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Peace, Freedom & Justice

Many heartfelt thanks to all the people who sent me suggestions. Sorry
it's taken me so long to get it out to the list. I've included the
contact information of composers/publishers who offered to send me
scores (hope that's kosher). Here they are:
You may be interested in my setting for unaccompanied mixed choir of
text adapted from the Nobel Peace Prize Lecture given by U.N. Secretary
General Kofi Annan. The work was given its premiere performance in Mr.
Annan's presence on February 8, 2003, by the William & Mary Choir under
the direction of Dr. Constance DeFotis at the College of William &
Mary¹s Charter Day celebration, which featured Mr. Annan as guest
speaker. The piece was also selected as a finalist in the 2003 Briar
Cliff University New Choral Music Competition, and was performed in
that competition by the Briar Cliff University Chamber Choir under the
direction of Dr. Mark Simmons. It will receive its West Coast premiere
by the Seattle Bach Choir in March 2005.

I am attaching a pdf file as a perusal score. You may hear two
excellent performances of "The 21st Century (A Girl Born in
Afghanistan)" on my website at I would be
happy to send a hardcopy of the score and/or CD in the regular mail, if
you are interested.

You might consider "Hymn to Freedom" by Oscar Peterson and "Song for
Peace" by Allister MacGillivray arr. by Diane Loomer. Both of these
are Canadian. We have used songs that don't particularly mention peace
but are nevertheless peace generating and recently sang the Randall
Thompson "Choose Something Like a Star" which admonishes being centered
which, I think means being at peace on some level.

There are a ton, here are a few. I'm not sure the level of your group,
these are pretty difficult, but a lot of fun. David Harris, Jubilate
Singers, Boulder CO

William Byrd "Why do I use my paper ink and pen"
GF Handel "The Anthem on the Peace"
Heinrich Schutz "Teutoniam dudum belli atra pericola molestant" SWV 338
William Billings "Independence, The States O Lord" or "Retrospect"
-there are
Dona Nobis Pacem from any number of people, Haydn "Missa Tempori Belli"
is a
good one as well as Bach B minor if you have the forces
Darius Milaud "Cantata de la paix"
Poulenc "Figure Humaine"
Kurt Bestler "Prayer of the Children"
William Dawson "I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray"
Dave Brubeck "I Dream a World"
Lucija Garuta "God Your Earth is Burning" the Lord's Prayer is a
cappella and
particularly nice
Van Dijk "Horizons"

Any of the South African Freedom songs arr. by Henry Leck are very
easily adaptable for many choirs. I would highly recommend Hope for
Resolution by Paul Caldwell and Sean Ivory. A little daunting at
first, but it is amazingly flexible. It combines Divinum Mysterium,
(Of the Fathers' Love Begotten) with Thula Sizwe (Nation, Do Not Cry)
Great with African drumming as well as a terrific piano part.

Please look at my website,, which features many
works in this vein in the Ethnic Catalog.

I'd particularly draw your attention to My Soul Is A River, published
by Santa Barbara Music Publishing. You can see the score at I will have a brand new recording of it at the Santa
Barbara booth at the L.A. convention next week (nat. ACDA).

Hymn to Freedom by Oscar Peterson comes to mind. Very simple, effective.

Freedom Come - Ben Allaway

I have written a work for a cappella SATB chorus which sets 46
different words for peace from 57 different languages.
An IPA pronunciation guide is included in the score.
The piece, "Prayer for Peace: E Pluribus Unum," received the
distinction of honors in the Waging Peace Through Singing Competition
sponsored by the University of Oregon in 2002.
I would be happy to send you a copy, and would be most grateful if you
would consider it in your programming.

Margaret Collins Stoop

My community chorus in Fairbanks, Alaska performed a piece several
years ago
called "I Am But a Small Voice", which everyone (including our audience)
really enjoyed. Words and music are by Roger Whittaker, and it is
by Shawnee Press, Inc. (#A-1644) in SATB. The words are very simple but
seem to fit your program theme well:

I am but a small voice,
I have but a small dream:
To smile upon the sun, be free to dance and sing,
Be free to sing my song ev-rywhere.
Come, young citizens of the world,
We are one, we are one.
We have one hope, we have one dream,
And with one voice we sing:
Peace, prosperity, and love for all mankind.

It's really a cool piece. Hope you can find a use for it.

You may want to check out "Cântec de pace" (Song of Peace) by Adrian
Pop (b. 1951).
Original text: Romanian w/ singable versions in English, French,
Publisher: Musica Romanica, Inc.
XRCM-0012A SATB unaccompanied
WRCM-0012B 3-part women's, unaccomp.

If you are interested, I can send you a sample copy and performance

Gabriel Dumitrescu
President, Musica Romanica, Inc. (Your exclusive source for Romanian
choral music and beyond...)
P.O. Box 5037
Kent WA 98064-5037 USA
(253) 859-2870 Voice
(253) 859-2873 Fax
1-800-622-6438 Ordering (US only)

Ron Jeffers' arrangement of two civil war songs, "Workin' for the Dawn
of Peace," is very nice. Also, Schuetz "Verleih uns Frieden."

You might consider Benjamin Britten's A Wealden Trio for SSA, a short
setting of a poem by Ford Madox Ford composed in 1929. The singers
complain about their husbands' lack of work and economic hardships in
general, and how hard it is to sing Christmas carols in such an
atmosphere. The text is in English dialect, but generally

Franz Liszt's Le Forgeron for TTBB doesn't fit your voicing criterion,
but I can't resist mentioning it as another powerful indictment of
economic injusticethis time the plight of 19th century miners who
must work for a pittance under appalling conditions.
Maybe I can be of help. I wrote a piece for a contest for the
anniversary of the Statue of Liberty.It is entitled, "Keep the Torch
Lit" and (presently) arranged for barbershop, but can be converted to
SATB rather readily. I think it's a very good piece .
If you have some interest, please gimme a shout.
Stay Tuned, Ray Miller

A great one would be Oh, Freedom, a song from South Africa. It is
published in a book called "Freedom Songs, I think.

One of my favorites on the topic is I Dream A World by Andre Thomas.
It is
based on the poem by the same title by Langston Hughes.

I would like to suggest to your attention my Hymnus "Ut omnes homines
humaniter" for the Mixed Choir a cappella and Alto solo, on the Latin
by Jan Amos Comenius (6 minutes).

This Hymnus was awarded the main Prize in the International Concourse in
Jihlava (CZ) and afetr it appeared in print by the American publishers:
G. Schirmer, Inc., (Music Sales Corp.), 257 Park Avenue South, New
York, NY
10010. U.S.A. schirmer(a)
and became very popular in our country.

As to my music does nt use the avantgarda-technics, nevertheless it was
awarded more than 60 prizes (10 international), has been performed in
numerous countries of the whole world and all my music has been
appearing in
the great world publishing houses.
In case of your interest, please wisite the websites: (comp - laburda)
www.Google (jiri laburda) (laburda) (laburda)

I am always ready to, to be of help for you.

With the best wishes
sincerely yours

Jiri Laburda,
Czech composer,
Prague, CZ.

Holy Thursday. Words of William Blake, set to music by Sheena Phillips.
where you can see the words and the music. For a performance, try

If you want to use it, it's available from Canasg Music Publishing at

How about some of these:

Ella's Song (We who believe in freedom cannot rest.) Sweet Honey in the

Amani Utupe Na Ustawi (can be done a cappella or accomp.)

Circle Song by Linda Hirschorn

Dream Back the Bison by Harmony Grisman (round)

Finlandia/Song of Peace Sibelius, arranged by Gayle Caldwell, new
lyrics by
The Burns Sisters (this is ssaa, we commissioned the arr. and would be
to share it with you).

Give Me the Money That Has Been Spent on War Words by Charles Sumner,
friend of Abraham Lincoln and Senator from Massachusetts; music by Mary
Litchfield (1989); arrangement by Judy Fjell (1994), and Margy
Crowningshield (1995) (I have this arr.)

Ma Navu (I think this is the Hebrew "how beautiful are the feet of
those...") Might not work a cappella.

One of Us Can Make a Difference by Judy Fjell (chant/round, can have

Safe, Strong, and Free (kids' empowerment song by Judy Fjell)

Yesh, Lanu Koach round, Hebrew, Ellen Robinson, arr. (We Have the Power)

There's also an old Peter, Paul and Mary tune that adapts well to a
cappella No Easy Walk to Freedom. I probably have the old issue of
Out! if you'd like to take a look.

Hope this is helpful.
Cynthia Frank
Mendocino Women's Choir
on May 31, 2005 10:00pm
Consider "Song for Everyone" by Steve Heitzeg from his Nobel Symphony. Set to text by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Gorgeous, moving, not hard to put together. Check out his website at

I would also check out Rosephanye Powell's "I Dream a World" which is beautiful, but needs a pretty capable choir and pianist to manage.

"We Are" by Ysaye Barnwell is very beautiful piece, and with its use of ostinati, not difficult to put together.
on June 14, 2006 10:00pm
Rutter's A Distant Land is very nice
on August 26, 2006 10:00pm
GLORIOUS VICTORY! (organ or piano or brass quartet / two trumpets in Bb, The first trumpet part has optional notes for less advanced performers. / trombone / tuba or trombone 2 / snare drum) Parts for the instruments may be purchased from Picardie Court Publications. For a special event, such as Memorial Day, this work will move listeners. This piece is dedicated to armed service personnel who have defended the United States of America in wars past and present. The text is:

Our soldiers have succeeded, but have taken neither treasure nor land.
There were many slain in battle who followed those in command.
There were many writhing in anguish who could not fully understand the phrase, "glorious victory."

Let them rest! Now, let them rest.
Through summer heat and winter cold, their deeds of valor will be told.
Though countless years may pass away, our nation still shall mourn, this day,
while brave young men and women we honor, rest.

Many years have gone by, while we have patiently waited for peace.
Glorious victory will come to the world when all war and strife shall cease.
Then, at that time, we will know what it is to have "Glorious Victory." WD

Vocal ranges are: soprano, E1