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Thanks Listers!

Sorry it took so long, but here is my compilation of responses. Thanks to
all who submitted ideas! When I finish programming the concert I will do a
follow up posting with the pieces selected. Should be just a couple more

Brian C. Clissold, Music Director
Battle Creek Girls' Chorus
Battle Creek Community Chorus
Music Center of South Central Michigan
Sounds like an interesting concert idea. You may want to look at the

1. Inscription of Hope 2 Part and SSA? Randall Stroope Heritage Music
2. The Blue and the Gray TTB Linda Spevacek Jenson (Hal Leonard)
(This may easily be adapted as 3 part treble also)

If you would like complimentary copies of these and others plus several free
CD's, list the specific voicings you use, your position(s) and your mailing
address, and I will send them to you. No charge. Some people have offered
to reimburse me $10 for shipping and handling...not required but always
appreciated. It can be a large quantity of music and CD's. :)

Good luck!

Linda Spevacek
Hi Brian;
It's a story in itself, but I had run across a song a while back you
may find of interest. It is entitled "My Dream of the Big Parade'. It
tells of soldiers returning home after WWI. The song is almost gloomy,
but the verse is beautiful.
As I write this, I keep wondering where the music is. I had arranged
it for a barbershop quartet a few years ago who had a WWI 'package'
complete with rifles and WWI uniforms.
If interested, I'll try to look it up. Even if I can't find it, I'm
sure Bagaduce Music Lending Library has it (# 207-374-5454).
And seeing I'm doing this on company equipment and time, give their
website a peek, if you will, at
Keep in tune, Ray Miller.......ray(a)

Alexander Tilley has a beautiful 2 part setting of In Flander's Fields. It
is very moving.

David R. White, Artistic Director and Conductor
The Atlanta Boy Choir
Atlanta, Georgia USA
The Britten "War Requiem" is an obvious choice. Less obvious might be the
"Requiem" by Frederick Delius. It was published in 1921 and is dedicated "To
the memory of all young artists fallen in the war." The orchestration is
Soprano and Baritone solos, double chorus, and orchestra.

--John Sherck
Two of my favorites are "In Solemn Silence", SATB, Ipolitov-Ivanov and "In
Flanders Field", SATB or TTBB, Stephen Chatman.
Dear Brian,
We have a song entitled "We are the Children of the World" and it is very
much directed at the positive aspects of all of us being in this world
together, different yet the same. It does not speak of war, but brings a
message of the hope of peace as we are all children of the world. It would
be ideal for girls chorus or with girls chorus combined with a mixed choir.
It can be ordered directly via the order form on the Red Castle Publishing
web site or by emailing
Andy Duinker
Red Castle Publishing

I am on the road, and will be home again on Monday, but we need to talk!

My adult women's chorus did a program of music on women's experiences of war
about six years ago, and we are reviving it, with some changes, this fall.
It is a very moving program, and one we will never forget. It uses a lot of
hard-to-find and out-of print music, but I think you would be interested in
our program.

The centerpiece was _Cradle of Fire_, five holocaust songs arranged by
Michael Isaacson and published by Transcontinental Press.

We also sang "When Johnny comes marching home" straight out of a
19th-century song sheet; "Madame Jeanette," OF COURSE "Boogie Woogie Bugle
Boy," and some of the "Songs of Survival" now distributed by Presser, I
think, and all kinds of other stuff. I will be happy to send you a copy of
my fall program when I get home.

One thing we are not singing is nevertheless chillingly appropriate: the
six-part Lassus motet "Tragico tecti syrmati" (long, and hard, with a wide
range, but your very top group might tackle it), a secular lament on the
destruction a city. The translation ends with fallen towers, "and the ashes
of heroes floating on the wind."

In my other hat, I am Treble Clef Music Press,, so
we should know about one another anyway.

Best wishes,

Mary Lycan

I'm currently completing a 3- movement work co-commissioned by California
State Universities at Fresno and Chico entitled "For Whom The Bell Tolls".
The first text is by Wilfred Owen (Anthem For Doomed Youth) who died in WWI.
The second movement is by John McCrae (In Flanders Fields) who also died in
WWI. The last movement is a setting of Agnus Dei which is set for SSA, TBB,
and SATB.

It will be premiered this Fall at each university. I'm hoping to arrange
additional performances around the country after that. You can see and hear
each version of the 3rd movement on my website at The SSA and TBB voicing are
awaiting their first performance. You might consider a premiere?

The other movements will be on my website by the end of August.

Brad Nelson, Composer
Everything I do is SATB, so there's little treble music here, but...

Do you know the book Death and Music? It has many war pieces.

If you go to and click on search, then type in war, you'll get
a long list, but among that list are several threads on war. One is titled
War and Peace, one is World War I, one is World War II, etc. Some are quite

Among my favorite war pieces:

Jeff Van - A Procession AMong Us - civil war - with guitar
Paul Aitken - In Flanders Field - WWI
Eleanor Daley - Flanders Field (I may have the titles reversed - I think one
of them has the "in and one doesn't) Aitken is Boosey, Daley is Gordon
Thompson music. Both SATB a cap
Tsen Brider - Jacobson - Holocaust

Here's a program I did titled War and Peace a few years ago:

Blow ye the Trumpet Kirke Mechem
Dan-u-el Kirke Mechem

A Procession Winding Around Me Jeffrey Van

Tzen Brider Martin Rosenberg, arr. J. Jacobson
Flanders Fields Paul Aitken

Raslo Dervo Bosnian folk song, arr. Levine
Service for the Dead in Bosnia-Herzogovnia Kim Sherman

Xirê Ogun Carlos Alberto Pinto Fonseca

In Remembrance Eleanor Daley
(FABULOUS piece!)

Dona nobis pacem Persis Parshall Vehar
The Hour has Come Srul Glick

Alleluia Paul Basler
Down by the Riverside arr. Rutter

Here are some peace pieces, mostly SATB

Dona nobis pacem - many! But a nice a cappella one is by Persis Vehar of
Buffalo, NY
We are one Voice - Johnson, arr. Oakley - Colla Voca
Peace, from Songs of Inscape - Skeels, Cantus Quercus Press
The Paint Box - Ohsrat - Hinshaw
Threnody for an April Day - Nancy-Cobb-Lippens, Oklahoma City
I Dreamed of a City Invincible - Dello Joio - AMP/Hal Leonard
Song of Peace - Persichetti - Elkan=Vogel
Song for PEace - MacGillvray - Cypress Pub
Verleih uns Frieden - Schutz, SWV 372
Verleih uns Frieden - Mendelssohn - under titles Grant Us Thy Peace and
Grant PEace, We Pray, in English
Gluck - Canticle of PEace??
Healing River - Hellerman - Plymouth
Cowboy Carol - M. sargent - Oxford
Peace, Gentle PEace - Elgar
Inscription of Hope - Stroope - Heritage CHoral Series
Prayer for Peace - Leland Sateren
Crying for a Dream - Clausen
Peace - Russell Woollen (TTBB)
Prayer of the Children - Bestor - Warner Brothers
I Dream a World - Susa - ECS
A PEace Prayer - Wilbye
Things that never die - Lee Dengler - Shawnee
It Takes a Village - Szymko - Santa Barbara Music


David Griggs-Janower
228 Placid Drive
Schenectady, NY 12303-5118
518/356-9155 (h); 442-4167 (w)

Albany Pro Musica
PO Box 3850
Albany, NY 12203-0850
Ph (518)438-6548
Fax: (518)273-6510

Univ. at Albany Music Department
Music Department fax: 518/442-4182
Dear Brian,

I have recently published a fabulous piece SSA and piano with optional
strings called "Shackleton", by Australian composer and folk musician
Paul Jarman. It tells of Ernest shackletons ill-fated antarctic
adventure, and the tragedy of the men surviving in the wilds for 22
months, but coming home to war and dying in France. It is simple
musically, but very moving and thought provoking.

I'm happy to send you (or fax you) or Sibelius you a copy to look at.


Mark O'Leary
Young Voices of Melbourne
Mark O'Leary Music Publishing
This would not be usable for your concert as it is SATB, but I love the
Andrew Imbrie setting of the Walt Whitman text "On the Beach at Night" -- it
is just for strings and mixed chorus. I put it in a concert called "Of
Grief... and Hope" (The grief pieces were Schuman "Carols of Death,"
DiLasso's "Tears of St. Peter," Ned Rorem "In Time of Pestilence" and Robert
Evett "The Mask of Cain.") You might be able to find a treble setting of
the Whitman text. Good luck.

Kerry Krebill
I love "Inscription of Hope" by Stroope for SA. A couple of years ago,
we did a TV documentary called "The Power of Song". (There also is an
SATB setting of the same words called "Even Though God is Silent" that
is a moving piece as well).One segment in our program was about the
power of song in times of war. We did Davidson's "I Never Saw Another
Butterfly" (from the cantata) and were able to receive permission to
borrow slides of the children's art work from the book of the same
title, if I remember correctly, from the Holocaust museum in Washington
DC. If you're interested, I'm sure I have the contact info. Also in
that segment, we did a song from "Songs of Survival", the transciption
of orchestral pieces for SSAA done in a prisoner camp in the Pacific
islands. That's a pretty powerful story as well.

Lynne Bradley
O GIVE THANKS by Wayland Rogers. Text by Chaim Stern from "The Gates of
Prayer" for Unison or Two-part Treble choir.
"O give thanks that spring will always come to make the heart leap,
That your winter ear remembers a summer song,
That the autumn colors return to the jaded eye."etc...........

THE TRULY GREAT by Wayland Rogers. Text by Stephen Spender. for 3 part
treble chorus. Commissioned by Glen Ellyn Children's Chorus.
"I think continually of those who were truly great,
Who from the womb, remembered the soul's history" etc......

Wayland Rogers
2236 West Dickens
Chicago, Illinois 60647
tel. 773-227-6383

There is a solo section in the Vaughan Williams "Dona Nobis Pacem," normally
sung by the baritone soloist, that might work for you with unison trebles.
It precedes the last big chorus, and begins, "O man greatly beloved, fear
not..." If you extract it and sing it as if it were chant, I think it might
be very effective, although not precisely what RVW had in mind. It is quite
brief, and might be used as as you might use a benediction. It carries a
strong message of hope.

Good luck in your search,

Ann Foster
You should, by all means, include "I vow to thee, my country," by Sir Cecil
Spring-Rice and Gustav Holst. It is a text of both patriotism and of peace
by one who saw the Great War at close hand and was ambassador to the US from
Great Britain at the time.

Margaret Shannon
Program Annotator & Editor, PRELUDE
Cathedral Choral Society
Washington National Cathedral
Mr. Brian:

I have three suggestions:

1) Clement Janequin - La Guerre.

2) Clement Janequin - Masse La Bataille based on La

3) Victori - Missa Pro Victoria (based on La Guerre).


Vladimir Silva
prayer of the children Bestor available in a couple different voicing
Inscription for (of ) Hope- Stroppe?
Check out "The Unknown" by Michael Henagin (U of Oklahoma). He died much too
young, and his music should not be forgotten. It is for trebles and I think
it is published by Walton. It was composed around the time of the Vietnam

Peace, Kathy Bowers
Hi Brian-

I have a trilogy, "Three Civil War Songs," you might be interested in. The
First, "1861," is set to Walt Whitman's text. It is spoken SATB text with
drum. It had its debut with Singers North Coast Chorale mid-1998. I have a
review from the conductor if you're interested.

The second, "Bivouac in the Snow," by Margaret Preston, is set for SSA (or
SAA). It is dreamlike- very sustained. The third, "Little Giffen of
Tennessee," is for SATB to the text by Frances O. Ticknor. It details the
young soldier's hospital outcome, and ends with a very emotional plea for

If you are interested in any of these please visit or I'll be
glad to send you perusal PDFs.

best to you-
Cecil Rigby
HarrockHallMusicEngraving (USA engraver)
Hello Brian,

No doubt others will mention this but there is a book by Ben Arnold called
Music and War: A Resource and Information Guide that surveys war and
war-related music from medieval times into the 20th century. It's a great
resource. Check it out.

Linda Gingrich
conductor, Issaquah Chorale
Dear Brian

I have a piece for two-part treble choir, cello and organ, setting part of
Laurence Binyon's "For the Fallen" (includes the lines "they shall not grow
old / as we that are left grow old / age shall not weary them...").
Would be happy to send a PDF of the score.

Paul Ayres
UK composer & arranger
electronic mail paulayres(a)
telephone and facsimile 020 8632 1854
12 Bennetts Avenue, Greenford, Middlesex UB6 8AU
There are compilations already: > Repertoire > Lists > Concert Themes > War

There are also a number of famous war-related poems, such as "In
Flanders Field" which have been set by numerous composers.

Allen H Simon
VP for Website Development
ChoralNet Inc.
R Vaughan Williams Dona Nobis Pacem..
Battle Hymn of the Republic..
Star Spangled Banner

Pat Maimone
"Inscription of Hope" by Z. Randall Stroope. Sorry, I dont have it in fornt
of me, so I cant give you the pub. info, but I think it fits in the
categories you are searching.

good luck-

josh nannestad
millis, MA
For Holocaust related music see my article in the December 1995 Choral
Journal. Also visit
Also Haydn masses (Nelson and In Tempora Belli)
Monteverdi madrigals of Love and War
Janequin, La guerre
Britten, War Requiem
Tippet, A Child of Our Time
Schoenberg, A Survivor of Warsaw
Josh Jacobson

on March 17, 2003 10:00pm
"General's Ammunition" - an SATB piece with brass and flute. Text based on President Eisenhower's farewell address. Reflection on what war does to those who are already poor and foresaken. Go to and click on the repertoire list.
on February 1, 2004 10:00pm
Aaron Copland's "Lark" (SATB unaccompanied with bar solo on a poem by Genevieve Taggart in 1939) can be interpreted as a call for the US (the Lark) to enter WWII in light of the news from Europe of Nazi atrocities.
Charles Kamm