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Summer DMA programs

I want to thank all those who have responded so far to my request for DMA
summer programs. For now I'm residing in the Caribbean.

For those who have asked here are some of the responses. Trust you find
them fruitful.

It is obvious from your responses that there is a big demand for a summer
DMA with short residence option. Why then are more schools not offering
it....I wonder. If the demand is that great why the shortage of such

Mikie Roberts

Unfortunately you did not tell us where you are, which makes answering
rather difficult. Check with Jan Harrington at Indiana. I suspect that
the answer will be no, but it's worth asking. It couldn't have been done
in the '70s, when I was there, because the doctoral seminars were offered
in a rotation of 4 period courses.

Doubtful you'll find such programs (I've looked for years), but do let me
know if you find anything out. The closest thing that I know of is a 1-
year (2 full summers plus 1 academic year) at the U. of Kentucky, where a
colleague of mine went.

I think the University of Missouri Kansas City Conservatory of Music has
a DMA summer program. E mail Dr. Charles Robinson and see if they still
are offering it. I took several courses during the summer and then did
residence and finished my DMA there.

I am currently completing my dissertation at Shenandoah University in
Winchester, Virginia. The official designation will be DMA in Music
Education with a cognate in Chorale Conducting and Literature. They
are most flexible, yet the program has great integrity. They will even
arrange for you to study one-on-one with a mutually agreed upon
conductor in your locale. I would HIGHLY recommend this program.

Please visit for more information. The director of this
program is Dr. Darla Hanley. Her email is dhanley(a)

You may have heard this from others already, but there are no summer DMA
programs. UMKC does offer summer study, but you still have to be in
residence for a semester. University of SOuth Carolina is also similar.
Shenandoah has a DMA in music ed and you can take conducting as an
elective. These are all things Ive considered, but decided to to my DMA
through Boston Unversity in Mus Ed-teh coursewokr is all done online,
which makes it the most practical for someone with a family. good luck

Mikie Roberts
HEre's another school to add to the list. Thanks to all who responded so

U-Iowa has one. Arizona State has one that requires one full
year surrounded by summers, then finish in summers.

Mikie Roberts
I think that the following list represents all of the responses that I've
received. I must say that the real goal was not to find a DMA program
which was done exclusively in the summer. Rather the real issue is what
are the options for somehow who wants to pursue further studies along such
lines but cannot afford to relocate whether because of family or work.
>From all that I've received the following schools appear to have the kind
of FLEXIBILITY that those of us who find ourselves in the above situation
can further pursue.

So here's the final list of the schoolsthat folks have suggested:

University of North Texas
University of Illonois - Urbana
University of Iowa
Arizona State
Shenandoah University
University of Missouri Kansas City
Universit of South Carolina
University of Kentucky
Indiana University
Boston University (on line)

So now up to those interested to check out the following schools for the
specifics of their programs.

Mikie Roberts
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