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SATB: with String Quartet


This compilation is woefully overdue. Please accept my apologies. The many
of you who know me know that I have been incapacitated for several weeks.

This compilation represents only part of the response to my initial inquiry.
I will work on the second half later today hopefully.

Also, if anyone has further suggestions for me on how to create a more
easily read compilation, I am willing to learn. This was my first attempt
and I had a difficult time.

Best wishes,

Gregory Milliron
Iowa Wesleyan College

Shadows around the House by Tom Cipullo, for str qt and perc
Psalm 42 by Ron Roseman, for str qt and oboe
Best Beloved by Chris DeBlasio, for str qtt
Song of Solomon by James Wagoner for str. qt and harp
Oceanic Eyes by Matthew Harris for str. qt and guitar
This World is not Conclusion by Michael Dellaira for str. and clarinet
A Toccata of Galuppi's by Dominick Argento, for str qt. and harpsichord.

Best of luck,


I have a complete Christmas Cantata for SATB, soloists, and
audience/congregational singing of familier hymns worked into the seamless
composition. It is not yet at the publisher, but I would be willing to let
you use it.

Gregory Isaacs
954 523 4688


"Nuages" by John Biggs is an excellent piece. If you want a perusal copy,
please let us know. You may see specs at

Knowing that there would be conductors looking for things to match with it,
listed the following pieces on the final page of the score for the
reference: (Title/Composer/Publisher)
Alleluia/Ulysses Kay/Universal . . Ave Verum Corpus/Mozart/Broudy Brothers .
Elegy/Beethoven/Kalmus . . Mass in G/Schubert/G. Schirmer . . This is the
record of John/Gibbons/G. Schirmer

Good luck with your search.

Paul Mark

I performed the St. Nicolas Cantata by Britten with a choir of about 50,
string quartet, percussion and piano. But you need a pro tenor to carry of
the St. Nicolas part.

richard garrin

If its a Christmas piece you're looking for, have you considered the
Saint-Saens "Christmas Oratorio" for string quartet, organ, and harp?

Clell E. Wright D.M.A.
Hardin-Simmons University


I have a piece for string quartet and SSAATB chorus that is about nine
long, Ceremony of the
Bull. I can send you a score and a cd, as it was recently performed by

Mary Jane Leach


Greetings. Among my several hats are "church organist" and
"composer". I read your recent inquiry about choral pieces with
string quartet on Choralist. In reading through my Complete Poems of
Emily Dickinson some weeks ago, I was struck by the first poem in the


...which is unusually long for her. The reason I write is that this
poem immediately suggested to my inner composer ear: SATB with String
It's just in the idea stage, and that text could be a BIG project,
so if you're looking for something for your spring concert, it, uh,
may not happen. :) But if you are trying mainly to enlarge the
repertoire for that instrumentation, or are looking for works for a
future season, or are interested in commissioning something...
Whatever you think!
I am just entering the MP3 age, so I have almost no recorded
examples of my work online, but on my Music Info page (see link in my
signature) I have posted an MP3 recording of my "A Rose of Sharon",
SSAATTBB with a little Mezzo solo, which a choral director friend
asked me to write for his wedding. Here's the URL for the MP3, it's
just under a 6M file.

[ My MP3 page is: ]

If you want, I could send you an eval score of Rose of Sharon, and
a set of Dickinson songs I wrote in 2000 for voice/cello/piano.
Anyway, best of luck in your search! As Garrison Keillor says,
"Be well, do good work, and keep in touch." --JMF


I believe that I am correct is saying that the first version of Faure's
Cantique de Jean Racine was scored for string quartet and harmonium
accompaniment. We performed this at my sister's wedding some years ago, but
had to substitute the organ for the harmonium as the only instrument that
was available was woefully out of tune.

Nigel Montagu


I'm working on a set of pieces for choir and string quartet. I've
written two movements so far, and I'm about halfway done with a third
movement. The texts are ancient love poetry in Latin, Hebrew, and
Arabic. I haven't yet managed to have them performed with string
quartet; I've only done them with violin and piano. I will very
happily send these pieces to you. Please send me your address.

John Rommereim
Associate Professor of Music
Grinnell College
Grinnell, IA 50112


A friend forwarded your inquiry about works with strings and suggested I
mention a new work of mine called Break Forth Into Singing. This piece is
about 5 minutes long and was recently commissioned and premiered by the
Frederick Chorale of Frederick, Maryland. It is scored for SATB chorus (some
divisi), string quintet and oboe.

Both the chorus and the audience were extremely enthusiastic at the

I'd be happy to send you a persusal score if you'd like to look at it.

Dan Gawthrop


The only thing that comes to mind is Opus 118 of Beethoven: Elegischer
Gesang, for chorus and string orchestra; there are only four string parts,
easily done by quartet, and the voicing is SATB. He wrote it as a memorial
for his landlord's deceased wife. It's very lovely.


A real tough piece, but worth all the work is Argento's "A Toccata of
Galuppi's". It is for SATB, quartet and harpsichord...


Nuages by John Biggs
Schubert's Mass in G works well with string quartet
Many English late Renaissance verse anthems are scored for a quintet of
viols, but can be played on modern string instruments


Gregory Milliron
Director of Choral Activities
Iowa Wesleyan College

Chancel Choir Director
First United Methodist Church
Iowa City, Iowa


Chat with friends online, try MSN Messenger:


Here is the final part (of two) of the compilation for this repertoire.
Thanks to everyone for patience. I have found some great suggestions from
this list, I hope you do too!


Gregory Milliron


I don't recall seeing your request on the list ...

... but I have a setting of "O Gracious Light" for
choir SATB, organ and optional string quartet.

The writing for choir and the organ is demanding; the
string parts somewhat less so.


Karl Henning, Ph.D. Clarinetist & Composer
Woburn/Boston, Massachusetts E-mail: windsongXL(a)
Worldwide Web:
Maria Bablyak on the Web:


sorry I missed your inital inquiry some time back.

Frog Music,, has one of mine, "O God, Thou Faithful
God," for str qt and choir
A fine organist could do it as well from their particular score (also with
It is "in the style of" Bach- in fact, he wrote a chorale with the text from
which mine is designed VERY loosely. It is hymnodic over five verses, but
there are more if you want them.

best to you-

Howard Rigby


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997 19:17:48 -0400 (EDT)
To: choralist(a)
Subject: Xmas with Strings - Compilation

Thanks to all who responded. The original request was:
>I am seeking Christmas music for SMALL CHOIR and strings, and would
>appreciate titles/composers/timings. I could consider works with where
>is either a prominent, or non-prominent, organ part as well, or where
>wind/brass could be played on the organ. Currently, I am considering John
>Rutter's "What Sweeter Music" and Willcocks "Five Carols" (as hymns). Can
>anyone tell me if the "Lessons and Carols" set arranged by Hal Hopson is
>worth the investment?
>The following cannot be considered:
>Holst's "Christmas Day" - we did it last year
>Vaughan William's "Fantasia on Xmas Carols" - no baritone soloist
>Handel's "Messiah" excerpts - generally too difficult
>Bach (Kuhnau) "For Unto Us a Child is Born" - wrong theology (don't get me
>other Bach cantatas - generally too difficult
>Thanks in advance for your input. I'll provide a comilation.
>Alexander Ruggieri
>Woodland Hills Community Church
Check out:


Milton Olsson
Chair, Dept. of Fine Arts
Michigan Tech University
Rutter's "What Sweeter Music" has lots of divisi and many subtle challenges.
Not an easy piece at all. I'd suggest the Pergolesi "Magnificat" (4 part
choir + SATB soloists, solos not very hard + 2 violins +BC). It's sometimes
attributed to Durante. Walton has an excellent score and parts. About 15
min. in length and lots of fun.
Good luck!

-- John Hoffacker
I have arranged the strings for O Holy Night which goes with the standard
version put out by G. Schirmer. If you would like to purchase it it is
directly from me. Let me know.

Ben Allaway
211 Zwart Rd.
Des Moines, IA 50312-5401 515-288-8883
Kirke Mechams "The Seven Joys of Xmas?" G Schirmer, written for piano,
harp, or chamber orch. Don't know how "chamber..."

David Griggs-Janower
Albany Pro Musica
228 Placid Drive
Schenectady, NY 12303-5118
I am in a similar situation and have used the following (including
instrumentals) with success:

1. Angel's Carol - John Rutter
2. Candlelight Carol - John Rutter
3. Alleluia (from motet: Exultate Jubilate) - Mozart

Where I want to use carols and hymns, I usually have the strings mimic the
SATB parts. In some cases, I have the 1st Violins, Oboes and/or Flutes to
write an obligato part. Many carols come with easy access to Trumpet parts,

I have an all volunteer choir of 25-30 who are extremely dedicated. I
hire-out the instrumentalists
Lynn Throssell
Music Director
St. Bridget Church
You might try Michael Haydn's, "Run Ye Shepherds to the Light." This is a
short cantata (8-9 minutes, I think) for SATB choir with soprano solo,
and viola. This is not difficult although you will need a good soloist. It
is published by Theodore Presser.

Ouida Taylor
Richland College
Dallas, TX
Bill Harbinson's "Christ Was Born On Christmas Day" Unison/Two-part with
strings, flute & clarinet.
Available through Carolina Catholic Music Publishing 1-800-CANTATE

You could try Bach Canata 61, opening chorus and final Amen chorus are not
too difficult. Orchestration is for strings and organ continuo. It does
require soprano, tenor and baritone soloists, but you could edit as needed.
It's about 20 minutes in length.

Rutter's Christmas Lullaby could be edited for strings and organ.

I am unfamiliar with Hopson's collection.

John King
Have you thought about the Saint Saens "Christmas oratorio?"
My church choir is doing it this year. How about the Vivaldi
"Gloria?" I did that with a string quartet & organ. There's also the
Pergolesi "Magnificat," although i'm not really familiar with it.

peter green
I don't know how you feel about doing Magnificats, but there are any number
from the Baroque that use strings and the occasional double reed or flute.
Pergolesi, Vivaldi, J.C. Bach, Charpentier (this one uses 1 or 2 flutes as
well. Good luck.
Barbara Wagner

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Subject: Works for chorus and string quartet

I'm not sure anyone has mentioned Daniel Pinkham's _Three Lenten Poems of
Richard Crashaw_, in settings for either Mixed Voices (EC Schirmer 2693)
or Women's Voices (2572). The instrumental scoring is for string quartet
and handbells (or celesta or harp). It's in three movements: "On the
still surviving marks of our Savior's wounds", "Upon the body of our
blessed Lord...", and "O save us then". A fairly sparsely orchestrated
but effective setting - the second movement we found especially appealing.

Leonard Ratzlaff
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB T6G 2C9

If he/she could expand to string QUINTET (add a bass), how about the
wonderful works that Dan Pinkham commissioned back in 1962, namely --

Rorem: Two Psalms and a Proverb (E.C. Schirmer)
Wuorinen: The Prayer of Jonah (McGinnis & Marx)
Kay: Choral Triptych (Associated)
Flanagan: Chapters from Ecclesiastes (Peer Int.)

What a great contribution these were, and ARE.

Allen Crowell
Westminster Choir College
Princeton, NJ 08540

Specifically re the Part *Stabat Mater*: That's for three (SAT) soloists and
string *trio* (Vln, vla, vc, I believe). Published by Universal.

Rob Ross

Mozart's "Ave Verum Corpus" works well with string quartet.

Also, G. P. Martini, "Domine, ad adjuvandum me festina" works well with a
quartet or quintet (double
bass added).

I did a concert with my community choir a few years back featuring a string
quartet. They
accompanied us on these works, and individual instruments or duets from the
quartet on several other

Steve Szalaj
Crystal Lake, IL

A recently written Missa Brevis by Canadian Glenn Buhr, called the Ritchot
Mass, is written for string quartet and mixed chorus - Kyrie, Gloria,
- Agnus Dei. You should be able to find out more about Buhr and the
availability by going to the Canadian Music Centre website. Quite an
arresting work, a good challenge for a university level ensemble.

A compilation of your search results on the Choralist would be appreciated!

Len Ratzlaff
University of Alberta

I have written three Christmas works with string quartet/quintet, for
string orchestra but could be performed with solo quartet if the chorus
is not too large:

Lullaby for Christmas
Soft, Oh Soft (optional flute and handbells)
Join Me in the Jumping into Santa's Sleigh

William Copper

You might consider

Elegisher Gesang, Op. 118
Ludvig van Beethoven
Lob der Musik
Johann Ahle
John Biggs
Five Songs of Experience
John Harbison
Two Psalms and a Proverb
Ned Rorem

Musica lists a few dozen pieces wirtten for or adapted to SATB
plus string quartet.

- J

John M. Crowell Learn from the Past
Sacramento Master Singers Live for Today
Music Librarian Look to Tomorrow
jcrowell(a) Take a Nap This afternoon


Gregory Milliron

Director of Choral Activities
Iowa Wesleyan College

Chancel Choir Director
First United Methodist Church
Iowa City, Iowa


on December 16, 2004 10:00pm
I suggest "The seven last words of the Christ" by J.Haydn, with the accompaniment of the String quartet version - it works very well.
on August 14, 2006 10:00pm
A Ghost in Philadelphia, Jersey Devil, and Annabel Lee. These are written for SATB/string quartet. There are also piano reductions available. Any interest for a perusal copy, email me at jason0376(a) or check out sound clips at Thanks!