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Treble: with SATB (Gospel)

Dear listers,

My original post asked for a gospel or spiritual arrangement for 2 choirs,
one SATB and the other treble. Following are the replies I received.

Thank you to all who took the time to respond.

Roberta Shimensky


A really nice piece is "Hope for Resolution" published by Earthsongs with SSA
choir and SATB choir in Swahili and English.

The only thing I can suggest is "Hope for Resolution" by Paul Caldwell
and Sean Ivory. It starts off with the hymn "Of the Father's Love
Begotten" sung by kids, then by adults. Then an African freedom song is
sung at the same time by one group, and the hymn by another group. It's
a rather impressive piece, and although it's not exactly what you're
looking for, I would highly recommend it. It's on Anton Armstrong series
of world music. Good Luck!

Moses Hogan: "I Can Tell the World" Hal Leonard
TTBB, SSA combination. Some altos in one choir could be assigned to the
tenor parts. Sound file available at

Men's voices use a melodic/harmonic ostinato most of the time while the SSA
carries the main song.

Not easy but a real roof-raiser.

You might also look at Andre Thomas' "Rockin' Jerusalem" and Halloran's
"Witness". Both use divisi of all parts much of the time.

I have an arrangement of "This Little Light of Mine" for SATB (with
some scattered solos, though they don't HAVE to be solos) and
children's treble chorus (unison). It was written and recorded for
an educational project, and I'd be happy to post the recording on my
web page for you to hear, if you're interested.
Hear the music at:

There are four Choralist compilations on combinations of treble choir
with SATB. Although none is specifically limited to
gospel/spirituals, you may find some in there. > Repertoire > Lists > by Voicing > Treble > with SATB


Although I have several pieces that would merge SATB with treble

voices, only one of them is a jubilee:

*ONE FOR THE LITTLE BITTY BABY: (SATB divided & 12 selected

voices) is a Xmas jubilee song done with a chorus and selected singers

for the small, core group. As an example, the chorus may sing,

"Children, go where I send thee! I'm agonna sent you four-by-four,"

and the core singers reply, "four-by-four" as a quartet, "five-by-five"

as a quintet, etc. The overall effect is striking and much appreciated

by the audience. The music is simple but the coordination and ensemble

effects are challenging. The vocal ranges are: soprano, C1-e2; alto,

a-c2; tenor, written E1-e2; bass, G-C1. (2:30) This piece is of medium

difficulty for the SATB choir and fairly easy for the treble voices.

This piece is lovely, but is my own creation, not an


ONE LITTLE LIGHT(SA children's voices - SATB humming chorus or

appropriate instruments, including piano) is a quiet, lovely selection,

the kind that touches a program with great beauty when adult and

children's voices combine. In lieu of SATB voices, appropriate

instruments, including the piano, may be used. In the Holy Bible,

Proverbs 16-9, says: "A man's heart deviseth his way; but the Lord

directeth his steps." The verse was on the composer's mind during the

creation of this piece, therefore, the bass descends in continuous

steps throughout the piece as directed.

If I knew more about your plans, there is a chance that I

would write something appropriate for you.


Wallace De Pue


web site:

e-mail address is wallace(a)

Moses Hogan has a website where at least
a dozen of his works on his newest CD are featured in sound files. You might
go to

and see if there are others you might be able to use.

Our website (german, but I think I does n´t make

problems) gives you a lot of songs and pieces for your need.

Some pieces are written for SSAA, SSA, SATB and so on but all we are able to

arrange them for your choir cast.

You can download the most of them as a PDF file (enable with Acrobat 4.0 or

5.05) - demo score.

Please send us your special wishes!

What it does mean?

You can order all pieces from Classic to POP music - we´ll arrange them -

only for you! Try to test us!



Otmar Stangl

Chief Director

My new arrangement of Spiritual Jubilee is available both in SATB and 2 part
with descant (3 treble). It is published by Heritage Music Press. It
combines 9 spirituals with Down By The Riverside as a unifying theme. Great
fun! You may find more description, PDF and recording sample on my website On the music page put in 'Jubilee' in the keyword
search box.

Also, Ching A Ring Chaw is combined with the spiritual "Great Gittin' Up
Mornin' and available in SATB and 2 part with descant. Put in 'Ching' in

I hope these may be of some use. Good luck!

Linda Spevacek