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Repertoire for a Faculty choir

Thanks, listers, for your ideas. In response to my request for music for a
faculty chorus, the following suggestions were made:

You might want to look at "We Are One Voice" by Kevin and Celeste Johnson,
arr. Paul Oakley, published by Colla Voce Music (available through JWPepper,
among other distributors). It is a specifically secular text--done purposely
to be used in schools without controversy--but written in a gospel style.
The accompaniment is written out enough so that an accompanist need not be a
gospel-style improviser (although that would be great if you have one!)--the
piece will still have that "swing" to it by playing exactly what's printed.
As with a lot of gospel pieces, there is quite a bit of repetition, so it
shouldn't be hard to teach to the kind of choir you mention. Take it
up-tempo and let it rock (once they learn the notes, of course!)--they will
love it!

There is a piece I like called "Stewards of Earth" based on Sibelius'
"Finlandia. It is published by J. S. Paluch and is part of the "We
Celebrate Hymnal" series. Octavos are available from them at $1.00 each.
(#007945) Order on line at or
call 1-800-566-6150.

Of course, there are any number of possibilites, but the chorale from
"Finlandia" popped into my head first. It is very inspiring and very easy.
I think it has been set to words about peace. I remember that our high
school All State band once played a band arrangement of the entire piece,
too, so there is the possibility of combining forces with both the HS
chorus and the HS band. (Seeing that you are from Longmeadow, perhaps you
also have a string program in your school..) Good luck.

I applaud your great idea! My wife created a faculty choir when she began
her high school teaching in 1993. It has been a tremendous support for her
personally, and for her program. You can read about it by clicking on
Faculty Singers . Her
faculty singers and choirs have performed a number of my compositions,
written for them. You can explore my catalogue at Let me know if there's anything you
can use.

look into stephen hatfield's "amazing grace" published by boosey & hawkes.
it's truly incredible.

Let there be peace on earth
This is my country
We are the World

The first piece that popped into my head was "Train Up a Child" by Pepper
Choplin. Very accessible, lovely contemporary tune, text inspired by
scripture but not too religious in wording. Can find at J.W. Pepper.

Train up a child in the way that he should go that he will never depart.
Train up a child in the way and she will grow with the word in her heart.
Feed them truth, guide the way, teach them promises God has made,
that they may live in God's love and grace.

Train up a child as you teach him right from wrong, as he follows the word.
Train up a child as you lead her to be strong, be strong in the Lord. (could
change to "be strong in this world")
Feed them truth, guide the way, teach them promises God has made,
that they may live in God's love and grace.

Many voices call, many things may draw them far away.
Though their paths may go far away from home, the word shall remain, (could
sing "your words" shall remain)
the word will remain in their hearts.

Train up a child; your rewards will go beyond the days you live.
Raise them in love; generations will be blest by the love that you give.
Feed them truth, show the way, teach them promises God has made,
that they will carry on to train up a child, to train up a child,
and they will live in God's love forever.

Thanks again,

Kayla Werlin