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SATB: with Saxophone

Dear Friends,

I received many wonderful suggestions from the list regarding choral
works with saxophone. Here is the compilation for those of you who
requested it. I tried to group the selections given more than once

Enjoy - and thank you!

Peggy Dettwiler
Mansfield University

Whitbourn: SON OF GOD MASS with organ 3 votes publ ChesterJames
Whitbourne published by Chester music #CH63272-01 (vocal score) for
soprano sax and organ and SATB--Son of God Mass. 24 mins.

Tarik O'Regan Magnificat and/or Nunc Dimittis with sax or cello

Look at the "Musica Sacra" album by the Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble
from Sweden. Some great cuts with Sax. Also the "Officium" that Jan
Garbarek wrote for the Hilliard Ensemble. All are for choir and sax

I highly recommend the "Son of God Mass" for choir, soprano sax, and
organ by James Whitbourn (Novello - Chester publishing) - we perfomed
the work last season. Also the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis by Tarik
O'Regan (also Chester - Novello publishing) is for organ and soprano
sax - which we did as well.

Check out Anders Paulsson's arrangement of Deep river.
Andres Paulsson - Deep River (organ, sop sax, and choir)
Anders Paulsson plays on a recording called "Spirituals" with the
St. Jacobs Chamber Choir that I think is very good. One of the
better pieces is "Deep River." I performed it with a choir at
Northwestern University. All of the pieces are available online at . Anders Paulsson also has a good

Are you familiar with Anders Paulsson's "Deep River" and "Bright
Morning Stars" for SATB & soprano sax (Warner/Chappell)? Also take a
look at Tarik O'Regan's "Magnificat & Nunc dimittis" (Novello). I
did both versions a few years ago (one with cello obbligato & the
other is with soprano sax), the version with sax is way better. They
were composed in memoriam of his friend, Christopher Rutter (John
Rutter's son who was killed by a drunk driver). Good luck with the
new school year.

Hovhaness: Glory to God (cantata) Asax, brass 0-4-3-1, perc, org w/
SATB (some div.) (Peters)
The *Lacrymosa* movement from Gregg Smith's *Earth Requiem* (Asax &
str, I think--I will need to check my score)--so far available only
from him (a)

"Jesus Loves Me," arr. Michael Hassell Published by Augsburg-Fortress Item No. 9780800656515

The 2 pieces I know of are: "Jesus Loves Me" arr. Hassell with alto
or sap. sax(soft jazz feel), and "Agnus Dei" by P. Halley with sop.
sax (gorgeous!)

I highly recommend Mike Hassell's arrangement of "Jesus Loves Me"
published by Augsburg. Here's a link

Agnus Dei by Paul Halley has worked well for my choirs.

A gorgeous piece is AGNUS DEI by Paul Halley for SATB, Organ and
Soprano Sax..

There is an outstanding longer work by John Gardner in which the
saxophone plays a key role. Ask Oxford University Press about it -

Check Musica database :
For such a question, use the "Detailed" search with
Instrumentation : saxophon
Number of instruments : 1 (or "less than" 3) etc..
"AND" the 2 criteria. That's it

For SATB, soprano sax and keyboard: A Psalm of Ascents by Gregory Pysh (Music Dir., First Presbyterian Ch., Midland TX) pub. by Kjos

Cabbage Tree Hat by Donald Patriquin published by earthsongs is for
treble voices and has a soprano saxophone solo - on the light side,
but very fun.

Winter's Night by Frode Fjellheim published by Boosey and Hawkes is a
2 part treble piece inspired by a Sami yoik. Don't know if you know
about them, but they are the indigenous people of Scandanavia, and
yoiks are the sort of chanted songs they sang. This is not a true
yoik, but an interpretation, and has a soprano sax also. Very easy,
but very haunting and lovely.

"I Look for You Early," John Rommereim Oxford University Press It is
listed as SATB with Sax and organ, but his web site has an excerpt
that uses piano.

"I Look for You Early"," by John Rommereim,
published by Oxford University Press, is for SATB choir, saxophone
and organ.

"A Dream within a Dream” by Lei Liang for Soprano Sax, Piano, and
Choir performed by the Chinese Choral Society of Rochester with Chien
Kwan (Eastman Saxophone professor) on Sax. They commissioned the piece for the concert last spring, and I'm not sure if it is published yet, but they have a pdf of the score on their web site.

Hope for Resolution (Earthsongs) 2 votes http://

I did this with a fine sax player, allowed him room for improv.

Replace solo oboe parts with saxophone. A sensitive player can do this. Rutter - Psalm 23

larger work Total Eclipse - Tavener (have not done, but looked at)
notes below:

British composer John Tavener continues to musically realize his
spiritual obsessions with his new work, Total Eclipse, here given its
world premiere recording. It's a much-anticipated new collaboration with Paul Goodwin and the Academy of Ancient Music, following Eternity's Sunrise (which had been commissioned by the early music ensemble for its 25th anniversary). Integral to the performance here is soprano Patricia Rozario, whose experience in interpreting Tavener's "holy minimalism" has made it almost second nature for her.

Total Eclipse explores both religious and musical elements combined to illustrate the idea of metanoia, or "conversion," which is Tavener's focus here. The piece, a single movement in four parts, uses the conversion of St. Paul as the platform around which the piece is structured. The requested stage positioning of the instruments, voices,and choir plays a significant role in symbolizing Saul's transformation, which--although captured exceptionally well for a recording--can only truly be experienced in a live performance (the work was premiered at St. Paul's Cathedral in June 2000). A soprano saxophone (representing Saul), at times wailing with Coltrane-esque intensity (to "be played in a deliberately anarchic manner"), and at other times questioning softly, is beautifully and appropriately pitted against the period instruments of the early-music ensemble with a near chilling effect. In addition to
the sax, Tavener--outside his now familiarly simple use of harmony--employs several newer compositional techniques and instrumentation: the work embraces improvisation, microtonal textures, Far Eastern percussion instruments, and an earth-shattering ensemble of 19 tympani. Also on this disc is Agraphon, a setting of the poem by the Greek poet Angelos Sikelianos. It was commissioned by the Athens Concert Hall, and it also features Rozario. --W.T. Arnold

*There is Sweet Music Here (1984) 10 min.
(Texts: Alfred Tennyson, William Blake, and P.B. Shelley)
SATB chorus and oboe. (use soprano saxophone)

1. There is Sweet Music Here
2. Song of the Laughing Green Woods
3. Music When Soft Voices Die
4. Piping Down the Valleys Wild

Commissioned by the Canada Council for Vancouver Cantata Singers.

Premiere: November 23 and 24, 1984, Vancouver, Cantata Singers, James
Fankhauser, director, Tony Nichols, oboe.

Published (each separately): First published, London, Ontario:
Jaymar, 1993; copyright transferred to Boston: Highgate Press, ECS
Publishing, reissued 2004.

"Cabbage Tree Hat" (SSA, earthsongs W-54a - Donald Patriquin),

I can recommend my piece, "Waiting for the Morning Train," a five-
movement suite, in two versions:

(1) the original version, for treble voices, alto saxophone solo,
piano (4 hands) and string orchestra.
(2) arranged for SATB and/or treble voices, with with either Alto
Saxophone or Clarinet solo part (they are not identical), piano 4-
hands, and string orchestra.

The piece was written in 1995 for the saxophone virtuoso Neal
Ramsay of Nashville. In 2006, I revised it to include the mixed
voices and re-cast the solo part for clarinet.

The text is from Bruce Catton's 1972 book of the same title, a
memoir of growing up in northern Michigan ca. 1910-1915.
If you're interested, let me know.
Brooks Grantier, Music Director

You may check music by Paul Winter for his Soltice concerts at St.
John the Divine.

Also, I just heard the Celtic group Anuna which feature soprano sax
with this wonderful choir.

In fact, I have the sneaking suspicion that soprano sax could be
substitued for the uilian (sp) pipes (the bagless bagpipe which looks
more like sink plumbing. Very nice, new Celtic inspired pieces from
B&H and Carl Fischer

Peggy Dettwiler
452 N. Main St.
Mansfield, PA 16933
570-662-1055 H
570-662-4721 O
Mansfield University

on July 1, 2009 2:20pm
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