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Daniel Pinkham, Christmas Cantata

Dear Evie and Choralisters,

Because so many people perform Daniel Pinkham's "Christmas Cantata", (which
the composer has set twice, first for mixed voices and later for treble
voices), I thought I'd share a bit of background information the composer
sent me last year.

In the meantime, people needing additional help will find more information
on him and his music by keying in his name in quotation marks "Daniel
Pinkham" on any good search engine. I particularly like,, and

Here's what Dan sent via e-mail Tues., 10 Nov 1998:

"Christmas Cantata was written for a concert conducted by Lorna Cooke
DeVaron in December 1957 in which there were two choruses, the small Alumni
Chorus and the massive New England Conservatory Chorus plus a brass
ensemble. Everyone sang the opening statement, then the Alumni sang the
rhythmically complicated allegro. In the finale the rondo was sung by all
and the verses by the smaller group. (Roger Wagner came up with this same
scheme for his recording.) All of the texts are found in LIBER USUALIS as
part of the various masses for Christmas. It is my most performed work. The
brass and choral parts are technically accessible to good high school and
college singers."

Hope this is helpful.

Best wishes,
Monica Hubbard

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