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Styles: Madrigals for dancing


I love Choral list! I had many suggestions and ideas for Madrigal dancing
tunes, so I have compiled a list below. Thanks to all who contributed.

Ben Luginbuhl
Normal Community HS
Normal, IL

Song Titles:

Sing we and chant it, Morley
Now is the month of maying, Morley
Tanzen und springen, Hassler
Belle qui tiens ma vie, Arbeau (Pavane)
Carol of the Dance, Noel Goemanne (Alliance AMP0268)
Giote tutti, Vecchi
Chi li gagliarda, Donato (original Italian to "All ye who music love")
Glad We Be This Day (no composer given)
Round of Three Dances in One, Ravenscroft
Any Gastoldi balleti

Other specific notes:

Any "balletto" (by Gastoldi, Morley, Hassler, etc.) would work fine. How
about "Tanzen und Springen" by Hans Leo Hassler? Hassler's first
collection of madrigals has tons of dance music.

I suggest you find something with very few words, and lots of repetition,
so they don't fry their brains trying to dance and sing. Use instruments,
too, for helping them stay in tune and for providing a rich variety of
sound. Drums are great. And a string bass fills the room with
sound. See if the local recorder society would be interested in
participating - check out

Are you aware of the Oxford Book of English Madrigals? It is an excellent
anthology of 60 tunes, varying in length, style, and number of voices. I
bought enough for my entire chamber group (over a few years: they're a
little pricey!). However, you ought to have one for yourself if nothing

We incorporate dance in our 'Feaste' by using a great
setting of "I 'saw three ships' (on CD, cheating, I
know--but everyone had so much fun they didn't care)
the kids (150 or so) make a circle around the audience
at their tables and dance, then teach the audience the
dance and everyone dances--the audience is ready to
move after the meal, the kids get a kick out of
teaching the dance.Each year we talked about changing this but it was so
popular that it become one of the only things that
remained the same.

"So ben mi cha bon tempo" (might be by Orazio Vecchi) is exactly such
a tune. One of the Italian dance manuals gives a very specific
choreography for it, or of course you could choreograph your own
although it wouldn't be authentic. If you need something in English,
any Thomas Morley ballet (or balletto) would be suitable, since he
modeled them on Italian balletti that were intended to be sung and
danced. His "Sing We and Chant It" is actually a galliard, although
it is often sung at much too fast a tempo, but now you're starting to
get into territory where you would need an expert in renaissance
dance to do the teaching. And of course the dances ONLY look right
in suitable costume.
on August 22, 2005 10:00pm
Hola: me parece super bueno lo que estan haciendo con el baile incorporado en los coros. A mi parecer esto es muy importante, pero quisiera saber que opina usted sobre el bile o la expresion corporal en la parte coral. Le agradesco su respuesta.