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Styles: Madrigal books

From: bill(a)
As some of you have requested, here is a compilation of the ideas y'all gave
me when I asked about madrigal resources for a beginning group. Thanks to
all who responded and, please, forgive me if I have inadvertently left
anyone's ideas out of this post!
Bill Ahlman
Coppell, TX

1. The old "war horse" "The A Cappella Singer ed. CLough-Leighter Pub.
2."Invitation to Madrigals #2" Thurston Dar pub Stainer & Bell
3. Rafael Ornes (ornes(a) said that there are a number of resources
available at his website. I will allow Rafael to post the site, as I did not
have a chance to get Rafael's permission to post the site address here.
4. Both Oxford University Press and Penguin have excellent collections
5.The King's Singers have a few volumes of madrigals published
6. "Oxford Book of English Madrigals", "O.B. of French Chansons"
7. A Venezuelan madrigal called, "Alla va encobijado" unpublished, but maybe
other listmembers know of it.
8. "Introduction to Madrigals" Boosey &Hawkes
9. Some "interesting" madrigals from P.D.Q. Bach that may be fun. The title
of the collection of 3 madrigals is "The Triumphs of Thusnelda" and the
titles are "A Royal Pain to me the Queen doth Give" and "My Bonnie Lass She
Smelleth" Theodore Presser also has other titles and what the writer called
"normal" madrigals
10. Chester publishes a number of collections each book with a different
subject (Places, Love, etc.)
11. MY Pro Musica book or the Noah Greenberg book on Elizabethan madrigals.
These might be out of print and hard to find
12. SIlvis Woodshed madrigal Page at:
13. Primarily A Capella website:

AGAIN, Thanks to all of you!

on February 9, 2007 10:00pm
I'm looking for a 4 part arrangement of italian madrigals Dona che in cial and Zeffiro Zeffiro for male voice choirs.