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SATB: with Orchestra (American)

Dear Listers,

Many thanks to all who responded to my request for "classic" American
choral/orchestral repertory. As you read through this list you will learn,
not surprisingly, that the word "classic" was freely interpreted. :-)
Nonetheless, it's a fascinating if not sobering list, not so much for *what*
is listed here, but for how very *little* American choral/orchestral
repertory there is that is regularly programmed.

Thank you again!

Don McCullough

From: nick.jones(a) (Nick Jones)

Obvious candidates:
Hindemith: When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd
Bernstein: Mass

Gonna be a classic:
Adams: Harmonium

After that it gets murkier. Possibilities:
Barber: The Lovers
Barber: Prayers of Kierkegaard
Hindemith: Apparebit repentina dies (brass accompaniment)
Menotti: The Death of the Bishop of Brindisi
Menotti: For the Death of Orpheus
Bernstein: Symphony No. 3, "Kaddish"
Paulus: So Hallow'd Is the Time
Copland: Canticle of Freedom
Roy Harris: Folksong Symphony (Sym No. 4)
Parker: Hora novissima

Nick Jones
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

From: jcdear(a) (Jim Dearing)

Howard Hanson's "Lament for Beowulf" or his "Song of Democracy" (or is
that only with wind ensemble?); John Corigliano's Dylan Thomas trilogy
(especially "Fern Hill"); Lukas Foss' "American Cantata"; and Randall
Thompson's "Testament of Freedom" (TTBB)--these just come to mind off
the top of my head.

Jim Dearing

From: janower(a) (David Griggs-Janower)
To: Djmccull(a)

I guess I'd include other Thompson works, including Last Words of
David and The Testament of Freedom. Howard Hanson's Song of

David Griggs-Janower
Albany Pro Musica

From: ccollins(a) (Craig Collins)

Howard Hanson's "Song of Democracy"
Randall Thompson's "Testament of Freedom," "The Last Words of David," and
"The Peaceable Kingdom"

From: wweinert(a) (Weinert, William)

We were just discussing some of these in a choral literature class today, so
before I forget;

Argento--Te Deum
Barber-Prayers of Kierkegaard
Amy Beach--Mass in Eb
Foss- The Prairie
H. Hanson--The Cherubic Hymn; Lament for Beowulf'
Lambert--The Rio Grande (English composer, but American theme)
Rorem-An American Oratorio
Sessions--When Lilacs...
W.G. Still--And they Lynched Him on a Tree (black vs. white choruses)

I imagine these are all listed in the back of the new book by Nick
Strimple--"Choral Music in the 20th-century"

Bill Weinert
Eastman School of Music

From: ptk1(a) (Peter Kiefer)
To: Djmccull(a)

I have to suggest "In the Still of the Night" by Cole Porter as arranged by
Roy Ringwald. We (the Waring Collection) have the orchestral accompaniment
P. Kiefer

Peter T. Kiefer, Coordinator
Fred Waring's America Collection
The Pennsylvania State University

From: KerryKrebill

Barber Prayers of Kierkegaard of course.

Kerry Krebill
now in Helena Montana


From: stmrkmus(a) (stmrkmus)

One of my favorites, not often performed and now out of print, is Howard
Hanson's STREAMS IN THE DESERT. It's about 20 minutes, and based on
Isaiah texts.

From: ksbd(a) (Kathy Bowers)

Hanson - Streams in the Desert


From: szjsings(a) (Steven Szalaj)

Randall Thompson - Concord Cantata

Steven Szalaj
Crystal Lake, IL
From: Scott Campbell

Hanson - Song of Democracy

Scott Campbell
Farmington High School
Farmington, CT. 06034

_________________END OF LIST_______________________

Donald McCullough
Master Chorale of Washington.
Washington, DC