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Hello Listers,

I've received another round of titles that I wanted to pass along. Thanks to all who responded! I now have enough titles to explore for about 6 programs!!

Eric Johnson

>From Musica Search:
Am Weihnachtsbaum die Lichter brennen
Biebl, Franz (1906 [Germany]
Text : Kletke, Hermann
Publisher : Merseburger Verlag: Kassel: Germany, 1981 [in Weihnachtslieder für Männerchor]
Choir Type : TTBB (4 men voices)

Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern
Arranger : Franck, Melchior (1579?-1639) [Germany]
Publisher : Möseler Verlag: Wolfenbüttel: Germany [in Lose Blätter, vol. 10]
Choir Type : SATB (4 mixed voices)

Der Morgenstern ist aufgedrungen
Praetorius, Michael (1571-1621) [Germany]
Publisher : Bärenreiter Verlag: Kassel: Germany [in Gesellige Zeit1]
Choir Type : SATB (4 mixed voices)

Gloire au Dieu puissant (Gloire soit au Dieu puissant, le Roi du Ciel)
Praetorius, Michael (1571-1621) [Germany]
Publisher : Barblan: Fleurier: Switzerland
Choir Type : SATB (4 mixed voices

Noël ukrainien (Nova radist stalla; Une claire étoile brille)
Author of the melody : Anonyme
Text Arranger : Giraud, Mathilde
Publisher : A Coeur Joie France: Lyon: France
Choir Type : SATB (4 mixed voices)

List replies:

Composer: David Eddleman, Coronet Press , Division og Axexander Broude
available from Bernie Fisher at Plymouth in Ft. Lauderdale

choir likes it, audience likes it and it a variance from "temple" music

Didn't notice in your compilation "O, Thou Gladsome Light". SATB a cappella either Gretchaninoff or Rachmaninoff. Great piece! Good for low bass range!

Title: Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern

Any of several composers have set this chorale -- Bach (the famous setting
in the Christmas Oratorio, plus BWV 1, right?), Buxtehude (I think), and
some other cantatas by famous Baroque composers I can't remember at themoment. There are some by Praetorius, right? And I recommend the charming
Cornelius countermelody, known in English as "Three Kings from Persian
Lands Afar."

>From Presser Pub.
Arise, Shine, for Your Light Has Come -- Pote (Coronet, $1.35)
Hymn from "The Guiding Star" -- Pinkham (Thorpe, $1.15)
On a Still and Starry Night -- Allen (Universe, $1.15)
Shine On, Bright Star -- Starr (Coronet, $1.15)
Shine for Me Again: Star of Bethlehem -- Carter (Universe, $1.15)
Stars Lead Us Ever On -- Sioux Carol/Gaul (Ditson, $1.40)
Star in the East -- Traditional/Price (Coronet, $1.00)
The Star -- Neff (Mercury, $.90)
Star of Bethlehem -- R. Smith (Roberton, $1.50)
There is a Star that Shines So Bright -- Carr (Elkan-Vogel, $1.10)

I am sending my compilation of the MANY responses I received to my request
for repertoire. Thank you all. One writer particularly wanted contact
information along with the list, so I have edited the responses to include
the message and the sender, messages separated by a horizontal line.

Henry Leck has selected "One Light" for the Pacific Rim Children's Chorus
Festival. A simple, but lovely piece.
Words and Music by Linda Marcus and Ruth Elaine Schram, Available for SATB,
3 part mixed and 2-part.
Octavo No. 08740940 Hal Leonard
Gloria Brandt Harrison
Rapid City Children's Chorus
I love the "Songs of the Lights" set 1 by Imant Raminsh. They are all
Native American Texts based on the constellations and such. Cool! If you
want, you can also rent string, glockenspiel and a flute part to accompany.
The are SSA and SSAA (occasionally SA throughout).
Margaret Green
Belle Voci Women's Vocal Ensemble
From: Lappers2(a)
We may have what you are looking for. Below is the description of a piece
that fits your request.
Brosscum Publications deals directly with choirs and directors. If you are
interested in a perusal copy of any of the listed pieces please contact us
directly my email or check out our web site which is in development.

I Saw the Light of the Lord – 2 part w/ divisi and string bass – Greg A.
Lapp bp010813
This is a gospel-style piece based on the Transfiguration stories in The
Bible. It has a bluesy feel and has opportunities for solos. It is
appropriate for concert venues or church services.
From: joshandnancy(a)
Shine Jesus Shine
This little light of mine (just had to do it!)
O Sole Mio
You are my Sunshine (the English equivalent to the previous one)
Arise Shine (F. C. Maker)
Arise Shine, for Thy Light has come (Healey Willan)
Be Thou my Vision (David Schwoebel) (Carlton Young) others?
Break Forth O Beauteous Heavenly Light (J.S. Bach)
Light Divine (Archangelsky, Alexander)
Light Everlasting (Christiansen, Olaf)
In 2002, Jaymar Music Limited published Stephen Chatman's "Lux Aeterna" for
SSATB a cappella. So that you might be able to view and print the
publication we have placed it on our web site until May 15, 2002. The file
(1.2MB) is large and will probably take 1-2 minutes to load using the
Acrobat Reader. Click on the following link to view the music:
Peter J. Martin, President
Jaymar Music Limited
I have a piece titled Let the love of God Consume Me in which the second
line of text says "let the LIGHT of God Consume Me. You can find this at my
Joseph Gentry Stephens

Morton Music has a piece by Australian composer Paul Stanhope entitled Lux
Aeterna for SATB choir. It is a 6 page piece -written in a fairly advanced
twentieth century style. It was commissioned and originally performed by a
good high school choir, so it is "performable". The music was written in
memory of one of the choir's choristers. It is available from Musical
Resources in toledo Ohio. Email address SNStegman(a)
Kind regards,
Ralph Morton
Selah has just published "O Send Out Thy Light" by Spencer Schuldt. It
is a wonderful a cappella anthem, and I recommend it highly. Mr.
Schuldt is the organist at Golden Valley Lutheran Church in Golden
Valley (a suburb of Minneapolis), and has written many wonderful pieces
for us.
"O Send Out Thy Light" is written for SSAATTBB (much of the divisi is
duplication of parts), Selah Publishing Company, Kingston, NY #410-831.
Director, Sanctuary Choir, George Berglund
May I recommend the Prisoner's Chorus from Beethoven's one and only
opera, "Fidelio"?
The prisoner's chorus is TTBB, sung as they're allowed to see daylight
and breathe fresh air for the first time in . . . well . . . a long
time. Although the lyrics don't mention light, the context of the song
is all about coming (briefly) into freedom and light from out of bondage
and darkness.
~Kyle Hancock Kyle L Hancock
Bass, The Dallas Opera Chorus
A couple of offhand thoughts. There are several settings of "O Nata Lux."
And the gregorian antiphon "Lux fulgebit." Also settings of the "O"
antiphons from Advent. A few years ago, we used the "Lux fulgebit" antiphon
as processional piece, and then our organist played a fancy piece on that
tune by, I think, Dupré. There is also a piece by Elgar -- trying to think
of the title -- something like "Light out of darkness." And a little
Russian gem by Lirin called "Out of darkness." It would go on and on, but I
have to get to rehearsal. Will think some more.
Brooks Grantier, The Battle Creek Boychoir, Battle Creek, MI "Brooks
Lux de luce (plainchant we found in the Liber Usualis)
Emitte lucem tuam (lovely canon from Thomas Ravenscroft's _Pammelia_; I
actually have it posted online at and would be happy to e-mail
you a Sibelius file of the score)

Also, for women's chorus, I recommend:
Pavel Chesnokov, _Svete tihiy_ (published by Musica Russica) -- a Slavonic
Vesper hymn whose title translates as "Gladsome light"; presumably other
composers' setting of this text would work too.
Pekka Kostiainen, _Revontulet/Northern Lights_ (published by Sulasol).
Splendid piece, works in English or Finnish. Sparkly avant-garde techniques
to illustrate the sensation of the Northern Lights. Nina Gilbert

From: "Emily McDuffee"
Waiting for the Light to Shine from Big River (it's an
African American Spiritual)
You might consider the little performed but superb "Eternal Light" by Leo
Sowerby published by Fitzsimmons (Fred Bock, now)
Look forward to your list.
John Hutchinson
Director of Music & Arts
First United Methodist Church
2727 Jackson Street
Alexandria, LA 71301
PHONE: 318-443-5696
FAX: 318-4848-2692
EMAIL: jhutchinson(a)
Reply-To: tenorscott(a)
Kurt Weill has a it, "Here in the Stars"? I know I sang an
arrangment by Phillip Hagemann some years ago.
Of course, the Rutter Lux Aeterna (last movement) from his Requiem is
excellent also
Scott Walters
From: "washburn"
Imant Raminsh, Songs of the Lights, ssa/ piano or orch., Boosey & Hawkes
Albert Becker - Das Volk, das im Dunkeln wandelt, sieht ein großes Licht.
(romantic, sacred work - Advent & Christmas time)
If you need any more, please, give more specific ideas as to what to find
and/or what is still missing in your program; I may have a lot more
information, but find the question somewhat too wide to really reply
Kind regards & hope this helps,
Monika Fahrnberger
phone: +43(-1-)4277/42410
fax: +43(-1-)4277/42497
From: CBsings(a)

By a Departing Light, Libby Larsen SATB unaccompanied
I can propose two songs of mine for SATB choir :
"The child of peace" you can look at the score and hear at :
"Point de Lumière" you can look at the score and hear at :
-- Jacques Guyader
From: Carolyn Dwyer

Warum ist das Licht gegeben....Johannes Brahms
A lonnnnngggg time ago I did a number in NY about the
creation that had the line, "And God said, 'let there
be light...and there was light!'" Sorry I can't
remember the name of the piece or composer but it was
very dramatic and sticks in my brain every now and
This Little Light Of Mine....several composers and
: "Melissa Strombelline"
Try "Gate, gate"!!!!! composer's name is:
Brian Tate!

Charlie Murphy's Light is Returning (simple chant, can add clapping,
percussion): "light is returning, even though this is the darkest hour, no
one can hold back the dawn"
Bright Morning Stars (American folk song; we have a commissioned arrangement
by Gayle Caldwell)
Circle of Light by Betsy Rose (gospel/folk song)
Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens/E. Farjeon
Hope this is helpful.
Cynthia Frank
Mendocino Women's Choir
155 Cypress Street, Fort Bragg, CA 95437
707-964-9520 * fax: 707-964-7531 *
From: "vern neufeld"
I'm not sure what genre your looking for, if classical or contemporary, but
a contemporary song we recently did about light was "you are my light" by
Dave and Jean Perry from Laurel Press ISBN 10/2685LA.
There is a great "modern spiritual" called "Jesus is the Light of the
World." I wish I had the particulars (publisher, etc., ) but am currently
away from office. Worth looking into, though, as we used it as an encore
piece and the audience loved it.
Rebecca Rottsolk
Definitely "Songs of the Lights" sets by Imant Raminsh. Originally arranged
for treble voices, I think they are also available for SATB.
Songs about fireflies: Japanese "Hotaru Koi" is out in several versions plus
others. Alliance has a Firefly song (not sure of title) for young trebles
that has "Twinkle Twinkle" in it. Really a good little piece.
From: Karl Henning
I have a seven-minute setting of "O Gracious Light"
(Phos Hilaron) for choir SATB and accompaniment. The
choral writing is sustained and lyrical, chant-like,
and very "choir-friendly.
The accompaniment exists in three different forms:
1) piano & harp
2) string orchestra & harp
3) piano and organ
Let me know if I might send you a review copy of the
From: jgold1+(a)
Here is a quasi-minimalist piece I've done, which has been received
enthusiastically by our audiences:
Light, Light, Light, LIght, Light
by Stefan Weisman
He sent me a master copy from which I made my own. Take a look at it.
Stefan also has a CD recording of it.
John Goldsmith
The Bellefield Singers
For SSA you might want to consider Ramish's "Songs of the Lights". It isn't
easy, but it's wonderful music. For SATB there is Rutter's "Creator of the
Heavenly Light" and Charles Wood's "Hail, Gladdening Light".
Maryann Lisk
Jonathan Veenker
Arise Your Light Has Come by David Danner. It is a spectacular piece that I
believe was written for an ACDA convention. It is based on the chorale tune
most know as "Now Let Every Tongue Adore Thee". begins SSA but the bulk is
SATB. Optional handbells and brass. Can be a stunning closer.
From: "Doug Mears"
Lauridsen's "Lux Aeterna" is a wonderful piece. Pinkham's "In the
Beginning of Creation" for choir and electronic tape ends with "God said
'Let there be light.' And there was light!"
Does your group always do "theme" concerts? Perhaps it would be novel to
give a program in which the only common elements are notes and rests.
R. Jordahl
From: "BARRY, Robin"
'Canticles of Light' by Bob Chilcott? Published by OUP.
One of my new favorites is "Bending toward the Light" from a jazz cantata.
Very simple--of course I can't remember who wrote it, but it is lovely.
Even did it with my high school kids--has a nice bass line for elec. bass,
but slow and beautiful.
Sounds like a fun concert,
Martha Springstead
Community United Methodist Church
Virginia Beach, va
From: "Jerry Warren"
One of my colleagues, Deen Entsminger, has a beautiful work
titled "Light." The text is from Genesis, 2 Samuel, Psalms, Isiah,
Matthew and Acts. It is SATB a cappella. It is published by Plymouth:
From: Philm54(a)
"Arma Lucis" Jackson Berkey
"Voices of LIght" Paul Halley
"Phos Hilarion" Karl Prescott Henning (a member of this group)
"The Lord is My Light and My Salvation" John Rutter or
If you do the Rutter and the Halley, you will have the players for a great
instrumental piece called "Mosaic" by Patrick J. Lee.
(I used a clarinet instead of a cornet.) You can go to the site and hear
it... And download it for free! I mention this piece because it reminds me
of light dancing on the water.
We did a "God is Light" Sunday at my church the Sunday before Advent began
this last year. We did abovementioned pieces, with the exception of the "Arma
Lucis"... which we did several years ago...) throughout the service. It was
great fun! We had Karl Henning come in from Boston to conduct his piece and
play clarinet in the Rutter and "Mosaic" piece.

This is just an idea, but what would it be like to put a piece called
"Nuages" (Clouds) in the midst of all those pieces about light?? "Nuages" by
John Biggs is a very "floaty" piece for SATB and string quartet (or string
orch.) and just might make for interesting programming in a concert about
light. It's listed in our catalog at
Good luck with your project.
Paul Mark

From: "Joseph G. Stephens"
I have a piece titled Let the love of God Consume Me in which the second
line of text says "let the LIGHT of God Consume Me. You can find this at my
From: "Richard Sparks"
Dear Joyce,
I did a similar program last season with my group, Choral Arts Northwest.
The program was:
LumenMusic of Light
And God said, Let there be Light:
and there was light.
Genesis 1, v. 3
This concert explores the theme of light. The first act of God recounted in
the Bible was the creation of light, and light has always held symbolic
significance in the Judeo-Christian heritage and beyond.
Lumen (Candlemas chant)
O Lux beata Trinitas William Byrd
Bring us, O Lord God William Harris
Lux aeterna György Ligeti
Requiem Aeternam I Herbert Howells
Svyetye tihi (Gladsome Light) Sergei Rachmaninoff
Nunc dimittis Gustav Holst
O Nata lux Thomas Tallis
O Nata lux Morten Lauridsen
Svyetye tihi (Gladsome Light) Alexander Gretchaninoff
Lux aeterna Edwind Fissinger
Requiem Aeternam II Herbert Howells
Hymn to the Creator of Light John Rutter
I believe that Tim Brown and the choir of Clare College also have a CD out
with a similar program--I think it's on the Collegium label. If you have
questions about individual pieces, let me know.
Best wishes,
Richard Sparks, Artistic Director & Principal Conductor
Choral Arts Northwest (Seattle/Tacoma) & Pro Coro Canada (Edmonton)
Would you be interested in an original, called "Children of Light" - SATB,
written for a group of singers that I loved? If you'd like to see it, I'll
send a recording and a copy. In spite of being an "artsy musician," I can
take 'no' for an answer! :)
Claudia Bigler
Brigham City, Utah
Waitin' For The Light To Shine (2 Part or 3 part mixed...use for SSA many
times) is published by Hal Leonard. Also, Glowworm(with descant) may be a
possibility. It will bring back memories for the audience. It is available
in 2 part with Heritage Music Press. Good luck with your program. It
sounds creative! :)
Linda Spevacek

Joyce Keil
Artistic Director, Ragazzi Boys Chorus
Home address: 729 Sequoia Ave.
San Mateo, CA 94403

Home phone: 650-358-0702
Fax: 650-570-6233

email: jkeil(a)

on September 26, 2002 10:00pm
I need a few simple pieces for a "Town Square Lighting." Children's chorus ages 11-12. 6 rehearsals of 1 1/2 hours. Hurry.
on September 26, 2002 10:00pm
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on October 17, 2006 10:00pm
on January 14, 2007 10:00pm
LICHT UND FRIEDE is one of Huub de Lange's "Myrte Lieder", 4 compositions on romantic poems for choir (SATB) and Piano.
The words of LICHT UND FRIEDE are based on a poem ("Sterben und Auferstehen") by Matthias Claudius.

The direct link to the music is:

on December 29, 2009 10:00pm
Lux Aurumque by Eric Whitarce.


Jasper van Beek
The Netherlands
on May 6, 2013 1:39pm
The Candlelight Canon            Words and Music by Audrey Snyder (b.1961)
Shooting Star            Words and Music by Andy Beck
O Nata Lux             Composed by Tom Porter (b.1957)
A Blessing              Traditional Irish Blessings Words and Music by Jay Althouse
Shine a Little Light            Words and Music by Andy Beck
A Light Inside             Composed by Jim Papoulis arr. by Francisca J. Núñez
on May 5, 2014 10:34pm
Arise, Shine! - Dan Forrest (b. 1974)
Hold Out Your Light - arr. Moses Hogan (1957-2003)
Omnia Sol - Z. Randall Stroope (b. 1953)
Shine A Little Light - Andy Beck (N.D.)
Gia Il Sole Dal Gange - Alessandro Scarlatti (1660-1725), arr. Jill Gallina (N.D.)
Lux Aeterna - Tom Porter (N.D.)
Keep Your Lamps! - arr. Victor Johnson (b. 1987)
Candle of Hope - Becky Mayo (N.D.)