (although it's
almost always unison or two part) in a fauxbordon style. In addition, there
are MANY unison settings that work beautifully in women's voices - Bairstow
in E-flat pops to mind.
Thomas J. Tropp, Jr.
SoundByte Studios
(847) 735-1721
The Choral Recording Specialists.

There are many settings for SSA = one by Herbert Sumison comes to mind.
Chedk the catalogs of Novello and oxford especially.
Gordon King

Look at Chiara Margarita Cozzolani and Isabella Leonarda - 16th century
Italian women, both wrote Magnificat. I don't know about Nunc Dimittis -
Leonarda's stuff is available on and Cozzolani is from A-R
Publications or Artemisia Editions. Google for exact websites.
Great stuff. Good luck.
Amy LeClair

Hi, Lea Ann
I think you need to be looking at the treble repertoire - which means that
it's less accessible for your altos!

George Dyson - Mag & Nunc in C minor (unis)
Malcolm Archer - Berkshire Mag & Nunc
Herbert Sumsion - Mag & Nunc in D
Watson - M & N in F
C Hylton Stewart - M & N in C (OUP)
Geoffrey Burgon - M & N
Herbert Howells - M & N in D
are all settings that come very quickly to mind!

Check St James Music Press - and the RSCM - as
primary sources
Brigid Coult
St Mary's Kerrisdale, Vancouver

Paul Ayres, a composer from England, just e-mailed me to direct me to his
website. I briefly went there and there are several comps from which your
friend may choose.
Stephen A. Stomps, Director of Choirs
Auburn High School Choirs
250 Lake Avenue Extension
Auburn New York 13021
PH: 315-255-8300 x2305
FAX: 315-255-5876
HOME: 315-591-5689
email: steve_stomps(a)
After I posted the compilation of responses to my question about Magnificat
and Nunc Dimittis written for women's voices, two more were received.
Thank you all again!
Lea Ann Schramm, Choral Director
Yankton Children's Choir

I didn't respond to your earlier post because I was busy running our
Crescent City Choral Festival here in New Orleans, with 13 choirs in
attendance. But I had to write because we just did the world premiere at
the festival of the Crescent City Magnificat, which we commissioned from Bob
Chilcott, who conducted the premiere. It's a great piece and very different
from the others you've found, I'm sure. It is scored for SSA, congas,
marimba and electric bass, and it's quite exciting. It's not published yet,
unfortunately, but will be available from Oxford in several months. I
highly recommend it. Your friend probably needs something sooner, but it
also should be possible to license it from Oxford if necessary.

Cheryl Dupont, Artistic Director
New Orleans Children's Chorus and Youth Chorale

I couldn't help but notice that no one mentioned Howard Goodall's
Salisbury Canticles. Some people love his music, others abhor
it! You can view (and print, I believe)the score at

Best Wishes,
Jay Carter
Choral Music Division, Manager
American Music Company, Inc.

Alto Lay Clerk
Grace and Holy Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
Kansas City, Missouri USA