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Andrea Klouse, Prayer of the Children

Dear Listers,

Many thanks to all who answered my query about the text of this piece. I
thanked some individually, but gave up with the great volume of answers and
decided to post to the whole list. This seems appropriate since so many ask
me to provide them with the answers.
Nearly all answers approximated this (from the arranger Andrea Klouse) so
I am posting this as a summation of the replies:

"The language is Serbian (former Yugoslavia). Translation: "Can you hear
the prayer of the children..."
If you have any further questions, I would be happy to assist- Andrea Klouse
PS: FYI and STN (Spread the news): The SSA arrangement will go out to print
this Winter/Spring. with Warner Bros/Chappell Music.

Thanks to all who replied.

Scott Campbell
Farmington High School
Farmington, CT. 06034 USA