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SATB: with Violin (or viola) and organ

Following is a lengthy list of works for chorus SATB, organ, and violin,
or other choral voicings or viola as indicated in parentheses. The
German publisher Carus-Verlag has a large number of baroque works for
this combination listed at; their own web site is not very
useful for finding such works except by title or composer.

It is an attractive combination, and several people wrote asking for the
compilation. Composers, there would seem to be opportunity here, since
many of the list below are baroque works 'arranged' for sale by

Each listing gives "Title" (alternate voicings if any), Author,
Publisher. If the plain text formatting is awkward, send me an email
and I can forward a copy of the list in MS word or html (let me know
which, please).

William Copper

"Alleluia, haec dies" Donati, Ignazio Faber Music Ltd
"Alles, was Odem hat" (Psalm 117) Schutz, Heinrich Carus-Verlag
"Alleluya" DuMont, Henry Alphonse Leduc (France)
"Amazing Grace" arr. Goemanne, Noel Gia Publications
"Bread of the World" Klusmeir, Rom text by Reginal Heber ??publisher
"Christus natus est nobis" (STTB) DuMont, Henry Alphonse Leduc
"Come Down, O Love Divine" Leavitt, John ?? Publisher
"Contre ces cruels envieux" (SSB) DuMont, Henry Editions Ouvrieres
"Danket dem Herrn, denn er ist gutig" Zaccaria, Cesare de Carus-Verlag
"Das ist meine Freude" (SATB+SATB, Organ, Viola) Bach, Johann Ludwig
"Es ist ein Kostlich Ding" Beck, John Ness Carus-Verlag
"Exaltabo te, Domine" Delalande, Michel Richard Carus-Verlag
"Gloria for Christmas Time" Proulx, Richard Gia Publications
"Gospel Acclamation" for Ordinary Time or Ordinations Penkala, Gary
CanticaNOVA Publications
"Der Herr is mein Hirt" (SATB+SATB, Organ, Viola) Schutz, Heinrich
"Ich danke dem Herrn" Doles, Johann Friedrich Carus-Verlag
"Ich danke dem Herrn von ganzem Herzen" Schutz, Heinrich Carus-Verlag
"Ich freue mich im Herrn" Homilius, Gottfried August Carus-Verlag
"Ich hebe meine Augen auf" Psalm 121 (SATB+SATB, Organ, Viola) Schutz,
Heinrich Carus-Verlag
"Ich will den Herrn loben allezeit" Homilius, Gottfried August
"Ihr Volker alle, klatscht in die Hande" Zaccaria, Cesare de Carus-Verlag
"Jauchzet dem Herrn, alle Welt" Homilius, Gottfried August Carus-Verlag
"Jerusalem, Freude ward dir verheissen" Commer, Franz Carus-Verlag
"Jubilemus, exultemus" Couperin, Francois Phillippe Caillard
"A little choral cantata on Once again my heart rejoices" arr Horn, Paul
"Laetatus sum" Psalm 121 (7 minutes) Vivaldi, Antonio Musica Sacra
"Landmesse in F" (unison Bass) Kobrich, Johann Anton Carus-Verlag
"Laudate Pueri" Zipoli, Domenico (arr) Grupo de Canto Choral
"Lobe den Herren, meine seele" Anonymous? Carus-Verlag
"Lobet Gott, unsern Herrn Zebaoth" Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann Carus-Verlag
"Lullaby for Christmas" Copper, William Hartenshield Group Inc
"A Lute Caroll" Caldwell, Mary Elizabeth Warner Brothers Publications
"Mass of Thanksgiving" Cabena, Barrie Jaymar Music Ltd
"Naermere Dig, Min Gud" Carey, Lewis Musikk-Husets Forlag (norway)
"Now rests He and is comforted" (SSAB) Freydt, Johann Ludwig arr Knouse
Hinshaw Music
"Nun freut euch, lieben Christen gmein" Micheelsen, Hans Friedrich
"Psalm 98" Mendelssohn, Felix Carus-Verlag
"Quand, l'esprit accable" (SSB/ TTB) DuMont, Henry Editions Ouvrieres
"Rejoice, Rejoice This Happy Morn" (Organ and Viola) Ferguson, John
?? Publisher
"Rise, my soul, and praise God's kindness" (unison) Albert, Heinrich
arr. Peek, Richard Concordia
"Singet dem Herrn" Psalm 98 (SATB+SATB) Schutz, Heinrich Carus-Verlag
"Soft, Oh Soft" Copper, William Hartenshield Group Inc
"Te Deum" Zipoli, Domenico (arr Merono, Agustina) Grupo de Canto Choral
"Tenebrae factae sunt" Haydn, Michael Philippe Caillard (France)
"There is no Rose of such vertu" arr Ford, Clifford Canadian Music
"V'eyrastich Li" Nowakowsky, David Laurendale Associates
"Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan" Bach, Johann Sebastian Carus-Verlag
"Wohl dem, der nicht dem Rat" (viola) Klein, Richard Rudolf Carus-Verlag

on January 17, 2005 10:00pm
"Four Hymns" (Viola, tenor solo) Vaughn Williams
on January 7, 2008 10:00pm
"Requiem" by Puccini. A short piece, not difficult, for viola solo and organ. Technically for S,T,B but there is some divisi in the treble line that can be taken by the altos. Published by Elkan-Vogel.