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Summer programs for beginner conductors

*** Original post ***
Subject: Query about summer choral conducting courses
Most ads I've seen are for courses or master classes for advanced
conductors. Advanced conductors get to actually conduct in these, while
elementary conductors just get to observe. Is there any such thing as a
summer course or apprentice class geared to those of us who have had no
formal hands-on tuition in conducting and where we get to do some actual
conducting and be critiqued?

[to which there are 14 different answers; names not included except where
necessary and supplied for course info]

*** 01 ***
Check out Doreen Rao's Choral Music Education. CME is offered in various
places around the country (sometimes in Europe, as well). There are
various progressive levels. It can be intense, but the results are
definitely solid. Good luck to you.

*** 02 *** [9 responses]
-- I'd look into Westminster Choir College in Princeton. They have a
number of classes at all levels through the summer and their whole approach
to conducting is live conducting of the class and then critiques.
-- several levels of conducting classes for a week at a time during the
summer. Highly recommended!
-- Phone number is 609-921-7100--ask for the Summer Session office.
-- Check it at (Westminster is the School of Music of
Rider University) and follow the link for Westminster.

*** 03 ***
If you're interested, I'll send you some information concerning the
conductor's workshop at the University of Miami, FL (June 17-21). Geared to
all levels. All participants getting podium time with Rodney Eichenberger.
Just let me know and send me an address.
David Rhyne Davidrhyne(a)

*** 04 ***
Here in Vancouver, the BC Choral Federation is just beginning a summer
course, the first of three levels which will be offered in successive
years. Level One is intended as an introduction for exactly your level of
conductor, as well as a refresher with those with a bit more experience.
It will be taking place at the end of the summer, 24-29 August. I have
copied this to Margaret Riding (m_riding(a) who is the course
administrator, and she will be in touch with more information

I hope this helps

Brigid Coult

*** 05 ***
Every summer we offer conducting as a "hands on" experience conducting a
summer choir for credit. The class is four weeks in length, late June
through late July. Conductors have very little to moderate experience. It's
a fairly relaxed environment with an excellent teacher, Dr. Steven Zielke,
Ph.D., a graduate of Florida State. You can e-mail Dr. Zielke at this
address: szielke(a)

Tina Bull, Ph.D., Coordinator of Music Education
Oregon State University

*** 06 ***
You have just described the course I teach in North Carolina! We have
master classes which are open to all conductors regardless of level and
experience. We take you where you are and help you progress from there in
a very supportive environment. There are two youth choirs in residence and
I will be teaching with Bob Chilcott, who will serve as composer in
residence and do some of the rehearsals with the choir. If you can send me
a mailing address, I'll put a brochure and other information in the mail to
you. I hope you'll consider this course.

Cheryl Dupont,
Artistic DIrector, New Orleans Children's Chorus and Youth CHorale

*** 07 ***
Harvard Summer School used to offer just such a course back in the 1960s.
Maybe they still do.

*** 08 ***
Check with Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pa. Brady Allred has a
wonderful beginning conductor's workshop.

*** 09 *** [no mention of a summer course, but just in case there's more
here than meets the eye]
Try Concordia University in Mequon, Wisconsin. They have a masters degree
in Sacred Music. Concentration can be choral conducting, handbells or
organ. emb

*** 10 ***
Yes - the Long Island Choral Festival and Institute has TWO of these - one
with Robert Page, and there is an a cappella chorus which 8 conducting
fellows will get to conduct daily and on a concert. Acceptance is by
resume only. AND there is a class in Conducting Children's Choirs with
Judith Willoughby which gives conductors - of any experience level -
chances to conduct the children daily. See our website - You can e-mail your address for a brochure. LICF&I

*** 11 *** (Australia)
Australian Choral Conductors Education and Training [ACCET] run a week-long
summer school for conductors in Melbourne every January. Caters for both
beginners and advanced conductors. Daily small group conducting tuition,
plus plenaries on related topics (vocal health, repertoire, rehearsal
techniques, etc). I've been twice and gained a lot. More information at

Simon Loveless, Melbourne, Australia (sorry)

*** 12 *** (Rome, Italy)
In reply to your question:

You will find apprentice classes in undergraduate and graduate choral
conducting programs leading to degrees. Some will permit you to enroll for
the classes for which you pay by the credit without having been admitted to
the degree program.

Over the years we have learned that any choral conductor whose singers
follow him to the Rome Festival Choral Institute (Italy) has qualities
which help him succeed artistically in Rome. Singers follow choral
conductors who inspire them in rehearsals and performances. When choral
singers want to follow your inspiration to Rome, we hope you will apply to
conduct at the Rome Festival.

Best wishes for getting helpful answers,

Connie Galatilis, Administrator

*** 13 ***
Contact Keith Branson kitadro(a) for a July program at St
Joseph's College in Rensselaer , IN - 4 to 5 weeks of conducting everyday
in class and with an ensemble. [...] Keith is head of the program and it's
been in existence since 1948.

*** 14 ***
I thought that you might be interested in these sessions at Juilliard. I
will limit the session to 40 participants and work with as many people as I
possibly can.

Below is the memo that I sent out today [April 9th] via choralist. Perhaps
you received it? [since this has already been posted to the list, it is not
duplicated here.] And do let me know if you need any other information.

Judith Clurman

Judith Clurman
The New York Concert Singers, Music Director
The Juilliard School, Director of Choral Activities
TodiMusicFest, Maestra del Coro
home telephone#: 212 879-412

*** 15/15 *** (UK; long; detailed info)
If you're thinking of going to Europe to practice your choral conducting, I
strongly recommend that you try the Hereford International Summer School in
Hereford, UK. They have a superb teaching staff, and you do get
opportunities to conduct a choir.

Jerry Rich

Course for Choral Conductors (Course Director: Gregory Rose) Choral
conductors, as well as contributing to some of the choral ensemble
sessions, will participate in seminars led by Gregory Rose, in which the
emphasis will be on the detailed preparation of scores. Practical skills,
including baton technique, will form part of the course. Students of all
levels are encouraged to apply and, for those students who are
sufficiently well prepared, there will be opportunities to work with the
two choral groups: the more thorough the level of preparation, the greater
will be the opportunities for practical work, including public performance.

Repertoire List for 2002
On the plains, Fairy Trains / Weelkes
Weep, O Mine Eyes / Bennett
Three Shakespeare Songs / Vaughan Williams
Hymne a la Vierge / Villette
Lullabye for Lucy / Maxwell Davies
The King Shall Rejoice / Handel
Mass Op. 130 / Jongen
Australian Up-country Song; The Lost Lady Found / Grainger
Otcenas / Janacek
Rig Veda, Set 3 (women only) / Holst
Ballad of Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard (men only) / Britten

Gregory Rose (Choral Conducting & Course director) has conducted the St
Petersburg Symphony, Finnish Radio Symphony and London Philharmonic
Orchestras, BBc Singers, Groupe Vocal de France, Nederland Kammerkoor,
Netherlands Wind Ensemble, Steve Reich & Musicians and orchestras and
choirs throughout Eastern and Western Europe. He is Music Director of the
Jupiter Orchestra & Singers, Singcircle and COMA London Ensemble and is
particularly noted for romantic and contemporary repertoires, having worked
closely with many leading composers including John Cage, Stockhausen and
Steve Reich. Operas include Bizet's Carmen, Virgil Thomson’s Four Saints in
Three Acts, Beatrice Cenci by Berthold Goldschmit, Vanessa by Samuel Barber
and Scott Joplin's Treemonisha. He has recorded on the Chandos, Hyperion,
Wergo, Continuum, Dacapo and October Music Labels. He teaches conducting at
Trinity College of Music.

General Information
The Summer School takes place at the Royal National College for the Blind
in Hereford. Courses commence after tea on the opening day and the School
concludes after breakfast the following Saturday. HISS 2002 will take
place from 10th - 17th August 2002.
The college is about a mile away from the centre of Hereford and half a
mile from the railway station. The Summer School runs a minibus service
between the college and the station at the start and finish of the Summer
School. A frequent bus service runs to the city centre.

Because the college has a strong music department we have access to
unrivalled practice facilities including rooms with two and three pianos -
ideal for ensemble work.

Accommodation consists of:
1. Single study bedrooms with ensuite facilities
2. Single rooms with individual or shared sitting room
3. A limited number of twin rooms
All rooms have hand basins. Towels and bed linen are provided. There are
refrigerators and facilities for making drinks in the utility rooms on each
floor of the halls of residence and all accommodation is maintained to a
very high standard. Washing machines, irons and dryers are also available.

The college food is excellent and the Summer School will do its best to
cater for special diets.
The college has extensive grounds and facilities, which include tennis
courts and table tennis, peaceful walks and a secluded orchard. A bar is
open in the main college to fit in with the timetable. Hot drinks are
available in the halls of residence and in the main building during the

A Typical Day's Timetable
8:00-8:30 Breakfast
9:00-10:15 Courses
10:15-10:30 Coffee
10:30-12:15 Courses
12:30-1:00 Lunch
1:15-2:00 Student Recital
2:00-4:00 Courses or free time
4:00-4:15 Tea
4:14-5:45 Courses or free time
6:00-6:45 Summer School Chorus
7:00-7:30 Supper
8:00-9:30 Evening Recitals

Rest and Relaxation
The Summer School courses are demanding but you can still find time to
relax. Afternoon free time can be used to observe other courses, enjoy the
college grounds or visit the City of Hereford and its cathedral. Students
also get together for informal music making, perhaps soaking up the
wonderful acoustic in the former college chapel while preparing a party
piece for the end-of-week cabaret. The college bar is open (at student
prices) before meals and after evening recitals.

Music Shop
There will be a music shop at the school stocking a wide range of sheet
music and other materials. Music for the choral courses and Summer School
Chorus may be hired at the Summer School or purchased by post in advance.
Details of this service will be included in your course acceptance

Fees for 2002 are as follows:
Basic Twin £400
Basic Single £420
Ensuite Twin £440
Ensuite Single £460

A deposit of £50 is payable on application which is only returnable if a
place is unavailable for you at the School. Refunds of further payments
will be made where a valid reason (such as serious illness) is given. The
balance of your fee is due by 1st July. All cheques should be made payable
to 'Hereford International Summer School'.

To apply for the 2002 Summer School, please contact the Summer School
Mrs Biff Patterson
27 Avondale
TF10 7LS
phone: 01952 812284
or email: hiss(a)

All the best,

Brian Taylor,
Toronto, ON Canada

Life is a journey from conception to eternity.

on March 29, 2007 10:00pm
I need a choir and choir conducting workshop in Europe,preferably in France, Belgium,luxembourg...

thank you
randa sabbah
head of the music department at International college Beirut
on January 12, 2008 10:00pm
May I suggest you try the web site for the Association of British Choral Directors (ABCD) as they run several conducting course throughout the UK but not in Europe at the moment. Perhaps if there was enough demand, one could be arranged?

They also run an annual Convention for Choral directors.