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SATB: with Chamber Orchestra

RE: my request for Chamber choir repertoire with
professional chamber orchestra. Sacred 12-20 minutes.
Thanks to all. Glenn Giuttari

Haydn's "Te Deum Laudamus" (12 minutes).
Excerpts from Charpentier "Te Deum" or "Messe de Minuit de

Here's a modest suggestion to look into -- those grand
motets of the Lully
- Rameau period, including delaLande, etc. I don't know how
many are in
performing editions, but they're really nice.

If you can use organ (a positiv will do just fine, even an
if necessary), the Haydn "Little Organ Mass" will suit
admirably. I
calls for strings, and includes a lovely soprano Benedictus
Total length, about 17 minutes. I performed it this winter
with my
university chorus, ...and used a student soloist.

Have you done the Mozart Regina Coeli lately?

I have a setting of the Te Deum (in English) for SATB choir,
solo and orchestra. (I'm not sure how big your chamber
orchestra is but
this might require more winds than they have.) It is about
12-14 minutes
long. It is not like the Pergolesi Magnificat as it is 20th
C. but
tonal. It is more on the lines of a concert finale. I have
a cassette
recording with wind ensemble (alas, the orchestral recording
improperly mic-ed) if your interested in hearing it. I could
also send
along a reduced score. It has been performed by at least 4
organizations in the last few years.

Jonathan Veenker
Associate Professor of Music
Bethel College
3900 Bethel Drive
St. Paul, MN 55112

Caldara - Stabat Mater
Durante - Magnificat
Pachelbel - Magnificat (several settings)
Carissimi - Jonas


ALBRECHTSBERGER, JOHANN GEORG (1736-1809) - Beethoven's
theory teacher

Te Deum in D - SATB, 2 trumpets, timpani, 2 violins, cello,
bass; several
Hinshaw HMB-216

BOCCHERINI, LUIGI (1743-1805) - known for string quartets
and chamber music
Kyrie - SATB, 2 horns, 2 violins, cello, bass
Lawson-Gould LG52670

Gloria - SATB, soli, 2 horns, 2 violins, cello, bass;
several movements
Hinshaw HMB-190

HASSE, JOHANN ADOLF (1699-1783) - Dresden opera composer,
Venice Ospedali
Te Deum in D - SATB, soli, 2 oboes, 2 horns, 2 trumpets,
timpani, 2
violins, viola, cello, bass; several movements
Roger Dean 45/1044R

Magnificat in F - SATB, soli, 2 horns, 2 oboes, 2 violins,
viola, cello,
bass: several movements
Roger Dean 30/1149R

Laudate Coeli Dominum - SATB, solo, 2 trumpets, timpani, 2
oboes, 2
violins, viola, cello, bass; several movements
Hinshaw HMB-196

HOLZBAUER, IGNAZ (1711-1783 ) - Mannheim composer
Plaudant Aetheri - SATB, 2 trumpets, timpani, 2 oboes, 2
violins, viola,
cello, bass
Alliance Music Publications AMP 0217

MOZART, LEOPOLD (1719-1787) - father and teacher of Wolfgang
Amadeus Mozart
Dixit Dominus Et Magnificat - SATB, solo, 2 trumpets,
bassoon, 2 violins,
cello, bass; several movements
Mark Foster 2071

PORPORA, NICOLA (1686-1768) - Venice Ospedali, known for
treble choir works
Kyrie - SATB, 2 violins, cello, bass; several movements
Hinshaw HMB-197

PUCCINI, GIACOMO (1712-1781) - greatgreatgrandfather of the
famous opera
Magnificat - SATB, soli, 2 violins, viola, cello, bass;
several movements
Hinshaw HMB-189

Magnificat in D - SATB, soli, 2 trumpets, 2 horns, timpani,
2 violins,
viola, cello and bass; several movements.
Hinshaw HMB-217

Martin Banner - (editor of the above editions)
7 Elk Drive, Apt.51
Monticello, New York 12701
e-mail: mbanner(a)
fax/phone: 914-794-8613

Glenn Giuttari
Sine Nomine
9 Chestnut St
Rehoboth, MA USA
508-252-4304/ 800-252-4304/ 508-252-4397 fax

Date: Sun, 16 Oct 1994 20:51:06 -0600
From: pane%maine.bitnet(a) (Steven Pane)
Subject: Works for choir and small orchestra

Last spring I asked for recommendations of 19th-20th century choral works
that use small orchestra. The response was wonderful and I compiled the
results of my inquiry and sent it (or so I thought) back to the Choralist.
Now, as a somewhat more experienced Internet user, I have determined that
my response never made it off my computer! My apologies for the long
delay, but below is what I compiled:
All my thanks to everyone who contributed to my inquiry regarding 19th and
20th choral works with small orchestra. The response was tremendous! Below
is the list of works which were recommended by members of the choral list.
Some people included insightful and sometimes extensive annotations which I
tried to capsulize. I'd also be interested in any additional suggestions.

Brahms - Ein Deutsches Requiem with the 4 hand arrang. It was suggested
that it could be performed effectively with organ and piano.

Brahms - Begraebnisgesang, op. 13:
SATB, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns, 3 trombones, tuba, timpani

Bernstein - Chichester Psalms (Boosey)
Two versions: Full orchestra and a version for Organ, Harps, Perc.
Note: The full orchestra version is not as small as it looks ( Strings,
Brass, 2 Harps, Perc.) you need 6 percussionists.

Bliss- Pastoral: Lie Strewn the White Flocks
flute, timpani, strings

Bruckner - Eminor mass.

Durufle Requiem - version for smaller orch. Str, 3 trumpet, organ. Opt.
Timp, and harp. I just performed this version and it worked quite well.
The organ takes all the wind parts. Be sure you have an excellent organ
and organist. As expected, everybody loves the piece: audience, orchestra,
choir. Solos can be done by the section of the choir in unison. R. Shaw
does this.

Faure - Requiem
(Rutter edition) [2 horns, harp, organ, solo violin, viola I and II, cello
I and II, double bass. also optionally: 2 bassoons, horn III and IV, 2
trumpets, and timpani.

Gerald Finzi - In terra pax (Christmas).

Lou Harrison - Mass to St. Anthony (Theodore Presser) Highly recomended.
Unison double chorus and chamber orchestra (strings, harp, and trumpet).
Chorus parts are modal, not hard, challenge for orchestra, particularly
trumpet and Vn. 1. CD by the Oregon Repertory Singers includes the Harrison
along with the Part Berliner Mass. (Koch371772h1

Honegger - King David (original orchestration) [2 flutes (2nd dbl picc),
oboe, 2 clarinets (2nd dbl bass clar), bassoon, horn, 2 trumpets, trombone,
double bass, piano, celeste, harmonium, timpani, percussion (2 players)

Jongen - Mass
Uses 11 players: 10 brass w/organ. Several people highly recommended this work.

Pinkham - Christmas Cantata

Piston - Psalm and Prayer of David (associated)
Seven wind instruments.

Respighi - Laud to the Nativity -

Rutter - Requiem
Two options for instrumentation (Hinshaw)

Stravinsky - Symphony of Psalms -
No upper strings, many winds though

Stravinsky - Mass (Boosey). Great piece, challenge for audience.
Double wind quintet

Thompson - Frostiana

Vaughan Williams - Dona Nobis Pacem (version for smaller orch.)

Vaughan Williams - Epithalamion
[flute (dbl picc), timpani, strings]

For sources which list instrumentation, the following were cited:

1. David Daniels's "Orchestral Music: a Handbook" (2nd ed.; Scarecrow
Press, 1982) - Many people strongly recommended this book. I bought a copy
and it's wonderful. (To those of you waiting for the next edition,
Scarecrow is still waiting for the manuscript from Daniel so it will not be
out for a while.)

David Rayl's article "Thinking Small: Choral-Orchestral Works for the Small
Choir with a Small Budget," CHORAL JOURNAL March, 1994.

Neil Butterworth "Neglected Music: A Repertoire Handbook for Orchestras and
Choirs." Robert Hale (London), copyright 1991, ISBN 0-7090-4485-2. Haven't
got around to getting a copy of this yet but it sounds great.

Steven Pane
University of Maine at Farmington

Thanks to everyone who responded to my inquiry. Here is a compilation of the replies I received:

May I suggest my edition of Nicola Porpora's Kyrie, published by Hinshaw Music Inc, for SATB choir and strings. This work is in 3 movements, an opening Kyrie, a rollicking fugue Christe, and the second Kyrie in an extended fugue.

Vivaldi Magnificat, Buxtehude Magnificat

Charpentier's "Messe de minuit pour Noel" (Midnight Mass for Christmas)

How about the "other" Vivaldi Gloria, RV 588. I have made an edition of this piece, which my church choir presented very successfully a few Christmases ago. It is scored for strings, a few winds, and has solos for soprano, alto, tenor, and bass(if you switch one of the alto solos).

have a secular cantata entitled *Of Arts and Elements* commissioned in 1999 by my old HS for the dedication of their new performing arts wing. 7 short mvts. scored for SATB (some div.), str., 3 trpt,. pno, perc. (2).

Vivaldi "Magnificat" is a good piece. Also suggest going on line at "Carus Verlag" and look at pieces by Telemann and Zelenka.

If you are allowed to do religious music, Look at "a New Creation" by Rene Clausen. If you know his setting of "Set Me as a Seal", it is part of that cantata. It uses a small ensemble similar to the Rutter Chamber orchestra. Most of his music is published by Mark Foster (Shawnee)

How about the Vivaldi Magnificat? It works for many reasons:
1) Very doable by a good high school choir while still a challenge;
2) Can be done with just strings: it has parts for two oboe obbligatos in one movement, but I have transcribed them for strings and it works quite well (in fact, there is some evidence of early performances with similar instrumentation.);
3) Is about 20 minutes long.
Some of the latin is not as familiar as a mass text, for example, so that might be a drawback.

There is a fantastic work for young voices 2 pianos and percussion by the composer Michael kaulkin entitled Most This Amazing. It is very tonal and perusal scores are available.

here are a few items of interest, all choral with strings, and someitimes winds, as noted:
Mozart: Regina Coeli, K 276. SATB, stgs
Mozart: Te Deum, K 141 (66b), SATB, stgs
Vivaldi: Credeo * SATB, stgs.
Vivaldi: Magnificat in G minor, SATB, stgs, with some solos.
Haydn: Missa Brevis Sancti Johannes de Deo ("Little Organ Mass"). SATB, stgs, organ. Some solos.
Handel: Zadok the Priest. SSATB, stgs, tpts. Gotta have good tpts. A 5-minute rouser.
Britten: Te Deum in C. SATB, originally with organ, but arr by the composer for strings/harp. Parts available from Oxford Univ Press. But the parts are in terrible condition, and need extensive editing (or mybe they've done that by now). Look through the MANY shorter works by Mozart, and by Michael Haydn (brother of Franz Josef), and Handel * lots of anthems there.

Have you looked at Handel's "Chandos" Anthem No 4, "O sing unto the Lord a New Song" for your group? It's actually SAB, and I think may not use violas.
In addition, let me suggest any of the six Mozart Missa Brevis settings. My particular favorite is the one in F Major. Fabulous classical stuff; a 25-minute setting of the entire Ordinary in Latin, but deleting the Credo would cut it to about 18 / 19 min.

Bach cantatas are possible, but most have some double reeds to be concerned with. Look at #131.Perhaps the Pachelbel Magnificats (there are several) Vivaldi, Credo
Handel, Chandos Anthems. At some point in the future, you might want to try the Lauridsen, Lux Aeterna. Good high school choirs can handle it, but you might need some ringers in the orchestra.

Martini: Domine ad adjuvandum me festina
Vivaldi: Magnificat
Both employ strings, SATB soloists. Not too difficult. The Vivaldi is longer, with several contrasting movements.

Laura Doss
Alabama School of Fine Arts
on December 14, 2002 10:00pm
If you looking for french choral music there is the original version of Faure's Requiem

soprano (or treble) & baritone solo, violin solo (in Sanctus) mixed choir
4 violas, 4 cellos, 1 or 2 contrabass(es), 2 horns, 2 trumpets, 3 trombones, timpani, harp & organ

Editions Leduc, Paris, France

Maxime Kapri
on January 28, 2004 10:00pm
Faure Requiem

John Rutter's edition published by OUP goes back to the original sources:

SATB, sop & bass soli, strings, horns and organ (from memory)
on November 11, 2006 10:00pm
PLease may I know how to obtain the score of this secular cantata entitled *Of Arts and Elements*.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Best regards,

Hooi Lay
on January 23, 2007 10:00pm

ANGEL OF THE NIGHT is a composition for choir and chamber orchestra by Huub de Lange on poem 69 from Alfred Tennyson's "In Memoriam A.H.H.".

The music can be downloaded as sheetmusic (pdf file) and heared as mp3 file on the site

The direct link to this music is: