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Recruiting: Young people into adult church choir

Many thanks to the listers who responded to my posting regarding
recruiting young people to the adult church choir. Following is a summary
of the responses I received:

1. Contact local high school choral directors and "enlist their help with
recruiting some young people to your church choir."
2. Develop a feeder system whereby members can progress from the beginning
choirs to the more advanced choirs to the adult choir.
3. A British respondent suggested a residency in a British cathedral and
to check out the following website:
4. The most frequent response dealt with the time constraints that young
people and young families have to deal with. Therefore, have "occasional"
groups that involve very short-term commitments and sing a wide variety of
music. Many young singers who try these out will join the adult choir.
"If you make it clear that there is no expected commitment beyond the
short term, they seem to be more likely to join."
5. Make practice tapes for those who want them and/or don't read music.
6. Keep asking them to sing with you!
7. Provide a babysitter/nursery help during choir.
8. Since teenagers are so often inclined to do what their peers are doing,
actively recruit at least one teenager to join the adult choir. Once you
get one or two to join, more will follow!

Thanks again for your responses,

George Berglund, Director
Sanctuary Choir & Golden Valley Brass
Golden Valley Lutheran Church
Golden Valley, Minnesota

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on January 9, 2008 10:00pm
I was just surfing and came across this site. I am really curious as to whether you are the same George Berglund that was acapella director at Davenport West High School in the late 60's.