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Best Websites for student research

Dear Choralist,

The original question was: I am seeking web sites that I can give my
students so they can do research on the music, composers, periods of music
history, etc. of the choral literature they are studying. Thank you so much
for any suggestions.

Thank you,

Mary Rago
John Burroughs High School
Burbank, CA

The first-stop Web site for anyone looking for choral resources is
There are many, many links to research and reference sites that will be

Next, if your students do not already know about the search engine Google,
point them to They can key in composer names or titles of
compositions and find the information they seek. Be sure that a name Is
enclosed in quotation marks so that Google doesn't do a separate search on
the first name and last name or each separate word of a song title.

Best wishes,
Monica Hubbard

I do the same thing.

Hope these help.

Debbie L. Coleman, Choral Director
Bonaire Middle School

Try the following Silver Burdette Site for composer information. I teach
Elementary Music and the kids love this also has good information
for adults!

Daniel Hester
J. Glenn Edwards Elentary School
Sanofrd, NC

***************************************************************** Teach them to do a basic web search.

Websites come and go. (My favorite site for Gregorian chant and Latin texts
has disappeared, for example.) Best bet is to see what's available today.
You have to exercise judgement about a site's trustworthiness, but not
everything printed in a book is accurate either.

Best wishes,
Nick Jones
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Please post! I often do similar things for a music newsletter I do for
the church, and can never find everyone I need. Here's where I go: - contains thousands of hymns, composer bios and
photos, hymn texts, etc. - basic composers index. Incomplete, but
not bad.

The best resource is New Grove online, but you have to pay for that.
University libraries usually have it, and *maybe* you could talk a public
library into getting it.

Although I am in strong opposition to the advocacy of the web as a sole
research resource, I do have some advice to offer. Let your students know
that many web sites with a (.htm or .html) at the end are not necessarily
authoritative (mostly privately owned, freely-constructed websites, like
geocities, yahoo, etc...). (of course I think they would
need to go to a library that was subscribed) (you know this one, of course! :-))

(this last one is geared toward young students, but the info is solid, and
it provides more links).

Hope this helps,

A good place to start is - general
information, more detailed about the biggies, and
links to other sites. Also try the Carolina Classical
which has links divided by time period and including
links to information about specific composers.

hope this helps!

Ann Wells
K-6 General Music
Cherokee County, GA
Please copy the compilation to me. This will be a wonderful resource. BTW,
the MENC website has lots of this sort information. Good luck in your

Douglas Cox
We are composers still alive but I don't expect that you are studying about
us yet. Some day maybe. We would love your students to visit our web site.
Do you have a choir? We have perusal copies of our works that you may have
if we get your address to send them to you. Good luck with your students and
your web site search.

Musically yours
Andy Duinker
Donna Rhodenizer
Red Castle Publishing

ChoralNet has a zillion links to info sites, especially in our
Composers area. You don't say what age your students are. If they're
kids, is an especially good one for kids.

Allen H Simon
VP for Website Development
ChoralNet Inc.

I have a compilation of some sources on my Webquest on musical eras.

I hope this is of use!

Jeremy Foutz

Here are some sites I found useful:
artsedge (Kennedy Center site):
Dallas Symphony Orchestra - dso kids
American Symphony Orchestra League has a site for kids
New York Philharmonic has a site for kids

Pamella Dearden
Education Outreach Coordinator / Chorus Administrator

The Florida Philharmonic is the largest performing arts organization in the
state and the resident professional orchestra of Miami-Dade, Broward, and
Palm Beach Counties. It offers over 165 performances each year, showcasing
the finest classical music and some of the world's leading guest artists. To
learn more about the Philharmonic or to make a contribution, please call
(954) 938-6700 or log on to their Web site at

The "New Grove Encyclopedia of Music and Musicians" has a searchable
website. I have used it to complete all of my recent research. It is a
great resource that students would really benefit from. I hope you find
what you are looking for!

Josh Viles

on February 14, 2009 10:00pm
Just a note to let you know that the Cyber Hymnal (linked from your page at, has a new URL: Please spread the word!

God bless...