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Chanukah: SA elementary

Below is a list of suggested pieces for Chanukah for elementary school
choirs. Thanks to all who responded to my request.

"Hanerot Halalu" in Hebrew, but doable...can't think of the composer, but try
J. W. Pepper at

Look at "Hanerot Halalu" by Blanche Chass. (Sorry, do not recall the
publisher.) It is in Hebrew and could be sung in unison. It's very upbeat
and lots of fun.

Ocho Kandelikas is in Ladino (very similar to spanish,
language of sephardic jews). The original melody is by
Flory Jagoda. The arrangement published by HaZamir is
SATB, but the Jagoda song itself is great for kids.

Hanukkah's Child - SA - Linda Swears

Happy Hanukkah! - SA - Mary Donnelly, arr. Strid

How Many Nights? - SA - Linda Swears

Sing For Hanukkah (Hevenu Shalom) - SA - Brownsey & Lantz

This Is Hanukkah! - SA - Schwartz

There are quite a number of songs by Allan Naplan that are wonderful. My
favorite is "Hine Ma Tov" in Hebrew. 2-part, but you could do it in unison.
Rousing chorus of "Lai, Lai, Lai. . ."I used to have my kids process to the
stage singing the chorus as many times as necessary to get them up there,
then begin the rest of the song. The 2nd verse is in English--all about
living together in peace. Very easy--and catchy. The students love it.

"Celebrate Hanukkah" by Brownley/Lantz. SA

Alfred Publishing Co.

"S'Vivon" by Valerie Shields SA


Another thought might be "Light the Legend", but it's

SSA. By Isaacson. Transcontinental Publishers.

1. Hanerot Halalu--Baruch Cohon, pub. Mark Foster. SA
2. S'Vivon--arr. Bertaux, pub. Boosey/Hawkes. Adds a series of counter
melodies. (total of 3). I've used all or some.
3. Mi Ze Hidlik--arr. Shields, pub. Mark Foster. Lovely SA/SSA arr.
w/flute. Could be done unison w/flute
4. Hine Ma Tov--Naplan, pub. Boosey/Hawkes. SA. Not exactly Hanukah, but
lively & accessible (simple, really) in Hebrew
5. Al Shlosha D'Varim--Naplan--same notes as #4 above

I would suggest Hanukkah Nagilah which is in Hebrew with a partner song in

A SONG FOR CHANNUKAH by John Biggs (SATB w/pno & fl) in
Hebrew & English. Not too difficult for that age group. See it listed at

Steve Myer

on July 14, 2006 10:00pm
HANUKKAH (narrator / two-part treble voices / piano / light percussion, or SATB-piano, light percussion) The story of
on March 13, 2007 10:00pm
Hanukkah's Child:
and put "Hanukkah's Child" in the "Title" box.
on March 13, 2007 10:00pm
Where can I find sheet music for "hanukkah's child? Also, is this music available on a CD in stores? My daughter sang it in school years ago, and I have been unable to find the sheet music or a recorded version of it.
on March 21, 2007 10:00pm
I put "Hanukkah's Child in the "Title" box and nothing came up.
on March 22, 2007 10:00pm
Are you sure you spelled it correctly? It worked fine for me. Anyway, here's a detail page:
on August 5, 2007 10:00pm
My mother (94) has asked me to find the CD "How Many Nights" by Linda Swears (Sharon Press) Division of Fred Warig. Can you help me? THANKS SO MUCH.