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SSA or SSAA: Gospel/Spirituals

Dear Choralist:

Many thanks for the responses about spirituals/gospel songs for SSA/SSAA
choir and soloist. Here is a compilation of the suggestions I
received. If publisher and/or composer information is missing, it's
because it was not given in the body of the message sent.

1) Go Where I Send Thee/SSAA/Andre Thomas
2) Run Children, Run/SSA/Stephen Hatfield
3) Goin’ Up-a Yonder/SSA/Barbara Baker/Boosey & Hawkes
4) Study War No More/SSA/J. David Moore/Mark Foster Pub.
5) Great Gettin’ Up Mornin’/SSA/Mary Goetze/Boosey & Hawkes
6) Let it Shine/SSA/Kari Ala-Pollanen/Walton Music
7) A City Called Heaven/SSA/arr. Poelintz/Plymouth Pub.
8) Done Foun’ My Los’ Sheep/SSAA/Marylou India Jackson/Treble Clef
9) Joshua Fit the Battle/SSAA/Treble Clef #TC-107
10) Operator/SSA/arr. Kirby Shaw
11) Over My Head, I Hear Music/SSA/arr. Michael Braz/Hinshaw #HMC-1488
12) The Storm is Passing Over/SSAA/arr. Doreen Rao/Boosey & Hawkes

on March 21, 2005 10:00pm
I am looking for choir music for a Gospel song called: Let Your Love Flow Through Me.

I would appreciate a suggestion as to where I could locate this music.

on October 27, 2006 10:00pm
I am looking for a gospel version (not soulful celebration) of the Hallelujah Chorus. I would appreciate any suggestions.