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SATB: with baritone

SATB and baritone compilation:

Vaughan Williams Five Mystical Songs: recommended by ten people
Grieg, Four Psalms: recommended by five people

This should open a floodgate. A few suggestions from our rental
library (all a cappella unless otherwise specified):

Traditional, Shenendoah (arr. Sally Terri), Lawson Gould;
Traditional, Hear the lambs a-cryin (arr. De Cormier), Okemo;
Traditional, My Lord what a morning (arr: Work), Presser;
Anon. (Spanish), E la don, don, Associated Music Pub.;
Copland, The Boatman's Dance, with piano; Lark, Boosey;
Fine, Design for October, with piano (from The Choral New Yorker), Witmark;
Hovhaness, David wept for slain Absalom, Peters;
Kverno, Corpus Christi carol, Walton;
Vaughan Williams, The turtle dove, G Schirmer;
Victoria, Missa gaudeamus, Arno Volk.

Scott Gillam (scott_gillam(a)
NAS Choral Music Rental Library (
"Musica divina laudis celebrari" (old proverb)
Dear John--

Just a couple,since they're on my mind now:

Grieg--First and last of the 4 Psalms (last--I Himmelen--is especially
Holst--A Spotless Rose


Bill Weinert
Eastman School of Music
Dear Prof. Rommereim,
I am reading in Choralnet, that you have been looking for the compositions
for SATB with baritone solo.
Sory, I have no such ones, but if you would be interested in the ones for
female choir with baritone solo, I have composed such ones already and in
one case it concerns even my more large (cca 18 min.) "Missa in FA" for
Baritone solo, Female choir SSA a cappella (or with the Organ too).

Best wishes and regards.

Sincerely yours

Jiri Laburda.
Kirk Mecham Dan-U-el

Depending on Baritone's range, Let Me Fly...Alice Parker
Two that come to mind immediately:

VW - Five Mystical Songs
VW - Fantasia on Christmas Tunes (?)

Charles Q. Sullivan
E. Grieg 4 Psalms (I think op. 79, there are no more)
Matyas Seiber: Yougoslav Folk Songs
Ingrun Fussenegger
Grieg's Four Psalms ("Hvad est du dog skjøn" etc.)

Bragi Thor Valsson, Musician
Reykjavik, Iceland

Vaughan Williams - Five Mystical songs, Faure - Libera me (Requiem)

Michael Wade

YO M'ENAMORI D'UN AIRE for SATB and Baritone solo, Sephardic Folksong
arranged by Wayland Rogers, Alliance Music Publications.
--four psalms by edvard grieg. fabulous pieces.

Phil Micheal
Director of Music
Jefferson Ave. Presbyterian Church (A great place to be!)
Detroit, Michigan
church website:

BEEN DOWN INTO THE SEA, for SATB and Baritone solo - Spiritual,
Arranged by Wayland Rogers. Pub. by Boosey and Hawkes.


Dear John,

You could try the Libera Me movement in Faure's Requiem. It's a gorgeous
setting, and the organ accompaniment version is beautiful.

Shahril Salleh
Music Director
King's College Choir, University of Queensland
Brisbane, Australia
I have an arrangement of How Can I Keep From Singing written
specifically for this purpose I would be willing to share if you are

Thomas J. Rinn
Hi, John,
Add to your list:

Gesu Bambino SATB (and Optional flute) Yon/Spevacek Heritage Music Press

Linda Spevacek
***New Video: The Choral Director as Voice Teacher***
Go, Down Moses, arr. Greg A. Lapp
Brosscum Publications
Lord Thou Hast Been our Refuge Vaughan Williams
The Spotless Rose Herbert Howells
Vaughan Willimas Also has a Christmas medley with bar. solo

Here are two favorites of mine: Libera me Domine (from the Faure Requiem)
and Five Mystical Songs by Vaughan Williams.

Michael Connolly
John: Here are a couple that you should check out:
So Many Voices Sing America's Song, music and
arrangement by Robert F. Brunner, who was a composer/conductor on the
staff at the Walt Disney Studios for over 17 years. It has been
performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir many times, and it has been
a great hit all around the Washington, DC area with my own choir. To
get a copy contact Brunner Music Publishing Co., 169 N. Bowling Green
Way, Los Angeles, CA 90049
The other is an old chestnut, has been around for a
long time (copyright 1926) but is still an audience pleaser--a
lovely piece by the noted Deems Taylor--Waters Ripple and Flow. As
far as I know it should still be in print--J, Fischer & Bro.
#5676-15. It opens with a 16 measure soprano solo, and then
continues with a baritone solo and SATB
Hope this helps. Gene Morlan

I'm sure you'll hear this a thousand times, but the 5 Mystical Songs
of Vaughan Williams... also William Walton's "Belshazzar's Feast"...
and of course there are a fair number of spirituals (exact titles at
the moment escape me)... will keep thinking...


Suzanne M. Hatcher
DMA Candidate & Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Miami
Director of Music, Christ Congregational United Church of Christ, Miami

Grieg "Four Psalms" for SATB with Baritone
Vaughan Williams "Mystical Songs"
Finzi "In terra pax"

Best wishes...
Sue Zemlin
Director of Vocal Music
Blaine High School
12555 University Ave NE
Blaine, MN 55434
work phone: 763-506-6791
home phone: 763-767-9626
FAX: 763-506-6503
e-mail: szemlin(a)

Shout On and My God is a Rock both Shaw Parker arrangements, I think, of
spirituals. Very powerful and appealing.

David Nordli
Hopkins High School, retired
Hopkins, MN

-- Dear Dr. Rommereim,

Since you are looking for SATB/baritone solo literature, please
consider the piece described here as it appears on my homepage
(address below). You are welcome to a free hard copy and a Sacred
Music CD containing a good performance of the work. This piece has
been performed all over the nation and in Europe.


Wallace De Pue

MAN OF GOD, THE (SSAATTBB soprano, & baritone or bass soloist) John
Jorn was studying to become a Lutheran minister when he presented a
tape recording of his piano improvisation of this piece with passages
from the Bible to Wallace De Pue with a request that an arrangement
be made for the Chapel Choir of Capital University in Columbus, Ohio.
Jorn sang the solo when the choir went on tour and thrilled everyone
who heard the piece. "The Man of God" was dedicated to Dr. Ellis
Emmanuel Snyder, director of the Chapel Choir. This music is a
monument to Jorn's musical talent. He is deceased.

Thus saith the Lord, our God, "Follow me!"

And he arose and followed Him.
And the Lord, God, said, "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations!"

That is the command of the Lord, our God.

"Before them ye shall stand and guard them through the night.
Ye shall take them by the hand and lead them into light.
Your task will not be easy.
Your cross will not be light, but when the battle ends, we
shall have won the fight.
Ye shall build your master's kingdom on Christ, the solid rock.
Ye shall ever tend His children, as the shepherd tends his flock.
When their faith shall fall and weaken, as they cross life's
stormy sea,
Ye shall be their shining beacon, and guide them home to me."

Thus saith the Lord, our God,

"He who follows me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have
the light of life."

Let you light so shine before men, for thou art a man of God.

Vocal ranges are: Bass soloist, F-F1; (Baritone soloist, Bb-D#1);
soprano, C1-g2; alto, a-d2; tenor, written C1-g2; bass, E-C1. (3:10)

John Rommereim
Associate Professor of Music
Grinnell College
Grinnell, IA 50112

on July 21, 2003 10:00pm
After looking at the list of many fine works I would like to add one. "Jesu dulcis memoria" by Otto Olsson, granted it is for SSATB choir. Thanks for creating the list.
on July 21, 2003 10:00pm
There is an amazing setting of Go Down Moses by Adolphus Hailstork. It is for SATB and bari or bass solo. I highly recommend it.