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ChoralNet recommends: Retailers in Paris/London


Thanks, as always for sharing your collective wisdom. Here's a
compilation, following the original request--

> I have the wonderful opportunity to be traveling to Europe this May and am
> wondering whether French scores/publications are cheaper in Paris than they
> are here. (I hope so!) Or whether English scores are cheaper in London.
> If anyone could recommend music shops or publisher "outlets" to visit, I
> would be grateful. (For that matter, if anyone has any concerts to
> recommend, that would be great too-- I'll be in London c. May 11-18 and
> in Paris c. May 18-24.) Many thanks.

=================From: Mark Vuorinen
i spent some time in paris over the summer and stumbled across a little
store that had everything. the name and location allude me at the moment
but it is right on the seine river within five minutes of the latin
quarter (walking). he had scores of everything right on the shelves.
prices were comparable to canadian ones. sorry i can't give you better
information than that. perhaps someone else will have the address.
=================From: Anthony Maydwell
Maestro Partitions
rue Nouveau Conservatoire
Parc de la Villette
This is opposite the new Conservatoire Superieure and close to the Cite de la
Musique. Very good selection.
=================From: Cheryl D Dupont
I had the same idea when I visited London several years ago. I went to
Oxford and Boosey and Hawkes, and was very disappointed that the stores
only stocked sample copies and you had to order multiple copies.
obviously with shipping added in, it was not going to be a bargain. . . .
perhaps the situaton is different in other stores. . . . [an English]
friend of mine, . . .
complained recently about the same thing.
================From: Dan Golden
My favorite places for music aren't in London, but in Cambridge and Oxford.
Cambridge has the Cambridge Music Shop and Brian Jordan...he's on Green
Street, and CMS is just across from King's College Chapel, if I recall
correctly. Oxford has Blackwells, which has 7 or 8 stores in town, one
specializing in music and CDs.
Another fine place to venture is the Royal School of Church Music. They're
located in Cleveland Lodge in Dorking. It's a short train ride from
Victoria Station, and they have a FINE selection of organ music and sacred
choral music. There wasn't any signage last time I visited, you
exit the train station, cross the little road and turn right. There will
be a large white house on your left, as you're heading down this little
lane. (It's a short walk from the train station, out in the middle of
nowhere, as is the train station!) Pass the house, go through a pedestrian
gate on your left, and in the front door of the house. You're there! They
also have a great CD selection, and will ship your packages to you, if you
don't want to carry them home.
==============From: smcint(a) (Stuart McIntosh)
As an expatriate Brit living and working in St Louis, I can tell you that
for the most part scores published both in Britain and here in the US are
usually cheaper here. Thus Oxford, Boosey and Hawkes and even Novello, work
out better here. As an example, to buy a Rutter score that here would cost
say $1.50 through Hinshaw, that same score might well cost 1.50 pounds or a
third more in England through Oxford University Press.
Don't be put off however, There are many small British publishing houses
that produce excellent music like Kevin Mayhew, Roberton, and Banks Music
to name but three and their scores are difficult to come by in the US. You
need to go to Boosey and Hawkes store by Oxford Circus (actually they are
in Regents Street as I recall but close enough to be able to see Oxford
Circus). You need to go to OXford University Press also though they moved
since I was last there so you will have to look up that address. (OUP has a
good website!). Also try Foyles Bookstore on the corner of Tottenham Court
Road and Oxford Street (about a mile from Boosey and Hawkes going east on
Oxford Street).
French scores are scandalously expensive both in Britain and as my memory
serves me in France!
==============From: Sixthmuse1(a) (Elizabeth Angilette)
Have you visited Blackwell's in Oxford. They used to have some buys.