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ChoralNet: Revised Common Lectionary music resources

Choral List,

Here are the responses I received concerning choral music resources for the
Revised Common Lectionary. If you have any additional suggestions, please let
me know. Thanks to those of you who responded.

David Baar

See if James Laster's book is still available. Scarecrow press, I believe.
Great resource.

I use the "Call to Worship-Liturgy, Music, Preaching and the Arts"
It is published by the Office of Theology and Worship, Presbyterian
Church (USA) for Presbyterian Association of Musicians and UCC
Musician's Network. (800) 728-7227, x 5331.

Choral Literature for Sundays and Seasons published by Augsburg
Bradley Ellingboe, editor ---- ISBN: 0-8066-4689-6

You might consider James Laster's "Catalogue of Choral Music in Biblical
Order" (or something like that!). Although it tends to be mostly "traditional &
classical" in nature of the pieces listed, it is certainly a help.

One of the most useable resources I've found is a publication available at
Cokesbury called "Prepare!" and it lists lectionary texts, anthems, responses,
hymns, the works for each service and special day. There is a Methodist
version of the resource, but we non-Methodists should use the "Prepare" version.
It's about $22 with shipping.

By "choral music" I assume you mean anthems, not weekly hymns?
There is a weekly suggestion at the Gathering site of the United Church of
Sometimes it is an anthem, with publisher listed, but sometimes it is just a
hymn that could be used as an anthem.
Also check out:

Choristers Guild and Morningstar publishers have good scripture and
lectionary tools on their websites. Also check out KJOS publishers, they categorize
their anthems seasonally which isn't lectionary but is helpful on those days
when the gospel text might be hard match with music.

A great source is "Catalogue of choral music arranged in
Biblical Order" by Laster, Scarecrow Press.

Selah's choral resources are all keyed to the Revised Common Lectionary and
the 3 year calendar is found at