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I'm planning a choral concert with the theme of travel, and thus far have come up with the following songs. To keep it manageable, I'm limiting it to American composers (thus omitting Vaughan Williams' "Songs of Travel," for example).

Henry Clay Work - Crossing the Grand Sierras
Cary Ratcliffe - Train Songs
Green - Sentimental Journey
Goodman - City of New Orleans
Spiritual - This Train is Bound for Glory
Spiritual - 900 Miles
Truhart - Wabash Cannon Ball
[anyone know of good choral arrangements of these latter three?]

Copland - Boatmen's Dance
Foster - Glendy Burk
H.C. Work - When the Evening Star went Down
Henry Russell - Ship on Fire
Sacred Harp - Old Ship of Zion
Folk - Erie Canal [anyone know of a good choral arrangement?]

Toch (Austrian, but became Am. citizen) - Geographical Fugue
Folk - Bound for the Promised Land

Do you have any other suggestions? The songs should be about travel per se, hence railroad songs such as "Nine Pound Hammer," "Casey Jones" and "Wreck of the Old 97" don't really fit. I don't know of any songs about airplanes. The only songs about automobiles I can think of, are popular songs from turn of the (19th) century.

thanks in advance for any help!

Kevin Kelly
Music Library
Hugh Hodgson School of Music
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602

Recently I asked the List for suggestions concerning a program of Transportation Songs. As it turned out, many people responded, to whom I am very grateful, and I'm including your ideas below. In order to limit the repetoire, I decided to include songs only by N.Am. composers, and to focus on songs involving specific modes of travel -- thereby excluding many generic songs about travel in general, the open road, etc. If a publisher is not listed, the song is from the Tin Pan Alley rep.

The Velocipede
Daisy Bell

Come Josephine in my Flying Machine
Come Take a trip in my Air-ship
Leaving on a Jet Plane - John Denver

Route 66 - Bobby Troup, arr. Kirby Shaw (Hal Leonard)
In my Merry Oldsmobile
He'll have to get out Under

Boatmen's Dance - Copland (Boosey)
Glendy Burk - Stephen Foster, arr. Bruce Montgomery (Plymouth Music)
When the Evening Star went Down - H.C. Work
Ship on Fire - Henry Russell
Old Ship of Zion - Sacred Harp
Ocean Roll

Crossing the Grand Sierras - H.C. Work
Train Songs - Cary Ratcliffe
Sentimental Journey - Bud Green
City of New Orleans - Steve Goodman
This Train - arr. Nina Gilbert (Santa Barbara Music)
- arr. Gwyneth Walker (ECS Pub)
Wabash Cannonball - arr. Kirby Shaw (Hal Leonard)
Take the A Train - Strayhorn, arr. Kirby Shaw (Hal Leonard)
Choo Choo Ch'Boogie - Denver Darling, arr. Kirby Shaw (Hal Leonard)
Train - John Biggs (Consort Press)
Train (no. 1 from "Due West") - Stephne Chatman (ECS Pub)
Rock Island Line - Leadbelly, arr. David Moore (j.davidmoore(a)
On the Twentieth Century -- arr. ?

I'm sure there are many more, but a program can only be so long, right?!

Kevin Kelly
Music Library
Hugh Hodgson School of Music
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602

on December 1, 2008 10:00pm
I am sure that your concert went well as these songs are great. As to songs about planes, for future reference, you may want to include the famous Shirley Temple song "On the Good Ship Lollipop". The "Lollipop" was the name of the airplane in which Shirley is riding as she sings to the passengers.

Thought you may be interested, even after you have done the program.
on August 10, 2010 12:07pm
I just noticed this post and while the titles are very helpful, what would be even more beneficial are names of arrangers, publishers, etc.  I'm working on putting together a Spring Concert for my choral group and have various titles, but am having trouble locating arrangements that are in print/available...
JoAnn Kulesza, Music Director
Arundel Vocal Arts Society
Annapolis, MD
on May 6, 2014 8:06am
For an assignment in my Choral Methods class in college, I picked a theme similar to yours. I chose the title of "Wanderlust" which is defined as a desire to travel. Instead of being about modes of transportation, the overarching theme here is travelling itself. Here are the titles of pieces I found.
On Music's Wings
Peter Boyer
Pavane Publishing
Length: approx. 3.5 min
The Road Not Taken
David Dickau
Pavane Publishing
Length: approx. 5.5 min
Come in From the Firefly Darkness
Amy Bernon
Heritage Music Press
Length: approx. 3 min
Where the Sea Meets the Sky
Sally K. Albrecht
Alfred Publishing Co.
Length: approx. 3 min
Distant Land
John Rutter
Hinshaw Music Inc.
Length: approx. 5 min
Look to the Rainbow
arr. by Mark Hayes
Shawnee Press
Length: approx. 5 min
Already Home
Andrew Lloyd Webber, arr. by Jay Althouse
Alfred Music Publishing
Length: approx. 3 min