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Middle school: Advanced girls' choir repertoire

Thank you for the many literature suggestions for an advanced MS girls
chorus. Here is a compilation of the responses I received:

Dance on My Heart (SSA) Allen Kopke Santa Barbara Music, #34. This is a
really terrific piece, although the rhythm complexity may throw the kids at
first. But definitely worth sticking with.

Camino, Caminante (2-pt treble) Stephen Hatfield Boosey & Hawkes, OCTB7071
Although only two parts, this is a challenging piece, with a lot of rhythmic
complexity. My biggest problem with this piece is finding an accompanist
who can play 3 against 2.

Esurientes Implevit Bonis (SA) Vivaldi Morningstar MSM-50-9920 One of my
personal favorites; there's a lot to teach with this piece, and it's not
easy, but I think it's worth the effort.

Hold Fast Your Dreams (2-part treble) David Brunner Boosey & Hawkes,
OCTB7123. The tessitura is bit high, and there are some interesting
harmonies, so even though a significant portion is in unison, I think it's
most appropriate for a more advanced group.

Now I Walk In Beauty (3-part treble) John Culligan Boosey & Hawkes,
OCTB6987 Again, a somewhat easier piece, it only splits into three parts at
the end. A setting of a Navaho prayer, with an a cappella section.

I Am His Child (SSA) Moses Hogan Alliance, AMP0349. A Moses Hogan
original, a great message. Just a super piece.
Cantate Domino (published by Santa Barbara)
O waly waly (arrangement, self-published I think)
I bought this excellent collection from Heritage Music Press called "In
Concert! forSSA: Distinctive Repetoire for Treble Choirs. (45/1075H) It
was compiled by Mary Lynn Lightfoot. There are nine songs in it. My girls
have performed five of these pieces. The book cost $7.95 so I think this is
a fine investment.
Eugene Butler has some wonderful things such as three Spanish Ballads. I
also like "Jo le canto todo el dia" by David Bruner.
Max Reger, arr. Robert Ross: *Virgin's Slumber Song* SSA(A); hp or pno; opt.
fl Coronet/Presser
Lesley Hopwood Meyer, arr. Robert Ross: *Nunc Gaudet Maria* SSA(A), hp or
pno Oxford
I have worked a performed How Can I Keep from Singing by Neil Ginsberg since
January, and my 8th grade girls just adore it. It is published by Santa
Barbara and is SSA. THe intro and the ending are accapella, piano
accompaniment in the middle. I took it to festival and four different
directors asked me where I found it.
Look at anything in the Boosey & Hawkes Choral Music Experience
catalogue, Colla Voce Henry Leck series, earthsongs publishing treble
repertoire, Treble Clef Music. All great resources.
Rutter - For the Beauty of the Earth
Ellingboe - How Can I Keep From Singing (Kjos) SSA
Ruth Elaine Schram - Steal Away (SSA) BriLee Music BL354
My favorites:
How Can I Keep From Singing (Boosey & Hawkes) arr. By Hugh
Alleluia (Warner Brothers) by William Billings arr by Robinson

Linda Spevacek has a lot . . . .I'll look through my perusal files and
see if I can find them for you later.

20-96470 "I'm Goin' Home On A Cloud" for two part treble (with divisi),
Clarinet and Keyboard Accompaniment

20-96310 "Cradle Song" for two part treble (with some divisi) and Keyboard

20-96260 "The Bumblebee" for two part treble (with some divisi) and Keyboard

20-96250 "A Life Lesson" for two part treble and Keyboard Accompaniment

20-96220 "Granny" for two part treble voices and Keyboard Accompaniment-
Generally speaking, Treble Clef Music Press (of which I am proprietor) has a
lot to offer. You might want to go to our website,,
and look especially at the SSA carols and folk song arrangements by Lana

Compilation by:

Mr. Jussi Doherty
Choral Director
Diplomat Middle School
Cape Coral, Florida