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William Copper, Lovelife Dances programming ideas

Following are some very interesting programming suggestions. Thanks to
all! I, for one, am going to be using the Schumann suggestion, and the
other ideas have great potential too. The initial request sought works
for chorus with piano, 4 hands, to be programmed with Lovelife Dances,
SATB, 24 minutes, an English poetry modern Liebeslieder Waltzes update.
If the plain text formatting is hard to read, email me for a MS Word
or Html version.

William Copper, composer of Lovelife Dances

Once I programmed PDQ Bach - Liebeslieder Polkas with the Brahms. Then,
after we cleaned up all the tomatoes...... another time I had other
Brahms secular choral songs (2 cycles).
Ilan Glasman, ProChor

(.. Liebeslieder Polkas and ...) Rob Landes' Images (a jazz set of 4
delightful movements which has nothing to do with text except the
movement "No Words," which uses a few). We sang this grouping last year
with the Brahms set at Piccolo Spoleto in Charleston. The Landes' group
calls for jazz piano, percussion and bass.
Jo Ann D. Poston, conductor Lexington (NC) Choral Society Director of
Music, First Presbyterian Church

I've always been very fond of Schumann's Spanisches Liederspiel, for
piano, solos, and various choral ensembles. It's hardly ever done,
mostly, I think, because the Liebeslieder Waltzes has crowded it out.
... other pieces: 4 Madrigals by Libby Larsen, some choral Lieder by
Fanny Mendelssohn, Vaughan Williams's "See the chariot at hand"
Steve Schwartz

Voces Novae et Antiquae did a program entitled *Love/Song/Dances* a few
years ago, programming the Brahms Op. 52 with: Alice Parker:
*Songstream* SATB, Piano 4 Hands, Galaxy/ECS Gregg Smith: *Scenes of
Love: An American Liebeslieder* SATB, Piano 4 hands (Lawson-Gould) PDQ
Bach: *Liebeslieder Polkas* (Presser; needs no further introduction. .
.) The concert was a tad long but very successful. I would guess some
combination of the above three pieces might work well with *Lovelife
Robert Ross, Artistic Director Voces Novae et Antiquae, Philadelphia, PA

"Songs of Life and Love" is scored for SATB and Piano. It consists of
four settings (three are arrangements and one original) of folk
melodies: 1. Blow the wind southerly (SATB) 2. If ever I marry (TBarB -
original music) 3. Open the door softly (SSAA) 4. Dance to your daddy
The set was composed to a commission by St Louis Metro 8 District for
their Honor Choir in 1988 when I lived there. The reception at its first
performance in St Louis was overwhelming. The students took ownership of
the music and sang magnificently. The audience reception was also
terrific and led to many further performances in various parts of the
USA, Australia and UK. Numbers 3 and 4 are published as separate
octavos by Alliance Music, Houston, TX.
Stuart McIntosh Director of Music - Kent College, Canterbury

Come to me, My Love Dello Joio, Norman Marks/Hal Leonard
Text based on the poem "Echo" by Christina Rosetti. A very sensitive
and expressive setting of a powerful text of love that goes beyond even
Steve Szalaj Crystal Lake, IL

We gave a very successful concert in 1999 under the banner East meets
West - A Concert of Contrasts
The programme Pt 1(West) - Brahms - Love Song Waltzes Pt 2 (East) -
Borodin - Polovtsian Dances Kodaly - Pange Lingua Dvorak - Te Deum
Chris Banting West Somerset Singers (UK)

Paul Sjolund's "Love Lost." A cappella, 4-5 very brief, tongue-in-cheek
lessons on love. Texts by Dorothy Parker -- so you can only imagine!
They are quite clever.
(I have programmed them with the Brahms, by the way; quite a contrast,
but fun!)
Linda Duffendack Mays Director of Music, The Church of Our Saviour , San
Gabriel, CA

Details from the notes above and other possibilities:

"Title" Author Voice/Accomp

"7 Poems of Robert Bridges" Finzi, Gerald SATB, Piano
Boosey & Hawkes
"Cats Friends and Lovers" Paulus, Stephen SA
Paulus Publications
"Come to me, my love" Dello Joio, Norman SATB
Marks/Hal Leonard
"Come to me, oh my love" Petker, Allan Robert SAB, Piano
Hinshaw Music
"The Dance of Love" Bristol, Doug SSAA, Rhythm
UNC Jazz Press
"Five Love Songs" Grieg, Edvard SATB
Shawnee Press
"Five Love Songs" Thompson, Randall SATB
ECS Publishing
"Four Madrigals" Larsen, Libby SATB
"Images" Landes, Rob SATB, Rhythm
"Liebeslieder Polkas" Bach, PDQ SATB, Piano
"Love Lost" Sjolund, Paul SATB
Walton Music
"Love Songs for Springtime" Halley, Paul SATB
Warner Brothers
"Lovelife Dances" Copper, William SATB, Piano 4 Hd
Hartenshield Group
"The Mask" (song cycle) Bolcom, William SATB, Piano
Hal Leonard
"On Flowers and Love" (cycle) Fissinger, Edwin SATB
Walton Music
"Sad and Gladness" (cycle) Berger, Jean ???
Broude Bros
"Scenes of Love" Smith, Gregg SATB, Piano 4 Hd
Lawson Gould
"See the Chariot at Hand" Vaughan Williams SATB
"The Seeds of Love" Vaughan Williams TTBB, Piano
ECS Publishing
"Songs of Life" Kirk, Theron ???
Walton Music
"Songs of Life and Love" McIntosh, Stuard SATB, Piano
Alliance Music
"Songstream" Parker, Alice SATB
ECS Publishing
"Spanisches Lieberspiel" Schumann, Robert SATB, Piano
(Public Domain)