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TTBB: Beginning Men's choir music

THANK YOU to all of you who sent in wonderful repertoire ideas. Here is what
I received, and I hope this helps others of you out there who asked for the
Christopher Borges
Bakersfield High School
Bakersfield, CA

P.S. Thankfully, it is QUITE a long list...

Two English Folksongs (John Rutter) (TB)
2 part Good christian men Rejoice Winfred, Douglas carol xmas
2 part Ring out bells of christmas McCabe, Michael cont xmas
2 part Baby, What You Gonna Be? Sleeth cont xmas
2 part Wanderer's Song, The Lapp, Greg A. cont
2 part Shoshone Love Song Emerson, Roger cont
2 part Agnus Dei Donnally, Mary cont
2 part Three Chanteys arr. Bartholomew folk
2 part Masters in this hall Morus, William folk xmas
2 part Hine Ma Tov Naplan, Allan folk
2 part Battle of Jericho, The arr. Dickau, David spirit
2 part Climbin' Up the Mountain arr. Spevecek, Linda spirit
2 part Go tell it on the mountain Malin, Don spiritual xmas
2 part Two Handel Classics Handel, George F. boro
2 part We've Been a While a Wandering Lapp, Greg A. carol xmas
2 part Praise The Lord Adler, Samuel folk
2 part Sailor Lad, The Frank B. Cookson folk
2 part God Rest You Merry Gentlemen Kern, Philip carol xmas
unison Brother Jame's Air Bair, Macbeth
unison Spring Prayer Caldwell, Mary E.
unison Vagabond, The William, R. Vaughn 20th
unison Roadside Fire, The Vaughan Williams, Ralph 20th
unison Cradle Song Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart clas xmas
unison Blessing Molen Bart, Katie cont grad
unison Down among the dead men cont
unison Orpheus With His Lute Vaughan Williams, Ralph cont
unison Goober Peas folk
unison Sally Gardens, The arr. Brittens, Benjamen folk
unison Turtle Dove, The arr. Christy, Van A. folk
unison You Gentlemen of England Packer, Martin folk
unison High Barbaree arr. Christy, Van A. folk
unison Keeper, The folk
unison Blow the Wind Southerly folk
unison Loch Lomond folk
unison Skye Boat Song Harold Boulton folk
unison Greensleeves mid
unison I'll Be Home For Christmas Gannon, Kent, & Ram pop xmas
unison No Christmas Like A Home Christmas Singman, Carl pop xmas
unison Most wonderful day of the year, The Marks, Johnny pop xmas
unison Blue Christmas Hayes-Johnson pop xmas
unison There's No Christmas Like a Home Christmas pop xmas
unison Silver Bells Hay Livingston & Ray E. pop xmas

Blue And The Gray, The; Jenson

Ching A Ring Chaw; Heritage Music Press 15/1513H

I Wish I Were Single Again;
Shawnee C-283

Jimmy Crack Corn; Shawnee C0293

Riu, Riu, Chiu; Heritage Music Press 15/1414H

" I Want to be a Sailor" (Joseph M. Martin)

Natalie Sleeth's "Sing a New Song to the
Lord" (Sacred Music Press 400)

Buttons and Bows, (2 prt), arr. Christopher Leonard 08602202

For Men Only: the Holliday Collection, arr. Emerson Leonard 40326307
(has several songs from 2 to 3 parts - some sacred, some secular.)

Walkin' My Baby Back Home/I Don't Want to Walk Without You, 2 part, arr.
Huff, Leonard 08740168

I Will Sing Hallelujah (ttb spiritual), Johnson, Jenson 423-09021

How Can I Keep From Singing? arr. Ellingboe, Kjos 5572

Edelweiss, mostly unison/2 part, arr. Spevacek, Leonard 08751734

a beautiful, but simple tune is "Tenting Tonight",
it's a Civil War song, included in the "Bicentennial
Collection" that a lot of schools got in 1976 from JC
Penney - if you have it, it's a great tune - easy,
with a short solo...
I've also had fun with "La Bamba" - or try something
from "Pirates of Penzance" ...?
Go Tell it on the Mountain, 2 part, arr. Nygard, Hinshaw 1293

When You're Smilin" (2 part partner song), arr. Schmutte, Warner Bros

Viva La Compagnie (tbb) , arr. Perry, Shawnee C 0301

Play for Me a Simple Melody, 3 part partner song, Berlin/arr by Shaw,
Leonard 08720795

Born, Born in Bethlehem, (tb), Donald Moore, BriLee Music BL210

Deck the Hall and Decorate - 2 part, arr. Schram, Studio PR SV9999

There are several things on the internet which would be suitable at:

Try " Soldier's Hallelujah" by Vijay Singh. It's TB, real macho
sounding and great for beginning men's choir. When I was teaching
high school my colleague who formed a men's ensemble did it and
I thought it was great. It is a cappella but very accessible.
I did it also with my college choir last year and they loved
it. It has a Christmas text.

I draw literature from my solo background use songs from the 26 Italian Arias
and Art Songs (ed. Patton, Jon) or 24 Italian Art Songs (G Schirmer). My
kids really enjoyed O del mio dolce ardor.

I have also used songs from the Songs of Travel -Ralph Vaughan Williams as
well as his Let us now praise famous men.

The Southern California Vocal Association has their repertoire list on line
BriLee Music ("Reuben Ranzo", "Soldier's Hallelujah", "Noel, Noel", "Novum
Gaudia"), Warner Bros. ("Medieval Gloria", "Go Tell It on the Mountain"), or
National Music ("Russian Hammer Song", "In Stiller Nacht")--all arr. Vijay

Even though some of these things are TTB or
TBB, I leave out the high tenor parts if necessary and adapt the pieces to
my liking. But anyway, here goes - and I hope some of these are helpful.

There is Nothin' Like a Dame - arr. Roger Emerson TTB
They Call the Wind Mariah - arr. Kirby Shaw TTB
Don't Fence Me In - arr Kirby Shaw TTB (I think this is out of print)
The Auctioneer - arr. Kirby Shaw TTB
Cotton Fields - arr. Donald Moore TTB
Ode To Joy - arr Joyce Eilers or Emily Crocker - 2 pt.
A-Rovin - arr. Emily Crocker 2 pt.
Down by the Riverside - arr. Kirby Shaw 2pt. (not the current acappella
Alexander's Ragtime Band - arr. Don Besig (2 Pt.)
Consider Yourself (from Oliver) - arr. Lionel Bart? TB/SA GREAT PIECE!!!)
originally published by the Richmond Organization
Shenandoah - arr. Brad Printz (2 pt.)
The Ballad of Santy Anno - arr. Emily Crocker or Joyce Eilers TTB
I want to be a Sailor - can't remember composer (Martin maybe?)but it is TB
or 2 pt.
Blowin In the Wind/America - arr. Len Thomas (2 Pt. - my guys always loved

1. 2-part arrangements from "The Lion King"
a. Circle of Life, arr. Keith Christopher, pub. HL 08745849
b. Hakuna Matata, arr. R. Emerson, pub. HL08740004
c. I Just Want to Be King
2. A Tribute to the Everly Brothers - TB, arr. R. Emerson, pub. HL
# 04320541
3. Great Balls of Fire - arr. Mac Huff, pub. HL #08720283
4. This Train - TB arr. Donald Moore
5. I'm Bound Away - TTB arr. Donald Moore
6. I Heard It Though the Grape Vine - 2 prt. - arr. Ed. Lojeski
pub. HL #08200707
7. The Mighty Mouse Theme - 2 prt. - arr. Gilpin, pub.
Warner #E0416
8. The Lion Sleeps Tonight - arr. R. Emerson, pub. HL
9. Ching a Ring Chaw - 2 prt., arr. Linda Spevacek
pub. Heritage
10. Rhythm of Life - 2-prt. arr. John Leavitt, pub. Warner
# SV9674
11. High Coasts of Barbery - by Jeanne Julseth-Heinrich
12. A-Rovin' - arr. Ron Jeffers, pub. Earthsongs
13. Love Potion Number 0 - TTB, arr. Jeff Funk
pub., Warner CH96105
14. Seventy Six Trombones - 2 prt., arr. Ruth Artman
15. Vive La Compagnie! - arr. Dave and Jean Perry
16. If You've Only Got a Moustache - TB, arr. L. Van Camp,
pub. Somerset #BR2011
17. Yellow Submarine - 2-prt. arr. John Leavitt, pub.
Hal Leonard #08654134
18. The Streets of Laredo - TB (if you need more info, I'll have to get it
next week when I can look in the files).
19. Down By the Sally Gardens - arr. John Rutter

1. "When Yuba Played the Rumba on a Tuba"--it's a 2/3 prt arrangement.
Two years ago my Men's Chorus did this. They wore havana straw
hats. My hs show choir choreographer "choreographed" them
performing this with large cigars. A senior from the band dept.
played the tuba. It was the hit of the program! There's also
currently an accompaniment trax available for it.

Christmas Songs for Tenor Bass Chorus by
Keith Christopher.

Another really old and very funny collection is called Gentlemen
Songsters. You laugh, but it has some good stuff in there.

Dear Listers,
Here is the original request and the responses I’ve received to date.
Thanks to all who contributed.

Scott Campbell

Each year I search for interesting 2 and 3-part repertoire for my
entry-level men's choir. We do a variety of genres/styles throughout the
year so I'm looking for all types of materials. We have a group of 40
enthusiastic, but "vocally-challenged" men! Each year we do a major work
with our school orchestra (this year is Schubert Mass in E-flat) so much of
the rest of the year I do substantially easier material. If folks would send
me your "sure-fire" winners in this catagory I'd be happy to post a

The following are all arr. by Linda Spevacek
1)Ching A Ring Chaw TBB Heritage Music Press
(Always a crowd pleaser and students have fun with it. Partner Song in
2) I Wish I Was Single Again TTB Shawnee
(When acted out it brings down the house. Did at our regional ACDA
3) Jubilate Deo-(Mozart) TB Heritage Music Press
( Just released)
4) The Blue and the Gray TTB Jenson
(performed at ACDA National)
5)Gesu Bambino TBB Heritage Music Press
(Just released. With optional solo and flute)
6)Riu, Riu Chiu TTB/TBB Heritage Music Press
(Hand claps, instruments, Spanish with new secular optional text. Top
7)Jimmy Crack Corn TBB Shawnee
(Opt. solos. Fun.)
They call the wind Mariah arr. Kirby Shaw
The Beggar's Song - Dave & Jean Perry
There Is Nothin' Like a Dame arr. Roger Emerson
America/Blowin in the Wind arr. Len Thomas
The Ballad of Santy Anno arr. Emily Crocker
A-Rovin arr. Emily Crocker (actually is 2 pt., but works well for men)
I Will Sing Hallelujah - Neil Johnson
Consider Yourself - arr. Lionel Bart (2 pt. - A REAL WINNER)
On the Deep, Blue Sea - Donnelly & Strid
Sea Fever - Sherry Porterfield

Tim Howard
Fremont, NE
I have a really fun piece for T Bar B called 'If Ever I Marry' which is part
of a set of pieces called 'Songs of Life and Love'. (Two of the others are
published by Alliance Music.) This one, however, remains unpublished though
often performed.

Stuart McIntosh
169 Trysull Road, Wolverhamtpon, WV3 7JP, United Kingdom
Try Vijay Singh's "Soldiers Hallelujah", Easy a cappella,TB, and macho

Patricia Corbin
Director of Choral Activities
Jacksonville State University
Jacksonville, AL
"Terminus," published by Santa Barbara Music Publishing -Nancy Hill Cobb
Cantate Domino - SA or TB Santa Barbara - Nancy Hill Cobb
1. Circle of Life - 2-part-arr. K. Christopher, pub. Hal Leonard, #08745849
2. Hakuna Matata - 2-part, arr. Roger Emerson, pub. Hal Leonard #08740004
3. A Tribute To the Everly Brothers, TB, arr. Roger Em,erson, pub Hal
Leonard #04320541
4. This Train - arranged by Donald Moore
5. If You've Only Got a Moustache, TB, arr. by L. Van Camp, pub. Somerset
6. Yellow Submarine - arr. John Leavitt, pub. Hal Leonard #08654134
7. Rhythm of Life - 2-prt., arr. John Leavitt, pub. Warner #SV9674
8. The High Coasts of Barbary, 2-part, arr. Jeanne Julseth-Heinrich
9. I Just Can't Wait To Be King, 2-part, arr. Mac Huff, pub. Hal Leonard
10. A-Rovin', TB, arr. Ron Jeffers, pub. Earthsongs
11. Sebben Crudele - 2 part, arr. Henry Leck, pub. Hal Leonard #08551415
12. Medieval Gloria - 2 part, by Vijay Singh, pub. Warner OCT9615
13. Three Hungarian Folksongs - 2-part-by Matyas Seiber
14. Man Is For the Woman Made, by Purcell, arranged by Arthur Frackenpohl

1. I'm Bound Away -arranged by Donald Moore
2. Vive La Compagnie! arranged by Dave & Jean Perry
3. Love Potion No. 9, TTB, arr. Jeff Funk, pub. Warner CH96105
4. Homeward Bound - TBB, by Carl Strommen, pub. Warner SV9062
5. The Impossible Dream - arr. John Leavit, pub. Hal Leonard #08740790
6. When Yuba Plays the Rumba On the Tuba - arr. Carl Strommen
7. Brown-Eyed Girl - arr. Ma Huff
8. Lulu's Back In Town - arr. Kirby Shaw
9. They Call the Wind Maria - TBB, arr. Kirby Shaw, pub. Hal Leonard
10. The Time I've Lost-TBB, Thomas Moore/Rowland Blackley, pub. Southern
11. Madrigals for Tenor Bass Voices-TTB acappella, arr. by Sherri
Porterfield, pub. Hal Leonard, #08741437

Denise Baccadutre
Moriarty High School Choral Director
Moriarty, New Mexico
Morley's April is In My Mistress Face
John Rutter has a great opera chorus book out that is a lot of fun
Betelehemu is always a blast,
In Dat Great Gettin Up Mornin

Stevan Doll
Millikin University
1. Aura Lee, 2-part, arranged by Carl Strommen, published by Warner SV9803
2. Wade In the Water - 2 part, arranged by Brad Printz, pub. Heritage
3. Two Folk Songs For Male Voices arranged by John Rutter
If you have high tenors, there's a beautiful arrangement of "Down by the
Sally Gardens". Pub. by Oxford Press M23
4. Drill Ye Tarriers, Drill, 2-part arr. by Kirby Shaw, pub. Hal Leonard
5. I Want To Be a Sailor, TB, by Joseph Martin. Pub. by Warner SV9212
6. Streets of Laredo (One of my students' favorites--maybe because we are
in New Mexico!) arr. by Carl J. Nygard, Jr., pub. Hinshaw #HMC-844

1. Bound For the Promised Land, TBB, arr. Emily Crocker, pub. Hal Leonard
2. Jerulsalem, TTB, arr by Carl Strommen, pub. Warner #SV9606. There's
also a 2-part available #SV9607.
3. My Heart's In the Highlands, TTB/TBB, by Sherri Porterfield, pub.
Shawnee # C0280
4. Rise Up My Love, My Fair One, TBB, by James McCray, pub. National
5. Workin' On the Railroad, TTB, arr. Donald Moore, pub. Warner #SV9438

Most 2-part selections will work with TB. You have to match the selection
to the vocal ranges and personality of your group. Have fun.

-Denise Baccadutre
Moriarty High School Choral Department
Moriarty, NM
Down in the Red River Valley - arr. Ballenger - TB (published by Santa
Barbara, I think)

The Beggar's Song - Richard Leveridge, arr. Dave and Jean Perry - TTB (Can't
remember publisher, but I could look it up)

Medieval Gloria - Vijay Singh - TB (Belwin Mills/Warner Bros?)

Ya Viene la Vieja - Spanish, arr. Leininger (TBB)

You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch - Hague & Seuss, arr. Funk - TBB (Hal Leonard
or Warner Bros. - can't quite remember)
(BTW, I thought my high school boys would find this beneath them, but they
absolutely loved it, including some creative staging/props we used!)

Shoshone Love Song (My Heart's Friend) - Roger Emerson - TBB

Amo, Amas, I Love a Lass - English Glee, arr. Bartholomew - TTB

We're the Men - Jay Althouse - TB (Alfred?)
Alexa Doebele
Ranum HS
Denver, CO
Check out Sherri Porterfields collection of TTB Madrigals. It includes "All
Ye Who Music Love", "Now is the Month of Maying", "My Heart Belongs Only to
You" (French or English), "Weep, O Mine Eyes", and "Since Robin Hood."

Also, the TTB arrangement of "Tollite Hostias" from the Saint-Saens
Christmast Oratorio is nice.
Carlton Kilpatrick
Columbia High School Choral Department
Rt. 10, Box 258
Lake City, FL 32025
(386) 755-8113
Rosalee Dave and Jean Perry jenson pub. 42318041 TTB
The Auctioneer arr. Kirby Shaw Hal Leonard 08655581 TBB
Workin' On The Railroad arr. Donald Moore Studio pub. SV9438
Loch Lomond arr. Greg Gilpin Shawnee Press C 0290
Homeward Bound Carl Strommen Belwin/Studio SV9062 TTB
Turtle Dove arr. Merrilee Webb Santa Barbara Music Pub
On The Deep Blue Sea Mary Donnelly arr. Strid Hal Leonard
08551278 TTB
Polly Wolly Doodle arr. Dan Krunnfusz Kimmel publications K 302
Bound for the Promised Land arr. Emily Crocker Hal Leonard
08703153 TBB
Medieval Gloria Vijay Singh Belwin Mills OCT9614 TB
In Flander's Fields arr. Roger Emerson Hal Leonard 08741443
And I Love Her arr. Audrey Snyder Hal Leonard 08200920
Shoshone Love Song Roger Emerson Hal Leonard 08740097
The Mermaid arr. Michael Levi Belwin/Studio SV9504
TTBB not
Poor Wayfaring Stranger arr. Jerry Estes Alfred 17703
Leaning on a Lamppost arr. John Leavitt Shawnee Press C 0298
(from Me and My Girl)
This Train arr. Donald Moore BriLee Music BL140 TB
A Red, Red Rose Emily Crocker Hal Leonard 08740102
Cindy Neil Johnson Heritage Music Press 15/1375H
The Sailor's Song Patti DeWitt Hal Leonard 08740267
Viva la Compagnie arr. Dave and Jean Perry Shawnee Press C 0301
Three Chanteys arr. Marshall Bartholomew G. Schirmer No. 9772
Abschiedslied der Zurvogel Mendelssohn National Music Pub.
NMP-288 TB
(Farewell Song of the Birds of Passage)
I Want to be a Sailor Joseph Martin Studio/Belwin SV9212
Three Jolly Coachmen arr. Michael Levi Alliance Music Pub. AMP
0212 TBB
Down By the Salley Gardens arr. Carl Sitton Alliance Music Pub.
0177 TBB
Shenandoah arr. Russell Robinson Studio/Warnner Bros.
SV9920 TBB
Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind Sherri Porterfield Studie/Belwin SV9430
Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel arr. Roger Emerson ??
2-pt TB
If You've Only Got a Moustache arr. Leonard Van Camp Hope Publishing
Co. TB
Sing Me a Song of a Lad That is Gone Sherri Porterfield Studio/ Belwin
SV9003 TTB
Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue arr. Ruth Artman Leo Feist Inc.
An Irish Blessing Donald Moore Studio/Belwin SV9421

With Cat-Like Tread, Upon Our Prey We Steal from The Pirates of Penzance
I have the whole book of the of music and piano reduction G Schirmer 38710
distributed by Hal Leonard

Janice Chapin

Scott Campbell
Farmington High School
10 Monteith Drive
Farmington, CT. 06034
860-673-2514 ext. 184 (S)
860-673-2834 (H)
860-673-7284 (FAX (a) school)
860-673-7334 (FAX (a) home)
Sing4scam(a) - or - CampbellS(a)

on September 12, 2002 10:00pm
Since this compilation: "Why Hast Thou Dealt Ill With Thy Servant" by
William Copper, for chorus TBB, with extensive unison but for a mature men's chorus. More information at
and email for free perusal copies to .
on November 14, 2003 10:00pm
Need spirituals/secular/classical/folk music for TBB beginning Men's ensemble. Thanks! :)
on February 13, 2006 10:00pm
How about some a cappella works for men's chorus? "Soldier's Alleluia" is the only work on the above lists that is specified as a cappella.