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Nature: Night

Hi, everybody!

Thanks for all of the great ideas! Here's the

Vladimir Silva

Epitaph for Moonlight R. Murray
Schafer (b.1933)
Ed Blasewitz, Jennifer Longstaff, Jeff Rusnak,
Longmont Chorale

Songs of Nature Antonin
Dvorak (1841-1904)
Melodies Steal into my Heart
Vesper Bells Ring
Golden Sunlight
Slender Young Birch
This Day

Le Violette
Alessandro Scarlatti (1660-1725)
Carmel Collier, Soprano

Die Ehre Gottes aus der Natur Ludwig van
Beethoven (1770-1827)
Claude Ponting, Baritone

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
Sure on this Shining Night
Samuel Barber
Joy is in the Meadow Eugene
Butler (b. 1935)
Karen Main, Piano

My name is Craig Zeichner, Advertising and Promotion
Manager for the
Music Department at Oxford University Press. I read
your query regarding
music with nocturnal themes on the Choral List. Here's
a list of
relevant titles from the Oxford University Press
catalog-unfortunately I
don't have voicings for each title. If you like, I'd
be happy to send you
inspection copies of these titles, I would just need
your mailing
address and your deadline.

Rutter: Draw On Sweet Night (SATB)
Washburn: Summer Night
Warrell: Bethlehem Night
Wilbye: Draw On Sweet Night (SSATTB)
Handel: Evening Hymn (SATB)
Chilcott: Evening Music (SATB)
Purcell: Evening Rondeau (Women's voices)
Thomas: Do the Stars Shine Tonight? (SATB)
" " A Watch in the Night (SATB)
Tallis: Glory to Thee My God This Night

Craig Zeichner
Advertising and Promotion Manager
Music Department
Oxford University Press
212 726 6046
212 726 6441 fax
==========================================="Alnight by the Rose" by Karen P. Thomas
2 versions (ATTB or SSAATTBB - both a cappella)
Duration: 4 minutes
Text: 15th century English poem
Available from the composer at kpthomas1(a)

I'd be happy to send a perusal copy if you like.

Best wishes,
Karen P. Thomas

=========================================In my previous message, I neglected to mention that
you can also hear
Night by the Rose' from the Website link I gave you.
Once the page
loads, if
you scroll down a little, you'll find an MP3 audio
clip of the piece
see a small "speaker" icon). The ensemble featured in
the audio clip is
San Francisco Choral Artists, conducted by Magen

Once again, that Webpage link is:

Best wishes,
I have this for you: Sydämeni laulu, music by Jean
Sibelius and text by
Aleksis Kivi,Breitkopf & Härtel, Leipzig. Theme from
The Kalevala. The
text is in Finnish.
Good Luck!
Greetings from southern Finland.
Karl-Erik Kronström
Frihetsvägen 34, FIN-10650 Ekenäs
e-mail: karl-erik.kronstrom(a)

=====================================You did not specify any limitations on repertoire for
your "night"
so the following list includes a number of Christmas
pieces. I hope
this is

Water Night Eric Whitacre
O Holy Night Adolf Adam
In Stiller Nacht Johannes Brahms
Song from Twelfth Night Johannes Brahms
The Ride-by-Nights (SA) Benjamin Britten
The Silence of the Night Eugene Butler
On Christmas Night arr. Gerald Cockshott
(Carols from Three Nations0
Silent Night David Conte, or Elliot
Levine, or Malcolm
This Endris Night
(The Attitudes of Christmas) Kevin Dunn
A Winter Night Edwin Fissinger
(Prairie Scenes)
On Christmas Night Edwin Fissinger
A Spider Sewed at Night Donald Grantham
(Seven Choral Settings - Dickinson)
Christmas Night (Ziemassvetku nakts) Andrejs Jansons
(Three Latvian Carols)
The Night March Ulysses Kay
The Night of the Full Moon Libby Larsen
(Three Summer Scenes)
Peaceful Night, Starlit Night Elliot Z. Levine
Curtains of Night John Jacob Niles
Truth in the Night Season (Ps. 92) Ned Rorem
Midnight's Bell (Fancies) John Rutter
Windy Nights (Stevenson) John Rutter
(Five Childhood Lyrics)
Die Nacht (TTBB) Franz Schubert
All This Night Shrill Chanticleer Halsey Stevens
As I Rode This Enderes Night Halsey Stevens
On Christmas Night arr. Bruce Trinkley
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear Richard S. Willis

Frederic Ford
East Brunswick, NJ
Lots of good religious songs, especially around
Christmas! Here's a

Lost in the Night by Kyle Haugen. Religious advent
piece, not too bad.
Night so Dark and Hour so Late by Wihtol, Austris. I
don't know
anything about this one.
Good Luck!
Josh and Nancy Peterson, Directors of Music
1st United Presbyterian -- 1303 Royal Heights Rd.
Belleville IL, 62223 -- (618) 233-0295 -- 233-0490
(fax) -- joshandnancy(a)

"Music of the Night" from Phantom of the Opera, Andrew
Lloyd Webber

There are several several settings of the text "The
night has a
eyes, the day but one." Sorry I can't provide more
============================Sondheim's "A Little Night Music"

"Tonight" from West Side Story.

Hope this helps, a little! Best wishes. Gene

===========================================Calm Is the Night - Carl Bohm
In the Still of the Night..
Good Night, Sweetheart
All Through the Night - Welsh tune..
Work, for the Night Is Coming - gospel hymn..

Pat Maimone
Post Chapel, West Point, NY 10996

======================================My "NIGHT", on a beautiful William Blake poem and
scored for SA and
is available from Boosey and Hawkes.

I would suggest "Draw On, Sweet Night" by John Wilbye.
It's in the
Book of English Madrigals, and a rarely-performed gem.

David Moore

============================================If you go to and do a search by topic
you'll find plenty
works for what you need.

Edson Carvalho

==========================How about May Night by Brahms. Beautiful piece.
Claudia Vars

========================Imant Raminsh's "In The Night We Shall Go In"
Published by Jaymar
I believe it's a Pablo Neruda poem
SATB with piano and cello - gorgeous, simply gorgeous.

Brahms: Nachtwache I,II
Schubert: Die Nacht
Hiller: Der Mond ist aufgegangen
Saent Saens: Calme des nuits

Please make a compilation!

Ingrun Fussenegger

==============================If you haven't done it yet, may I suggest a MUSICA
search with "night"
"evening" as the key word?

Eric Whitacre - Water Night
Alfven - Aftonen (Evening)
Dvorak - When Evening Comes (from Songs of Nature)
James Fritschel - Soft are the SOles (Songs of Dusk) -
Alliance Music
Lundvik - Nocturnes
Saint-Saens - Calmes des Nuits
Stenhammer - Garden of the Seraglio (Three Choral


David Griggs-Janower
228 Placid Drive
Schenectady, NY 12303-5118
518/356-9155 (h); 442-4167 (w)

Albany Pro Musica
PO Box 3850
Albany, NY 12203-0850
Ph (518)438-6548
Fax: (518)273-6510

Univ. at Albany Music Department
Music Department fax: 518/442-4182

======================================Knights of Troubled Love, two songs from Lovelife
Dances, for SATB and
Piano, by William Copper

I Arise From Dreams of Thee, setting of a night poem
by Percy Bysshe
Shelley, for SSATB a cappella, by William Copper

William Copper

We may have what you are looking for. Below are
descriptions of pieces
fit your request.

Brosscum Publications deals directly with choirs and
directors. If you
interested in a perusal copy of any of the listed
pieces please contact
directly my email or check out our web site which is
in development.

Greg Lapp
Brosscum Publications

Three Songs from Twelfth Night - SATB a cappella -
Greg A. Lapp - text
William Shakespeare bp971114
This set, which includes O Mistress Mine, Come Away
Death, and Hey,
Ho, the
Wind and the Rain , is melodic in nature but
challenging. The first is
lilting melody with rhythmic intrigue. The second uses
dissonance to
create a
wailing over lost love, and the last is a musical
farce to match the
character of the text.

Serenade - TTBB w/piano - David Clemensen - text by
Henry Wadsworth
It's pretty easy as TTBB goes. Text is below.

Stars of the sum-mer night!
Far in yon a-zure deeps,
Hide, hide your gol-den light!
She sleeps!
My la-dy sleeps!

Moon of the sum-mer night!
Far down yon wes-tern steeps,
Sink, sink in sil-ver light!
She sleeps!
My la-dy sleeps!

Wind of the sum-mer night!
Where yon-der wood-bine creeps,
Fold, fold thy pin-ions light!
She sleeps!
My la-dy sleeps!

Dreams of the sum-mer night!
Tell her, her lo-ver keeps
Watch! while in slum-bers light
She sleeps!
My la-dy sleeps!

If your choir can handle it, I'd really recommend
Water Night by the
composer Eric Whitacre. Stunning contemporary piece,
done a cappella.
love it.


========================================Take a look at R. Murray Schafer's "Epitaph for
Moonlight" It's a
very evocative piece.


===================================Must do Murray Shafer's "Epitaph for Moonlight"
Susan Nace
Our "night" set in our Spring Concert this year

Sure on this Shining Night
Samuel Barbar
Mata del anima sola
Antonio Estévez
Water Night
Eric Whitacre

==================================I am a composer and was commissioned to write a
storybook choral work called "Good Night..." by the
White Heron Chorale in Appleton, WI. Rick Bjella, the
director, is also the choral director at Lawrence
University. The work has had a number of performances,
including the IFCM conference in Rotterdam. It is
humorous and is of moderate difficulty.

The premise of the text is a night-time adventure by a
little girl who goes exploring in her neighborhood at
night. She encounters Ol' Lady Brody walking her dogs,
the Anderson's late-night shenanigans, and an
astronomer and his field-scope looking at
constellations. It was meant to be sung TO children
and has had a good deal of success. I would be glad to
send you a perusal score and recording if you're

Best, Randall

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on April 25, 2005 10:00pm
Nocturne for SSA and piano, Alliance Music Publishing
on December 14, 2006 10:00pm
Two beautiful pieces incorporating the theme of Night are:
"White Horses" by Gwenyth Walker and
"Close Now Thine Eyes" by Daniel Gawthrop
on January 14, 2007 10:00pm
composition for choir a cappella SATB by Huub de Lange.
Third song of "Drei Claudius Lieder".

The direct link to the music: