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Vaughan Williams, Dona nobis pacem

Happy New Year, Choralisters!

I am reporting back with what I have learned regarding the reduced ("cued")
instrumentation for Vaughan Williams' Dona Nobis Pacem. The work is
apparently performable with the following instrumentation:

2222-4231-tmp-3perc-hp-str (some questions remain regarding 2nd flute and
contrabassoon, but otherwise a pretty standard full orchestra)

Special thanks to Chris Brown and Michael Shasberger whose replies to my
original question are appended below.

Thanks to several who replied and best wishes to you all for your music
making in the new year.

Steven Edwards
Music Director,
Symphony Chorus of New Orleans

Coordinator of Vocal Studies
Delgado Community College



The cued parts in Dona Nobis Pacem are:

2nd Flute, 3rd & 4th Horns, 3rd & 4th Trumpets, 3rd and 4th tenor trombones,

Tuba (though not advisable) and Organ.

The full orchestration is:

3(3 plays picc).2.2.2+1;; timps, perc, harp, organ; strings

Hope this helps.

Best wishes and happy Christmas

Chris Brown

Musical Director, New Cambridge Singers
Dear Steve,

My score is asbestos free and says the following:

3 flutes (3rd doubles picc)
2 oboes
2 Clarinets
2 bassoons
Contra Bassoon*
4 horns
4 trumpets (3rd and 4th are optional)
4 tenor trombones (3rd and 4th are optional)
1 bass trombone
Timpani (4 drums required)
Percussion (3 players can handle it)
Side Drum, Tenor Drum, Triangle, Tambourine, Cymbals, Bass Drum,
Tam-tam, Glock, Bells
Organ (optional)

*contra bassoon is not listed as optional, but is never featured in a
solo role (always doubled by the string basses and octaves in the other
bassoons). I have conducted the work twice sans contra and, while the
color loss is lamentable, the work survives.

all the best,
Michael Shasberger