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SSA or SSAA: Best women's choir music

Dear Listers,

Thank you ever so much for sharing your knowledge with me. As promised,
here's the compilation of responses.

I look forward to working with you in the future,

Franklin Gallo
Shepherd College

Contemporary Music Sites

Wallace De Pue -
by John Biggs -
Paul Ayres – (tel) +020 8632 1854 paulayres(a) -
Red Castle Publishing -
David Moore -
Gene Scheer –
Wayland Rogers -
Ben Allaway –
Treble Clef Press (Mary Lycan editor)
Santa Barbara Music Publishing -
Compovista - (German site)
Libby Larsen
Gwyneth Walker
Paul Carey
Oxford Press -
Alliance Press
Colla Voce
Roger Dean (Janet Galvan series)
Boosey and Hawkes

Repertoire Lists

Vox Femina Los Angeles -
Choralnet -
Carleton College (multicultural) -
University of Kentucky at Lexington
Vox Caelestis, (
Peninsula Women' Choir in the SF bay area.
Internet Library (audio) -

World Choral Symposium -

Eastern Catholic/Eastern Orthodox tradition for women's voices -
(Prof.) J. Michael Thompson
Byzantine Catholic Seminary
(office) 412-321-8199
(fax) 412-321-8998

Suggested Repertoire

Holst, Gustav - Hymns from the Rig Veda
Scheer, Gene – American Anthem
Elgar - The Snow (Novello) 2 vln obbligato
Caccini, Francesca - Aure Volante 3 flutes or recorders
Powell, Rosephanye - Ascribe to the Lord (new ssaa arrangement)
Paul Pa Haugen arr. Bradley Ellingboe Kjos (in Norwegian, good IPA pron.
Childs, David - She Walks in Beauty (Santa Barbara)
Walker, Gwyneth I will be earth, Love is a Rain of Diamonds from 6 songs
for Women's chorus
ECS. (all 6 are great)

Walter, Lana - Ubi Caritas Treble Clef (get on this mailing list! Mary
Lycan is the editor, all of the stuff is great on this press)
Ernani Aguiar - Salmo 150 earthsongs
Diu Diu Dang A earthsongs (charming and fun, onomonapaeic train song...
in Taiwanese)
Olsson, Milton - Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes, NMP-318
Olsson, Milton - Break of Day, NMP-308
Poulenc rep for women (Litanies a la Vierge Noire, Ave Verum and Petites
M. Haydn Masses for treble voices
Rheinberger treble mass and Laudate Dominum
Brahms Psalm (opus 27)
Britten Ceremony of Carols
Britten Missa Brevis
John Rutter's Angel's Carol (SA) or Candlelight Carol (SSAA)
Mark Hayes' Silent Night (SSAA) brand new this year
Linda Spevacek's "America the Beautiful"
Jessye's Carol (don't remember this composer--it's also known as This
Mark Hayes' Go Down Moses
Johnny Aroo' arranged by Ron Jeffers.
Michael Haydn: Laudate Pueri (SSA, strings), Hinshaw Music, HMC-1836
Giacomo Puccini: Te Deum a 3 (SSA, strings),Hinshaw Music, HMB-236
Carl Czerny: Exite Sion Filiae (SSAA a cappella), Treble Clef Music Press,
Johann Adolf Hasse: Benigne Fac Domine (SSAA, strings),Roger Dean Publisher,
Ben Allaway - The Paint Box (Hinshaw), The Dream Tree (Warner Bros.),
Freedom Come (Santa Barbara), Sahayta (Mark Foster), These Wings Are My Eyes
(Thresholds Music Press)

Mendelssohn- Lift Thine Eyes
Holst Ave Maria (8 parts, but very rewarding if you have lots of
independent singers)
Ethan Nash - Mass for Women's Choir (yet to be premiered), as well as a
Laudate Dominum, Jubilate Deo, A Red Red Rose, O Captain, My Captain, Psalm
143, and Tyger, Tyger.

Lift The Wings, SSAA, by Bill Whelan, pub. Shawnee, #B0586
Away From the Roll of the Sea, SSA, by MacGillivray/Loomer, pub. Intrada
Fy Upon You, Fy! SSA by Tom Fettke, pub. Gentry, #JG0289
Wood River SSAA Zwozdesky Rhythmic Trident RTCP-004
Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day by John Rutter
Old Grandma, SSAA, by Alice Parker, pub. Treble Cleff Music TC-117
Punching the Dough, SSAA, by Alice Parker, pub. Treble Cleff Music TC-119
Log Driver’s Waltz SSAA Hemsworth/Small Cypress Pub. CP1030
For the Beauty of the Earth, SA, by John Rutter
Cantique de Jean Racine, SSAA, by Faure/arr. Rutter
J'Entends Le Moulin, SS, by Donald Patriquin, pub. Earthsongs #W-10
We Hasten With Eagering, Yet Faltering Footsteps, SA, J.S. Bach
Oh, Had I Jubal's Lyre, SSA, arr. Robert Gibb, pub. Gentry #JG-3001
In Time of Silver Rain, SSA, by audrey Snyder, pub. Hal Leonard #08703110
Two Handel Classics, 2-part, arr. Dave & jean Perry, pub. Shawnee #E0320
A Girl's Garden, SSA, by Randall Thompson
Yo Le Canto Todo El Dia, SA by David Brunner
Adiemus SSA K. Jenkins Boosey M060104732
Aure Volante SSA Caccini Broude MW1
Four Spanish Lullabies 2-pt F. Nunez Boosey M051472086
Akakomborerwa 4-part Kesselman Boosey M051469352
Vivaldi for Treble Voices Galvan Roger Dean 15/1474R
The Lark In the Clear Air 2-part R. Fleming Warner VG-229
Gaudete! SSAA Cantiones/M. Neam Banks ECS 274
Tutu Maramba SSA Erb Lawson Gould
A Rainy Day," - Greg Bartholomew -
Timothy Luby's Song: When I am Dead (Treble Clef Press)

Libby Larson

THE BALLERINA AND THE CLOWN - SSA chorus and harp; Sally Gall, texts;
2002 (LL)

CANTICLE OF MARY - SSA, four hand piano, plus orchestra version -
Magnificat, Gregorian Hymnal, text; 1994 (OUP)

CANTICLE OF THE SUN - high voices, finger cymbals, synthesizer, organ - St.
Francis of Assisi, text; 1987 (ECS)

DAY SONG - SSA chorus, a cappella, text, N.F.S. Grundtvig, adapted by L.L.;
1999 (OUP)

I JUST LIGHTNING - SSAA, percussion; Maria Sabina, text; 1994 (LL)

JACK'S VALENTINE - SSAA, a cappella; Aldeen Humphreys, text; 2000 (LL)

REFUGE - SSAA a cappella; Sara Teasdale, text; 1988 (ECS)

RING THE BELLS - SSA (children's) chorus and piano; 1998 (OUP)

STEPPING WESTWARD - SSA, handbells, oboe, marimba - Denise Levertov, text;
1998 (ECS)

TODAY, THIS SPRING - SA, piano, 3 songs; Emily Dickinson, Jan Kimes, texts;
1995 (OUP)

TOUCH THE AIR SOFTLY - SSAA, a cappella, William Jay Smith, text; 2000 (LL)

THE WITCHES' TRIO - SSAA, a cappella, William Shakespeare, text; 2000 (LL)

Gwyneth Walker

Hebrides Lullaby (1996) (3'45") #5263 (SSA) Traditional text

How Can I Keep From Singing? (1999) (3'30") #5655 (SSA, Piano) Traditional
text (Quaker Hymn)

I Thank You God (1998) (4') #5331 (SSA, Piano)

Let Evening Come (2001) (3'30") #5946 (SSA, Piano)Text by Jane Kenyon

Lord’s Prayer, The (from Bethesda Evensong) (1988) #4479 (SSA, Organ) Text
from the Bible (The Lord's Prayer)

Magnificat (from Bethesda Evensong) (1988) #4477 (SSAA, Solo Mezzo-soprano,
Organ) Traditional text

My Love Walks in Velvet (1978, 1999) (4'30") #5663 (SSA, Piano)Text by
Gwyneth Walker

Now I Become Myself (1999) (4') #5409 (SSA, Piano)Text by May Sarton

Silver Apples of the Moon, The (1986) (2'45") #4313 (SSA, Piano)Text by
William Butler Yeats

Songs for Women’s Voice: No. 1 – Women Should Be Pedestals (1993) (2'15")
#5020 (SSA, Piano)
Songs for Women’s Voices: No. 2 – Mornings Innocent (1993) (2'30") #5021
(SSAA, Piano)
Songs for Women's Voices: No. 3 - The Name is Changeless (1993) (1'15")
#5022 (SSA)
Songs for Women's Voices: No. 4 - Love is a Rain of Diamonds (1993) (2'45")
#5023 (SSA, Piano)
Songs for Women's Voices: No. 5 - In Autumn (1993) (3'20") #5024 (SSA, S & A
Soli, Piano)
Songs for Women's Voices: No. 6 - I Will Be Earth (1993) (2'30") #5025 (SSA,
Piano) Texts by May Swenson

The Spirit of Women: 1. So Many Angels! (2000) #6184 (3'40") (SSA)
The Spirit of Women: 2. Walk That Valley (2002) #6185 (3'15") (SSAA)
The Spirit of Women: 3. Never Sit Down! (2002) #6186 (3'45") (SSAA)
Traditional texts

Rene Clausen

8MF0926 All That Has Life And Breath – SSAA

8MF0920 Laudamus Te – SSA

8MF0917 Psalm 100 – SSA

8MF0925 Set Me As A Seal – SSAA

Eric Whitacre

Five Hebrew Love Songs – SA (Strings) or SA (Violin/Piano)

She Weeps Over Rahoon – SSA (Piano/English Horn)


Carrillo, Cesar Ave Maria SSAA (Latin)

Jansons, Andrejs balts sniedzins snieg SSAA, sleighbells (Latvian)
(riding to church on xmas eve)

Paranjoti, Victor Dravidian dithyramb SSAA (Indian)
(hymn of praise)

Anonymous Hodie Christus Natus Est - Unison Chant

Arr. Ron Jeffers The Holly and the Ivy – SSA

Ron Jeffers I Have Had Singing – SSAA

Ron Jeffers Indian Singing – SSAA

Haydn, Michael Jubilate Deo – Canon in 5 (Latin)

Anonymous Legends of St. Nicholas (Chant/2-4 Polyphony)

Arr. Estevez, Antonio Mata Del Anima Sola (SSAA)

Franklin Gallo
Shepherd College

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on August 6, 2005 10:00pm
By Emma Lou Diemer: AN EMILY DICKINSON SUITE (HOPE IS THE THING) for SSAA and piano, published by Treble Clef Press.

By Emma Lou Diemer: O Viridissima for SSAA, acc. optional, published by Hildegard Pub. Co.

By Emma Lou Diemer: Four Carols for SSA, a cappella. Still available after alll these years from Presser.
Applauded by an audience of 1
on October 9, 2006 10:00pm
I have written an a cappella SSA piece called "O Son of Spirit" that was published last year by Allan Petker's Pavane Publishing. It's my favorite of all my choral pieces and is extremely accessible yet modern and challenging. You can hear it now at

It is entitled Hidden Word #2 and was retitled O Son of Spirit after the recording and before it was published.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Matthew Levine
on April 7, 2007 10:00pm
Gerard Manly Hopkins poem:"no worst, there is none, pitched past pitch of grief...each day dies with sleep." was published in a profound 1940 setting for ssaaaa by the founder of The Renaissance Chorus, Harold Brown[1909-1979], by The Arrow Press,originally as "Choral Setting #1", later available from Boosey-Hawkes, currently available from The Renaissance Chorus Association, apt B61, 116 Pinehurst Ave, New York, NY,10033
This setting , formerly Sung by The Renaissance Chorus Of New York, and The Canby Singers, is for an expert group capable of singing without vibrato, but capable of intense dramatic contrast. It is suitable for memorial occasions.

Signund Irwin Rosen
on May 11, 2008 10:00pm
Please use our repertoire list at
(Grand Rapids Women's Chorus)
on April 30, 2012 8:10pm
Hi Franklin,
If you want something a bit more light-hearted, try my Song of Perfect Propriety, published by earthsongs, for SSA and piano.  You can hear it on YouTube at by Cornell University Chorus, the group for whom it was written
Good luck with your new venture!
All best,
Carol Barnett
on August 6, 2012 9:37pm
I wrote a piece in 2001, published by Shawnee, entitled "There Is A Season" for SSAA & C instrument (originally meant for Oboe, but have heard English Horn and Flute).  You need some altos and the ability to be fluid.  Good ol' dependable Ecclesiastes text with a little tweaking here and there.  Nice soprano solo in the beginning that lends itself to a more childlike voice rather than a mature sound.
It's a somber piece, but rich and colorful.  I wrote it in memory of my daughter, Melody Claire.