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SSA or SSAA: Madrigals

I received many excellent responses to my query on Madrigals written or
arranged for women.

The majority of the responses mentioned The A Capella Singer for Women's
Voices (see below)

The A Capella Singer Women's Voices
A Collection of motets, madrigals, chansons, carols, ayres, ballets,
etc. Edited by H. Clough-Leighter. Published by Schirmer first in 1936
and then renewed in 1963. All arrnged for SSA or SSAA.


Other suggestions:

ECS Publishing in Boston MA has a wealth of madrigals in arrangements.
Invitation to Madrigals series edited by Thurston Dart consists of small
64-page books in specific voicings. Call them and ask for a catalog or a
listing. There are many.


Kodaly's 'Quattro madrigali' are wonderful.


Thomas Morley 3 voice cansonets, suuuper mmmmm.

For the more sophisticated John Wilbye nos. 1, 2, 3, and 5 in his First set
of Madrigals. - Each one absolute joy!

Also William Byrd second set of Madrigals No.1, 3,4, 5 (alto a bit low

Published by Stainer & Bell / Galaxy Music

For contemporary, get the list from Musica Baltica (
the songs for women's ensembles e.g. by Peteris Plakidis. Words may be in
Latvian (completely phonetic), fascinating stuff.


Please go to

We would recommend LOVE SONGS IN THE ROUND (A kind-of 20th C. madrigal)
If you want something really off-beat and challenging, you should take a
look at

You can also find his French madrigal "IL COURT, LE FURET" in the Theodore
catalog - #312-40525.


My women's vocal ensemble, SHE, is really enjoying working Ernst Krenek's
set of three; available from Rongwen Music. Very short, a cappella, ssa,
very sprightly and cute, and well written. All on spring themes. Title :
Three Madrigals


I have written a few that may be of interest:

1) Sign No More Ladies SSA Heritage Music Press
(Shakespeare text from Much Ado About music, accompanied or a
cappella, just released)
2) A Maiden's Farewell SSA Shawnee Press
(a cappella)
3) A Festive Madrigal SSA Heritage Music Press
(accompanied or a cappella, holiday text, new release)

(Linda Spevacek)


Thank you to all who responded. I hope this is of help to those who asked
for a compilation.


on July 19, 2006 10:00pm
I have been very interested in Kodaly's "Quatro Madrigali" (mentioned above) for quite some time now but have been unable to locate anyone who publishes them. If you know of a publisher, please contact me!